30 January 2010

Outfit Post & Shopping!

First of all, I hope you've checked out this wonderful article in the Guardian today about plus-sized fashion blogs. Some of my favourite blogs are referenced, which is simply wonderful. And I have some of the outfit posts from her here on the Fatshionista Flickr, and recieved some lovely tweets and messages today - including one from Simply Be, which is AWESOME!

Back to here, business - another outfit post for you all - I wore this to a Nandos catch up date with one of my best friends, Claire:

TOP: Dorothy Perkins, £8.
SKIRT: Dorothy Perkins, £12.50.
NECKLACE (short): Accessorize, £5.
NECKLACE (long): New Look, £8. (It was hanging weird - sorry!)
BRACELETS: New Look, £8ish.
BAG: Topshop (but bought from Lillian Funny Face's sale), £10.
HAIRBAND: Can't remember, sorry!
TIGHTS: Primark, £1.50
SHOES: Dorothy Perkins, £15.

We went shopping afterwards (Claire is one of the few people I can shop with without going crazy as we know each other's styles quite well now) and I got a few necessities - like another plain black top I can layer with things, some stuff from Lush and this gorgeous little tunic from New Look:

It's more tight-fitting than things I usually wear - but I'll be brave! I just love it, it's so nautical - but more grown-up than the nautical (aka: "Sailor Carla"...oh God - I will one day do that video logging my looks from age 11-present!) look I had when I was about 16. I'll probably team my big belt with it.

I go back to uni this week - my first week means I'll be hiding in big hoodies, jeggings and boots. I hate first weeks back, they seem to drag on forever and I ALWAYS get freshers flu! ALWAYS! Oh well. :)

And now time for a little pimpin' love - my friend Maxine recently set up an online shop - Little Miss Delicious - with lots of kawaii-style jewerelly. I especially love the foodies stuff - remember this early post, yes? I think this happy buttery toast necklace is my favourite:

So be sure to check her stuff out!: http://www.etsy.com/shop/littlemissdelicious.

Anyhoo, I hope you're all good! It's been a good week.

Muchos love,

27 January 2010

Outfit Post.

Wow, I'm rather on fire with these outfit posts. Finished editing that project and handed it in today, so the more creative blog posts can start again - including the second installment in the film inspiration series.

However, this was from yesterday. I wore it for a BLT date with the boy:

TOP: Primark, £3.50.
SKIRT: New Look, £12ish.
NECKLACE (short): Accessorize, £8.
NECKLACE (long): New Look, £8.
HAIRBAND: Can't remember, sorry!
TIGHTS: Dorothy Perkins, £5.
SHOES: Vintage, £11.
POINT OF FASHION: Suburban ballerina/birds.

You all know by now that this is my favourite necklace, ja? Well disaster struck after I took this picture - one of the strands snapped and broke! It's still wearable, but I miss having four necklaces in one!
Also about the skirt - notice anything a little off about it? No? There's a tiny yellow badge on the belt (from Lady Luck Rules OK) that I use to keep it in place - it unties otherwise!

I'm being a bit of a social gal for the rest of this week: seeing my old friend Claire tomorrow for a cheeky Nando's, work on Friday (I'm a Student Ambassador for my university and LOVE my job! - final year is just too busy to do a lot of shifts at the moment, unfortunately) then have another sleepover planned for the weekend.

In other news, the new layout is in the process of being designed by the beautiful and talented Janis @ PinkSugarIchig0.
She sent me a sample today and it's looking fieeeeerce! I can't wait to see the finished result!

As always, I always welcome your lovely comments, emails and questions over at Formspring.me. Get in touch with my about anything and everything - I love post! ;)

Muchos love,

25 January 2010

OUTFIT POST!! Weekend Outfits.

Weekend outfits! In between editing a radio project, I've been a bit of a busy bee. Busier than usual, anyway.

This was for my friend Hattie's sleepover, with the girls. I wanted something comfy as so much eating and lounging around happens. Within the first hour I managed to spill spicy tomato sauce over my t-shirt - clever!
I've missed not wearing socks or tights with pumps - I forget I have a tattoo in winter months!

T-SHIRT: Topman, £10.
TOP (UNDER): H&M, £9.99.
SHIRT: New Look via Ebay, £3.50.
JEGGINGS: Dorothy Perkins, £12.
SHADES: New Look, 99p.
NECKLACE: New Look, £Present from my friend, Neale.
SHOES: Dorothy Perkins, £15.
POINT OF FASHION: Boyish and comfortable.

