14 January 2010

One Year Ago...

I was just browsing through some photos, and came across this taken just one year ago exactly - 15th January 2009:

It doesn't even look like me! I still had fairly short hair I cut myself, that I thought was a way of saving money - really it made me look like a Kelly Osbourne/Beth Ditto wannabe! Oh, well. We live and learn. I miss my ghetto gold earrings, though! The badly applied lipstick...not so much. I used to dye my hair blue/black, which I loved - but now, for the first time since I was about 12 I'm letting my natural colour come completely through, then I'm getting blonde highlights!

I'm actually planning a video pretty soon all about how my style has evolved through the years. I know I'm definately not the most fashionable girl in the world, and I've got it rather muddled throughout the years - but that's the beauty of it for me. I don't believe in fashion faux pas - I believe you should have the guts to try a style once. At least you have hilarious photos to look back on in years to come - God knows, I do!

My style has always been influenced by what I'm currently obsessed with - for example music or films. But I won't give too much away, I'll save it for the video where I'll dig out lots of embarassing photos for you guys. (I've had a little surge in new followers - s0 hello to you all! I do appreciate you checking this blog out, you know. <33)

In other news my mam found me this little gem today: a cute fascinator/hairband in Asda for an amazing £1.25 in the sale! Thanks, mammy!

Today was deadline day at uni, so that's mostly out of the way for now - hoorah!! Then on Saturday I'm going out on the wonderful Newcastle Gay Scene for Sarah's (of QuirkyFace) 21st birthday, which will be full of glitter, hugs and dancing with beautiful, eccentric people. I'll try to take pictures of all the fabulous outfits I know folk will be wearing. If I don't have too much fizzy pop, oh noez!!

Muchos love,


  1. That is an amazing fascinator :)
    Everybody should have as many fascinators as possible.

  2. I totally agree - the head is a muchly forgotten place for accessorizing. Even if people don't suit hats, EVERYBODY can rock tiaras, hairbands and fascinators!

    I believe in Recreational Tiara Use:

    :) Thanks for commenting! xxxxx

  3. Have you had a look in the Accessorize sale? We popped into the one in Stanstead to grab some kirby grips before our meeting with Vogue and ended up buying loads! I got a big chunky necklace, a choker, 3 hairbands with bows on them, a cocktail ring, and an amazing pen for under £15! Immense. Only wish I had more time...

  4. i haven't, this is the first year i haven't gotten something - usually i do really well! i got lots in the dorothy perkins sale though including a massive cocktail ring. i dunno if it's too late now to do a post about january sales - though i suppose it IS only mid janurary!

    hope you're having an amazing time, and let me know all about vogue!! <333

  5. www you look so cute in your old photo :D You really do look like kelly osbourne there (i hope you take this as a compliment, i think she's gorgeous)
    Fantastic fascinator!
    Hope you have a good night out on the town. I've never actually been to a gay club, despite being in a gay relationship :(

  6. Hehe thank you very much :) I used to get the Kelly thing all the time (people even used to shout it in the street or customers at work!) but since growing my hair longer and stopping dying it black nobody's said it anymore!
    The fascinator's such a bargain isn't it?!
    Oh gay bars are the BEST, up til I went to uni in Sunderland I would mostly drink at Newcastle's gay scene because it was right next to my college (naughty naughty!). If you're ever in the North East I'll take you and your girl out on the tiles! :DD xxxxxxxxxxxxxx