18 January 2010

River Island Sale & ORANGE Is The New RED!

I'm planning eventually to do a Christmas/January sales haul post, but I just had to share these two brilliant finds with you guys, from River Island's sale. They had 1/2 price off ALL marked sale items. And I got...

This wonderful military-esque coat! Originally £70, down to £50 - half price was £25! BARGAIN! It's so warm, toasty and fitted. My dad keeps calling me Sgt Pepper, when I wear this!

Then came this fabulous little find:

I've wanted a playsuit for AGES, but never found one that flattered me. This fits like a sexy little glove, and I think it's adorable. I feel like a backup singer for Hyperbubble when I wear it.
Was originally £45, marked down to £11.25 as it is missing two buttons from the chest, one from the belt loop and one from the back. But easily fixable - especially as it came with two spare buttons! And because it appeared to be a returned item...£5! A FIVER, I TELL THEE! This is like when Sam got that Topshop dress for a fiver all over again!!

In other news, I've recently been experimenting with different shades of lipstick. I have decided that...

ORANGE is the new RED!!

Even my dad commented on this colour, and he NEVER usually notices stuff like that.

Thank you for all your suggestions and comments on the Film Inspiration series - some of you even guessed some of them that are coming up in the series! Great minds think alike! Keep commenting and emailing - you know I love you guys.

Muchos love,

EDIT: The beautiful Lillian from http://lillianfunnyface.blogspot.com/ is having a sale of makeup and accessories to raise money for the Haiti disaster. She's got some cracking items going and it's a great cause, so if you guys could support her that'd be brilliant.


  1. LOVE that coat! *Snags* I'm not sure I can pull off playsuits but that one is really cute. And sooo jealous it was only a fiver!
    It's funny, I think January is the month for lip colour experimentation because I branched out and bought lippy this month! =O I bought coral and a dusky kind of pink one and I'm really liking that orange you have. I've also got a black one from halloween...but I don't fancy wabbing that on in day time, just yet. ^_^
    (In Sunderland related news, are you working the open day on the 20th?) x

  2. haha i didn't think i could either, but that one is really flattering! yeah, i've been buying a lot of lippies lately - two from LimeCrime (a bright red and the orange) and a nude more wearable one from MAC. student loan, i LOVE thee!

    yeah i'm working the open day :DD i'll bring my orange lipstick so we can continue the blue & orange theme with our work shirts! xDDD


  3. A fiver!? I was jealous due to the cuteness of it but a bargain too? Oh my. So much love for the coat as well. I wish I'd had the money for a January sales raid but Christmas wiped me out :( my bad! I love experimenting with crazy lip colours and you really suit the orange :)

  4. Yep, I'm never usually so lucky with bargains that cheap so I was CHUFFED!
    I wouldn't either if it wasn't for the majesty that is Student Loans! <33 Heh, I hadn't really experimented with lip colours as I've always been a lip GLOSS girl, but I think it's ace!

    Thanks for commenting :DD xxxxxxxxxx

  5. Oh my god i am so jealous!! That coat is beautiful but that playsuit... my god i would have paid full price for that if i'd seen it D:
    Also you look so so so cute in that photo. And i actually like that lipstick a lot. Damn you Lime crime! X/
    And thank you so much for posting a link to my sale. I don't have many followers so it really makes me thankful.

  6. i know, i would have too - what a bargain! it's lovely and comfy!
    i know i have such issues with the company too - especially their eye products, but their lipsticks are lovely.

    it's no problem, chica. i hope you make lots of moneys :DD

  7. Hi! Ahhhh I love your blog! So cute, and it inspires me to bust out of my jeans-and-v-neck-t's rut. Do you by any chance have mac's St. Germain lippie in your collection? It's kind of a hard colour to pull off but I feel like it would look amazing on you. If you don't have it, you should get it, and if you have it, well, pics please!

  8. Awww thank you very much, that's awesome! I lived in baggy jeans and men's t-shirts until I was about 17 - and only started wearing makeup when I was 18!

    I haven't got that lippy, but I've just googled it and it's STUNNING! The only MAC lipstick I have is 'Hue' - it's nude, glossy and bit more wearable. I really want to try a bright pink though, so I may just check that out!

    Thanks so much for the lovely comment <333