And this is from last night for the Reel Big Fish gig in Newcastle (where I met a lovely girl called Rebecca who complimented my hair! - RBF always have friendly crowds for some reason). As always, they were BRILLIANT!
Sorry for the rubbishy, bad angled photo - I couldn't get my tripod to stand up properly, and I was in a hurry to catch the metro!

TOP: Primark, £3.50.
SKIRT: Dorothy Perkins, £12.50.
TIGHTS: Primark, £1.50.
NECKLACE: New Look, £Present from my friend, Neale.
SHOES: Dorothy Perkins, £15.
POINT OF FASHION: Darks and brights, together.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! Keep your lovely emails, comments and formspring.me questions coming! It's always a treat to hear from you lot!

Muchos love,

PS: My only new years resolution this year was to learn to bake properly (inspired by my friend Michael's blog - Me, My Food & I and the lovely Claire at French For Cupcake). And so, I made these fabulous cupcakes the other day! I'm not even a cake person usually (I prefer things like cookies or ice cream for dessert), but these are so rich and chocolate-y I'm now converted:

They're a start, anyway!

21 January 2010

Outfit Post.

ANOTHER Outfit Post?! Oh yeah! I told ya'll I'd improve!

(Apologies for the awkward changing room pose! Heh.)

TOP: H&M, £9.99
CARDIGAN: George @ Asda, £10.
SCARF: Primark, £3. (from this post/video)
NECKLACE: New Look, £8. (from this post)
EARRINGS: Topshop, £4 (sale).
JEGGINGS: Dorothy Perkins, £12 (sale).
BOOTS: Fenwicks, £25.
POINT OF FASHION: Leopard Print.

Just a quickie today (ooh la la!)
I've been getting lots of lovely comments and emails lately - thanks so much, guys! Some of you are emailing me with fashion advice, and I hope I'm helping!
As ever, I'm taking questions over at http://www.formspring.me/messycarla - this is especially useful if you want to ask anonymously.
So whether you always comment, or you're a first-timer - get in touch, I love hearing from you all. You're lovely. <33

Tomorrow I'm having a girlie sleepover at my friend Hattie's house - with our friend Sam and also Megan is coming from Leeds to see us! Can't wait, I always have so much fun with them. And Hattie's hinted that she's cooking - for such a little, waif-like person, she's a BRILLIANT chef! Mmm.
Then on Saturday I'm out for a few fizzy pops with my friend David for his 21st birthday, then Sunday I'm seeing Reel Big Fish with my dad.

Coming up soon is an interview with the darling Claire from French For Cupcake.
So excited! Be checking out her blog, as she's got fabulous taste (and bakes amazing treats - what's not to love?!)

Muchos love,

20 January 2010

Outfit Post.

I'm trying to get back into the swing of doing proper, regular Outfit Posts again. It's what I originally created this blog to log (hey that rhymes!) in the first place, and everything else kinda came afterwards.
Anyway, I wore this today to meet my boy for a Starbucks date:

TOP (OVER): Dorothy Perkins.
TOP (UNDER): Primark. (from this post)
BELT: Miss Selfridge.
NECKLACE (SHORT): Heidi Seeker.
RINGS: Topshop and vintage.
HAIR CLIP: Heidi Seeker.
JEGGINGS: Dorothy Perkins.
SHOES: Vintage.
POINT OF FASHION: Electrokid v. 2.0.

When I was about 17/18 years old I was into electro/synthpop/new-wave music in a biiiiig way, so dressed like a big pretentious electrokid: neons, plastic jewerelly, home-made accessories using mix-tapes, angled fringes, robot dance moves, customised Converse, glitter eye-makeup for college...yeah. I know. Sheesh.

This is a more toned down version of the outfits I used to wear. Probably because lately I've been listening to a lot of the music I did then - Robots In Disguise, The Epoxies, Freezepop, Ladytron, Hyperbubble, Client and Helen Love. Be sure to check them out if you like pop stuff!

Close up of the necklaces. My bedroom is really hard to photograph well in and I don't know why. My pictures always turn out kind of mottled - so sorry about the quality of these photos!

Remember I'm taking all your questions over at http://www.formspring.me/messycarla.
Keep your lovely emails and comments coming, I love hearing from you guys!

