30 January 2010

Outfit Post & Shopping!

First of all, I hope you've checked out this wonderful article in the Guardian today about plus-sized fashion blogs. Some of my favourite blogs are referenced, which is simply wonderful. And I have some of the outfit posts from her here on the Fatshionista Flickr, and recieved some lovely tweets and messages today - including one from Simply Be, which is AWESOME!

Back to here, business - another outfit post for you all - I wore this to a Nandos catch up date with one of my best friends, Claire:

TOP: Dorothy Perkins, £8.
SKIRT: Dorothy Perkins, £12.50.
NECKLACE (short): Accessorize, £5.
NECKLACE (long): New Look, £8. (It was hanging weird - sorry!)
BRACELETS: New Look, £8ish.
BAG: Topshop (but bought from Lillian Funny Face's sale), £10.
HAIRBAND: Can't remember, sorry!
TIGHTS: Primark, £1.50
SHOES: Dorothy Perkins, £15.

We went shopping afterwards (Claire is one of the few people I can shop with without going crazy as we know each other's styles quite well now) and I got a few necessities - like another plain black top I can layer with things, some stuff from Lush and this gorgeous little tunic from New Look:

It's more tight-fitting than things I usually wear - but I'll be brave! I just love it, it's so nautical - but more grown-up than the nautical (aka: "Sailor Carla"...oh God - I will one day do that video logging my looks from age 11-present!) look I had when I was about 16. I'll probably team my big belt with it.

I go back to uni this week - my first week means I'll be hiding in big hoodies, jeggings and boots. I hate first weeks back, they seem to drag on forever and I ALWAYS get freshers flu! ALWAYS! Oh well. :)

And now time for a little pimpin' love - my friend Maxine recently set up an online shop - Little Miss Delicious - with lots of kawaii-style jewerelly. I especially love the foodies stuff - remember this early post, yes? I think this happy buttery toast necklace is my favourite:

So be sure to check her stuff out!: http://www.etsy.com/shop/littlemissdelicious.

Anyhoo, I hope you're all good! It's been a good week.

Muchos love,


  1. I love the nautical tunic!

    And I think I need some donut earrings!

  2. I love a bit of nautique! You pull it off a lot classier than i do! :P Glad you like your bag! It looks really nice :)

  3. cute outfits...i definitely recognize the first one :D

  4. Heather: I do too! I've looked on Etsy and there's also a BLT sandwich necklace I want! xDD

    Lilliam: I do too, I dressed as a sailor all through college (including fake tattoos...before realising I was allergic to them and ended up with massive rashes on my arm - clever!). I think you look classy - like a punky pin up! And I LOVE the bag, thank you again! <33

    Jessica: Haha yeah, I wore it the second day we were in London, but mostly with a longer sleeved top underneath :) xxx

  5. That toast necklace is adorable! I'm so jealous of how 'fun' you always look, the array of bright colours is giving me serious wardrobe envy!

  6. no way - i'm the one who's envious of YOUR wardrobe, missus! ;DD but thank you! <333

  7. Darling you look so fabulous, you are an inspiration! I am just a size smaller than you and struggling with my body image (right now), but I set up a blog like yours to try and get more stylish! Love your looks ♥

  8. thank you so much!
    i've just had a look on your blog and you already are stylish! and you have a beautiful figure, so you honestly have NOTHING to worry about :) xxxxxxxxx

  9. Lol I showed my boyfriend your comment and he just went "See!" with a little fist shake emotion haha. Thank you so much the little boosts mean so much right now! xxx

  10. Hehe - see, two against one! Sorry, you lose! ;P

    Teehee. Seriously though, we're such a positive community here on the curvalicious blogging front - we're all about supporting and bigging each other up, which I think we girls need to do to each other more in general, instead of bitchin'! :) Glad it gave you a boost though, it's what it's all about! xxxx