20 January 2010

Outfit Post.

I'm trying to get back into the swing of doing proper, regular Outfit Posts again. It's what I originally created this blog to log (hey that rhymes!) in the first place, and everything else kinda came afterwards.
Anyway, I wore this today to meet my boy for a Starbucks date:

TOP (OVER): Dorothy Perkins.
TOP (UNDER): Primark. (from this post)
BELT: Miss Selfridge.
NECKLACE (SHORT): Heidi Seeker.
RINGS: Topshop and vintage.
HAIR CLIP: Heidi Seeker.
JEGGINGS: Dorothy Perkins.
SHOES: Vintage.
POINT OF FASHION: Electrokid v. 2.0.

When I was about 17/18 years old I was into electro/synthpop/new-wave music in a biiiiig way, so dressed like a big pretentious electrokid: neons, plastic jewerelly, home-made accessories using mix-tapes, angled fringes, robot dance moves, customised Converse, glitter eye-makeup for college...yeah. I know. Sheesh.

This is a more toned down version of the outfits I used to wear. Probably because lately I've been listening to a lot of the music I did then - Robots In Disguise, The Epoxies, Freezepop, Ladytron, Hyperbubble, Client and Helen Love. Be sure to check them out if you like pop stuff!

Close up of the necklaces. My bedroom is really hard to photograph well in and I don't know why. My pictures always turn out kind of mottled - so sorry about the quality of these photos!

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Muchos love,

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  1. I adore that Heidi Seeker necklace :D. I keep meaning to buy one of the unicorn ones.
    And shiny silver shoes are also always good :D.

  2. Ooh I have a Poppy necklace like that from Heidi Seeker! Really like those shoes. What size are you? ^_~

  3. I do too - I love all their stuff, and Heidi's a local lass! Nice and cheap too for customised items compared to a lot of other online stores!

    Haha my boss Cat once remarked to me "Alright, Shiny Shoes?" when I was wearing my red, glitter pumps. Shoes are just more fun when they sparkle and shine! :DD

  4. Aww that's ace, Poppy - we'll have to wear them matching on the next Ambassador night out!
    I love them too - i'm a size 5! my toes stop a good few inches away from the points on those shoes! ;DD

  5. Wonderful look!
    I have that apple necklace but in the neon colours, not glitter. And i love love love those shoes!

  6. Thanks! Hehe, I love that apple necklace!
    And can you believe I was going to sell those shoes last year for a tenner? Decided to keep them at the last minute - hurrah for jeggings, I finally have something that goes with them! <33

  7. I love those shoe's! And that topshop necklace! I'm a size 7 [feet] already! "/ Hmph :)Great blog- and great outifts!
    Ria xxx

  8. Thanks I do too - the Topshop necklace was in the sale too AND a flamingo! What's not to love?!

    My sister's a size 7-ish shoe, and she actually has more choice than me as mine is the most popular shoe size so they sell out quickest!

    Thanks for reading! xxxxxxxx

  9. Me too - only £11 at a vintage fair too! Bargain!