Muchos love,

PS - If you guys could pass the link for my blog around your own blog/MySpace/Facebook/MSN/Twitter etc that would be AWESOME!
If I get enough followers I'd love to start running sweepstakes and stuff! xxx

19 January 2010

OUTFIT POST: Sarah's Birthday Bumper Special!

Hi all - last Saturday was my friend Sarah's 21st birthday. And I promised you all an outfit post: well, I've gone one better and got a bumper issue as there were some pretty striking clothes!
Sarah-May, dearest, I'd expect nothing else!

DRESS: Dorothy Perkins.
BAG: New Look.
BELT: Matalan.
TIGHTS: Dorothy Perkins.
SHOES: Dorothy Perkins.
POINT OF FASHION: Blue, purple and gold. (RICH colours!)

My best-friend Sam look feiiiiiirrrce! Even the drag queens said so when she went and requested Katy Perry's Waking Up In Vegas for us!

SHORTS: Topshop.
JACKET: Primark.
BAG: Miss Selfridge.
NECKLACE: Topshop.
SHOES: Matalan.
POINT OF FASHION: Black, red and glitter.

And of COURSE, the birthday girl herself...

Sarah (left) and her friend Katy from York. I love Sarah's rockabilly pin-up look! You can see how she did her eye makeup in this post on her blog, 'Quirky Face'. I think she was wearing Vivienne Westwood earrings, and the necklace was a birthday gift from her super-lovely girlfriend, Libby.
Isn't Katy fabulous too?! I wish I had her figure to pull of that gorgeous, lacy top. Very Lucky Star-era Madonna meets Lady Gaga, non?
(Also spot one of my favourite drag queens Vicky Paris working the decks!)

In other news, I totally forgot I have a Formspring.ME account. Ask me anonymous questions about anything you want: http://www.formspring.me/messycarla! Don't be shy, darlings! <333

Muchos love,

EDIT: Sorry about the boring layout at the moment - I'm looking around for a more personal blog layout, so this one has to stay for the time being! Boo!

18 January 2010

River Island Sale & ORANGE Is The New RED!

I'm planning eventually to do a Christmas/January sales haul post, but I just had to share these two brilliant finds with you guys, from River Island's sale. They had 1/2 price off ALL marked sale items. And I got...

This wonderful military-esque coat! Originally £70, down to £50 - half price was £25! BARGAIN! It's so warm, toasty and fitted. My dad keeps calling me Sgt Pepper, when I wear this!

Then came this fabulous little find:

I've wanted a playsuit for AGES, but never found one that flattered me. This fits like a sexy little glove, and I think it's adorable. I feel like a backup singer for Hyperbubble when I wear it.
Was originally £45, marked down to £11.25 as it is missing two buttons from the chest, one from the belt loop and one from the back. But easily fixable - especially as it came with two spare buttons! And because it appeared to be a returned item...£5! A FIVER, I TELL THEE! This is like when Sam got that Topshop dress for a fiver all over again!!

In other news, I've recently been experimenting with different shades of lipstick. I have decided that...

ORANGE is the new RED!!

Even my dad commented on this colour, and he NEVER usually notices stuff like that.

Thank you for all your suggestions and comments on the Film Inspiration series - some of you even guessed some of them that are coming up in the series! Great minds think alike! Keep commenting and emailing - you know I love you guys.

Muchos love,

EDIT: The beautiful Lillian from http://lillianfunnyface.blogspot.com/ is having a sale of makeup and accessories to raise money for the Haiti disaster. She's got some cracking items going and it's a great cause, so if you guys could support her that'd be brilliant.

16 January 2010

FILM INSPIRATION SERIES: #1 A Clockwork Orange (1971)

Hi everyone.

I came up with the idea last night (during that amazing time at about 3am when you feel really creative...that's when I have creative bursts anyway!) that I'd love to do a series here, with outfits inspired by my favourite films.

Outside MessyCarla, I am predominantly a Media student, and film is one of my major passions in life. So I thought to start us off, I'd go with my favourite film of all-time: A Clockwork Orange.

Despite being a huge fan of films previously (my dad has taken me to the cinema since I was about 4-years-old), when I first watched this when I was about 13 and it completely changed everything - a film had never made me both disturbed and mesmerized before!

I wanted to know everything about it; not just about the stars - but how it was made; the meanings behind the cinematography, where the strange language the droogs speak ("Nadsat") originated, the ideologies about the strange story. Film for me was never the same again.

