13 January 2010

Favourite Necklace.

Do any of you guys do what I do?
When I have a favourite necklace, I more or less wear it with every single outfit! Morning, evening and night...even though I have plenty of perfectly wonderful necklaces! This one is still my current favourite. It's from New Look and only cost £8:

See! And these were just random webcam pictures I've taken over the last few weeks.
NUMBER 1: Is with my Dorothy Perkins dress, £25.
NUMBER 2: Is with my George @ Asda cardigan, £10ish.
NUMBER 3: Is with my H&M t-shirt dress £10 and River Island top via Ebay £3.50.

Number 3 is also what I was wearing on Christmas Day (Gosh, doesn't it seem ages ago, already?) - the webcam didn't pick up the drag queen-esque amount of glitter eyemakeup I was wearing.

Speaking of which, I'm USELESS with applying makeup creatively, but my friend Sarah who is a drag king (amongst many other things) has just started a makeup blog, to be sure to follow her over at QuirkyFace! I forget how fabulous she is - our friend Natalie held her annual meetup party just before New Years, and Sarah sassied in looking like a cross between Dame Shirley Bassey and Lena Lamont from Singin' In The Rain! So yeah, be sure to follow her blog!

Sorry for the lack of my usual posts - it's deadline time at uni at the moment. But this should clear up majorly within the next few days.
My (new-ish!) boy is threatening me with a lovely date of coffee, cupcakes and museums. I really should get my essays out of the way and be a good girlfriend. For once.

Muchos Love,

EDIT: I forgot to say A BIG THANK YOU for the lovely emails I've been getting! Don't be shy if you want to get in touch with me - I'm nice, I promise! :)

EDIT #2: Oh, one more thing. I don't know if any of your guys still use MYSPACE, but I started a MYSPACE page for you guys, so you can keep in touch with me there, too!



  1. Oooh i love your Asda cardi! So cute. I'm following Sarah now, she's got a great blog! Hope things go ok at uni and you have a lovely time with the boy :)

  2. Me too, it was such a random good find! And their basics like jumpers etc are nice, cheap, Granny-prices! :)

    You're both so creative with makeup, I'm hopeless when left to my own devices. :)
    Gah, I just want my uni work to be ooooover - creative degrees are so hard. There's only so much I can write about post-feminism in Buffy...


  3. I love your hair! I'm the same with earrings, I have so many pairs and yet I seem to wear the same pair with everything

  4. cheers, Stephanie - i love your blog!
    yeah, i'm like that with earrings too - i'm currently like that with some vintage-esque Topshop ones, they just go with EVERYTHING! <33