I've said in previous entries that things like music and film have inspired my dress and for A Clockwork Orange, this was definately true. I bought a vintage bowler hat with my savings, and when I'd meet my friends in town on Saturdays I'd paint a fake eyelash onto my right eyelid, just like the main character, Alex DeLarge.

My mam was a bit weirded out that I was "obsessed" with such a controversial ("and OLD") film at such a young age, but as I pointed out - it was healthier than being a 13-year-old who hangs around the park drinking cider and smoking!

So here's a lovely A Clockwork Orange inspired outfit for all you lady-droogs out there:

I've definately feminised the original outfits of cricket shirts and codpeices. And instead of walking canes with knives hidden inside (which is, frankly, rude), I've given you a fabulous bag instead!

DRESS: New Look, £28.
SOCKS: New Look, £5.
BOWLER HAT: Topshop, £22.
BOOTS: Kurt Geiger, £160.
BAG: ASOS, £65.
FAKE EYELASHES: Boots, from £1.99.
EYELINER: Barry M (in 'Black'), £4.50.

I'm currently putting together some ideas for other films I'd like to include in this series.

But first - over to you guys! Have any films inspired the way you dress? I'd love to know, so either comment here or email me. I ALWAYS read them and respond!

Muchos love,

14 January 2010

One Year Ago...

I was just browsing through some photos, and came across this taken just one year ago exactly - 15th January 2009:

It doesn't even look like me! I still had fairly short hair I cut myself, that I thought was a way of saving money - really it made me look like a Kelly Osbourne/Beth Ditto wannabe! Oh, well. We live and learn. I miss my ghetto gold earrings, though! The badly applied lipstick...not so much. I used to dye my hair blue/black, which I loved - but now, for the first time since I was about 12 I'm letting my natural colour come completely through, then I'm getting blonde highlights!

I'm actually planning a video pretty soon all about how my style has evolved through the years. I know I'm definately not the most fashionable girl in the world, and I've got it rather muddled throughout the years - but that's the beauty of it for me. I don't believe in fashion faux pas - I believe you should have the guts to try a style once. At least you have hilarious photos to look back on in years to come - God knows, I do!

My style has always been influenced by what I'm currently obsessed with - for example music or films. But I won't give too much away, I'll save it for the video where I'll dig out lots of embarassing photos for you guys. (I've had a little surge in new followers - s0 hello to you all! I do appreciate you checking this blog out, you know. <33)

In other news my mam found me this little gem today: a cute fascinator/hairband in Asda for an amazing £1.25 in the sale! Thanks, mammy!

Today was deadline day at uni, so that's mostly out of the way for now - hoorah!! Then on Saturday I'm going out on the wonderful Newcastle Gay Scene for Sarah's (of QuirkyFace) 21st birthday, which will be full of glitter, hugs and dancing with beautiful, eccentric people. I'll try to take pictures of all the fabulous outfits I know folk will be wearing. If I don't have too much fizzy pop, oh noez!!

Muchos love,

13 January 2010

Favourite Necklace.

Do any of you guys do what I do?
When I have a favourite necklace, I more or less wear it with every single outfit! Morning, evening and night...even though I have plenty of perfectly wonderful necklaces! This one is still my current favourite. It's from New Look and only cost £8:

See! And these were just random webcam pictures I've taken over the last few weeks.
NUMBER 1: Is with my Dorothy Perkins dress, £25.
NUMBER 2: Is with my George @ Asda cardigan, £10ish.
NUMBER 3: Is with my H&M t-shirt dress £10 and River Island top via Ebay £3.50.

Number 3 is also what I was wearing on Christmas Day (Gosh, doesn't it seem ages ago, already?) - the webcam didn't pick up the drag queen-esque amount of glitter eyemakeup I was wearing.

Speaking of which, I'm USELESS with applying makeup creatively, but my friend Sarah who is a drag king (amongst many other things) has just started a makeup blog, to be sure to follow her over at QuirkyFace! I forget how fabulous she is - our friend Natalie held her annual meetup party just before New Years, and Sarah sassied in looking like a cross between Dame Shirley Bassey and Lena Lamont from Singin' In The Rain! So yeah, be sure to follow her blog!

Sorry for the lack of my usual posts - it's deadline time at uni at the moment. But this should clear up majorly within the next few days.
My (new-ish!) boy is threatening me with a lovely date of coffee, cupcakes and museums. I really should get my essays out of the way and be a good girlfriend. For once.

Muchos Love,

EDIT: I forgot to say A BIG THANK YOU for the lovely emails I've been getting! Don't be shy if you want to get in touch with me - I'm nice, I promise! :)

EDIT #2: Oh, one more thing. I don't know if any of your guys still use MYSPACE, but I started a MYSPACE page for you guys, so you can keep in touch with me there, too!


6 January 2010

Body Shop 'Originals' Haul

Hi everyone.
I decided to do something a wee bit different - as much as I love fashion, my other passion is beauty products. And I've been DYING to check out The Body Shop's Originals range, so I treat myself to some lovelies:

The thing that's so special about the Originals range, as they're The Body Shop's founder Anita Roddick's favourite products from the 1980s - and so being born in 1989, I missed out on all the fun, first time around!

I got myself:

I have quite sensitive skin, so I'm always wary about trying new facial products. But this didn't irritate my face at all, and my skin felt bright and glowing afterwards. My only suggestion is that it would work better with exfoliating beads, for that extra scrub!

Again, I wanted to try something I wouldn't usually get. I wasn't too sure about it at first - the smell and colour reminded me of the antibiotic stuff you'd get from the doctor's when you were a kid! But when I tried the shampoo, it gave me a lot of lather with just a small amount, and my hair looked shiny and healthy - even though I usually stick to 'volumising' products. I don't use much shampoo, as my hair is rather fine, but I just applied it to my poor split ends and it perked them up a bit. I'd definately recommend the shampoo, anyway!

I've heard that this one was really popular during the 1980s, and is the one women are wanting to return the most - and it's got a really fresh, fruity smell! I'll definately use it more when I've gone through my Christmas stash!

OMG WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE? This was recommended to me by a friend, and I was a bit cynical because, well, it's carrot! The thing you have with sunday lunches! But it's probably the best moisturiser I've used - it's very thick and luxurious feeling, but doesn't leave a greasy residue on your skin like a lot do.
AND - proof that this is a brilliant product. I put this on the night before I had a first date with a rather lovely boy, and he mentioned when we got to the hand-holding part that my hands and arms were very soft. And when was the last time boys started noticing this? EXACTLY!

I decided to treat myself to this adorable little purfume. Although I got Daisy by Marc Jacobs for Christmas (more compliments from the boy!), I wanted something more wearable on a daily basis, so I wouldn't use up the expensive stuff right away, and starting from £12 - this is perfect. Musky and delicious!

Have you tried any of the Originals range? Any I should have picked up also? I'm always love hearing from you guys, so please leave a comment or give me an email, the address is at the top of the page! Also be sure to vote on the website, as the winning products will be here to stay!

For more informotion about all the products, including individual prices - visit the official The Body Shop website. Plus, a youtube video for you all:

Muchos love,

Pink World/The Sassy Minx Interviews!

MANY MANY thank yous are in order to MessyCarla's favourite author girl Lisa Clark (who is listed as one of my Inspirational Women Of 2009 in THIS POST!), for interviewing me and giving this blog some lovin' pimpage!

You can read the interview


Thank you so much also for your kind words, Miss Lisa. We're both waving a pink flag for positive body image, quirkiness and BIG fringes!

Muchos Love,
EDIT: I've just been asked to do an interview at the VERY inspirational blog, Relentlessly Positive, which is just amazing. I'll let you guys know all about it when it's up!

1 January 2010

Press & Clippings.

Press clippings for MessyCarla: A Fashion Blog In A Size 16:
If you would like to contact me with a press or promotion enquiry, please email me directly!
I'd love to hear from you.
This page is updated regularly.
Interview with Relentlessly Positive (8th Jan 2010)
Feature on Fashion Newz (24th Jan 2010)
Interview with French For Cupcake (20th March 2010)
Young Fat & Fabulous's 'Girl of the Moment' (11th May 2010)

South Shields Gazette feature: (16th March 2010)

(Link to article - Carla's A Blog Buster!)

Sunderland Echo feature: (March 17th 2010)

The Crack magazine (May 2010)

(Link to article - Throw A Cheeky Grin At MessyCarla)


Inspirational Women Of 2009!

Happy New Year everybody.
To celebrate, this is a special post about the women who have inspired me in 2009 - more in 2010, please?!

10: Brian Molko (of Placebo)

Teehee, so not 'technically' a girl, but pretty damn close! I used to crush on Bri-Pie so much when I was about 12 to 14 years old. And I got to see Placebo for the second time in November, so the crushing started again – though he’s toned down his mentalist behaviour in recent years, probably due to fatherhood (FYI – Cody Molko: cutest baby EVER!!) Their sixth album, Battle For The Sun was released this year, and I didn’t really like it at all until I gave it a PROPER listen a few months before the gig, and decided it’s got some fricking brilliant songs on there – especially For What It’s Worth and Julien. Welcome back to my crush pile, Molko!

9: The Cast of Sister Act: The Musical

I’m a HUGE musicals fan, and not only is this the best musical I’ve seen this year – it’s probably the best musical I’ve seen! The set! The songs! The dancing! Extra kudos to Patina Miller (Delores Van Cartier) and Katy Rowley-Jones (Sister Mary Robert) who is one of my major girl-crushes of 2009. Go see it, ASAP!! Also wins my favourite soundtrack of 2009.

8: Zombina Venus Hatchett (of Zombina & The Skeletones)

The Zombina gig was my favourite gig this year – a free show at Trillian’s Rock Bar in Newcastle. She stood next to us at the bar before the gig and I completely fangirled, and asked her if she would dedicate the song Vincent Price to me, which she did! Brilliant band and lovely, lovely people. Their album Out Of The Crypt And Into Your Heart is one of my most played of this year, where the songs have lyrics such as “You go to bed with a toothache, you wake up in the morgue” (from Dracula Blood) and “Stick your fingers down your little throat and puke it up, puke it up – cause it’s my heart!” (from Puke It Up). Sinisterly chipper stuff!

7: Roxy Epoxy (of Roxy Epoxy & The Rebound. Previously of The Epoxies)

In 2009 Roxy returned! I cried my Chanel mascara down my face when my favourite band The Epoxies split in 2007 so I was all excited for her new project - Roxy Epoxy & The Rebound's debut album: BandAids On Bullet Holes. And it’s a good one, I tell thee! It has the new-wave kick of The Epoxies, but with a slightly punkier twist and fewer songs about robots and the like. I’ve missed you, Roxy! Unnamed is probably my favourite track from the album.

6: Lauren Luke.

Hoorah for the YouTube star with the makeup tips. I’ve always been a cheerleader for her not only because she is ace, but also because she is from my hometown of South Shields (also making the news this year because of Joe McElderry, The X Factor winner). This year, Lauren launched her makeup line By Lauren Luke which has been successful here, but also in the USA and further! An inspiration to what a clever idea, passion for something you’d have never usually pursued and internet connection can lead.

5: Betty Suarez (from Ugly Betty, played by America Ferrera)

My major style inspiration for 2009 – colourful dresses, loud accessories and walking to my own drum beat. Go Betty! Series 4, please? Pretty please?

4: Lisa Clark.

Author girl and MySpace friend for a good few years now. First there was the Think Pink series with Lola Love – a series of books I wish I’d had in my tween/teenage years, as they teach girls all about positive self image. There simply aren’t enough kids’ books like these. But then in 2009 came The Sassy Minx – a version of Think Pink for those of us now beyond our teenage years, but still in need of a helping, friendly hand when life gets a bit wobbly. Mixing fashion, life, destiny, strong, powerful women and the thought that dreams CAN come true – oh just check it out for yourselves, my new favourite blog! Look out for my interview on the blog soon – I feel like such a hack in comparison!

3: Cheryl Cole.

Oh, I’m so unoriginal – doesn’t EVERYBODY crush/girlcrush on this woman? She actually makes me proud to be from Newcastle. Her album is a bit hit-and-miss-y, but Fight For The Love was bloody brilliant, and one of my favourite songs of this year. I know she has a million stylists, but she just pulls off glamour and elegance so well – when we know she’s still a bit rough around the edges. We love you, Chez!

2: Sam.

My partner in crime for 2009. Thank you for keeping me sane this year, gothface. I would have probably lost the plot by now otherwise. Cheers for pushing me out my front door when I’ve been feeling blue and making me drink Cosmopolitans, for walking me to the taxi queue, for yelling at 118118 people when I had laryngitis, sleepovers and making sex noises when you sleep and generally just being there. Muchos MUCHOS love.

1: Paloma Faith.

ULTIMATE GIRLCRUSH OF 2009! Her album Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful? is my favourite album of the year by a MILE. She’s so chic and glamorous, but when you see her getting interviewed she’s got such a dorky sense of humour. I absolutely can’t wait to see her live in 2010; I am going to fangirl rather hard methinks.

I'll be back in a few days, I have a LOT of blog posts planned!

Muchos Love