28 April 2010

Back From Edinburgh!!

Hi everyone,

I'm back from Edinburgh and had a wonderful time! I honestly forget how much I love that city until I keep going back. I'm going to end up living there one day, I can just tell.

Although we were just going to see Les Mis, we had loads of time for typical touristy stuff (Megan had neglected to tell me that this would be her first visit to Edinburgh - I was so excited to play tour guide!) and of course, shopping.

Megan's train was getting in two hours after mine, so I mooched about for a bit (I was even invited to join a cult. I was just sitting with a frappe having a lovely time reading Look when he thrust a business card at me and asked if I'd "Like to be saved, lovely lady?" No.) and found this lovely denim shirt in New Look.
I've wanted one for AAAAGES now, but the ones I've tried have always seemed to swamp me. This one still gives a boyish frame (well, as boyish as I can get!) but doesn't widen me:

Cute, right? :)

Everything else:
DRESS: £10, Primark via Ebay.
BELT: New Look, £2.
HEADBAND: Primark, £1.50.
RINGS: Accessorize, Dorothy Perkins, and vintage.

Les Misérables was absolutely AMAZING (Click the link for their promo video) - I've seen it twice before, and was in it five nights for school, but that was my probably my favourite production as they've spruced up some of the numbers and added special effects and cinematic elements.
I also noticed they'd changed some of the character's accents. Fantine was from Yorkshire, the factory girl was Irish and the Thernadiers were GEORDIES!

My favourite musical theatre actor Jon Robyns was also starring as Enjolras, and we went to meet him at the stage door afterwards. Everyone seemed to be waiting for Gareth Gates (who was playing Marius), and poor Jon looked like he was just going to leave, but we collared him and had a lovely chat. We'd previously seen him in Avenue Q and Miss Saigon, so we felt a bit stalker-y, but he said "I wouldn't mind having stalkers if they looked like you!" He is such a sweetheart!

Haha, I look a bit shiny and happy here!

We stayed over at my friend Jemma's flat, who is lovely. When Megan caught her early train today, we went to get lunch at the Hard Rock Café (I haven't had their Cobb Salad since I was in Baltimore in 2008!) then had a look around Harvey Nichols as I hadn't been before.

I've fallen in love with these Balenciaga sunglasses. They're just so cute and vintage-looking. I may see if they have them when I go to New York, as holiday money doesn't count.
It feels like spending Monopoly money!

Also, Rhianna owns a pair which is quite cool:

So thank you thank you to Megan and Jemma for making it such a lovely trip!

Et finallement, I just have to say how much I love these chocolate cups. I used to have them all the time in pick n' mix as a kid, and now can only find them in Edinburgh. Nom nom nom.

My PR placement begins tomorrow - wish me luck!

Keep following me on Twitter if you so wish, and this is also your last chance to get your questions in for the Q&A video - remember, anything and everything!

Muchos love,

26 April 2010

Edinburgh looms!

Hey everyone,

Time a quick wishlist before I pack for Edinburgh:

I'm calling this 'My 21st...Continued' following on from my first 21st birthday post.

Of course I don't really expect to be bought these as well as the purse and watch. But a girl can dream. I've especially been lusting after that lipstick for aaages. And the satchel after I saw Claire's on French For Cupcake.
So really I should renamed this "Things Carla Should Buy With Her Student Loan Instead Of Books Now She Has Nearly Graduated" but I reckoned I should keep it simple.

Just a quick post reminding you guys to keep asking me questions, as I'll be doing a video when I get back from Edinburgh on Thursday.
I mentioned that I'm going to see Les Misérables (quite possibly my favourite ever musical - and I've got a canny long list!) with my darling friend Megan to celebrate handing our dissertations in today.

But slightly more on-topic, when Megan and me get together, lots of shopping happens as we are as bad as each other for complete lack of willpower.

Scenario #1:

ME: Meg, do you like this dress?
MEGAN: Oh it's lovely, are you going to get it?
ME: I dunno like, can't really afford it.
MEGAN: I think you should get it.

Scenario #2:

MEGAN: Carla, do you like this dress?
ME: You look so cute, are you going to get it?

So expect plenty more outfit posts to come in the near future!

I also found out last week that I've got a placement at a PR company in Newcastle. They seem really nice, and I'm dying to learn more about the industry.
They're also trying to get into podcasts as marketing, and I did audio production for my degree, so hopefully I'll be able to help them out with that too.

So apologies for not many on-topic posts lately - this is going to change now I only have a few
assignments to go - then I'm off for the summer. Officially all yours!

I leave you with my favourite music video at the minute.
Shopping and dancing - what's NOT to love?

Oh, and on Saturday I'm going to my friend Faye's (who is waaaaaay more fashionable than me, I love her look!) fancy dress party for her 21st birthday, and the theme is Hollywood Movies & TV Shows.
So get ready for me attempting to channel some old-fashioned glamour.
There's actually going to be TAP SHOES involved!

As always, feel free to follow me on Twitter and drop me a line here.

Muchos love,

24 April 2010

Giveaway Winners Announced!

Hi everyone,

I had a great response from you guys for my 100 Followers Giveaway and the winners are...

2nd Prize winner is Ulrika from The Red Rosette!
1st Prize winner is Kae from For Fatshion's Sake!

Congratulations girls - I'll be emailing you for your details so I can get your prizes sent off.

Thanks again to everyone who entered, I'll DEFINATELY be holding another one in the near future as it was so much fun.

I hope all you new followers stick around, as there's lots more fun in store.

Muchos love,

EDIT: ALSO, my blog has just reached OVER 9000 views. As a meme nerd, this really amused me! :DD

21 April 2010


Hi everyone,

I really want to do a Q & A video.
I want questions from YOU guys - about anything and everything!
Can be fashion based or otherwise.

(I'll also give your blog a shoutout if you ask a question!)


Muchos love,

20 April 2010

MessyCarla's Blogging Tips!

Hi everyone,

I can't believe it's been nearly a WEEK since I last posted.
Many apologies, you can tell it's deadline week. I'm completely swamped until April 26th, then I'm going to Edinburgh for a few days with my friend Megan to see Les Misérables.
But I WILL definately post on Saturday, because I'll be announcing the winner for the 100 Followers Giveaway.

One of the things I get a good few emails and comments asking, is how to make your blog more successful. This isn't one of the most successful ones (ie: I haven't been invited to events etc yet!) but I have been lucky enough to get some great opportunities that wouldn't have been possible if not for blogging. For example, working with some high street brands, going to London Fashion Week etc.

But the difficult thing is getting to know your way around the blogosophere. I've been personal blogging since I was 11 (Nearly TEN years now!), but only fashion blogging since October last year.
I don't pretend to know everything, and these definately aren't 'The Rules' set in stone. But these are just some helpful hints as to what has worked for me.

MessyCarla’s Tips For Running a Semi-Successful Fashion Blog:

1: Network.
I can’t stress the importance of this enough. Read lots of other blogs and get a feel for what sort of things work, and what don’t. Most bloggers invite readers to connect with them through Twitter, which is a great tool for getting to know people outside the immediate blogosphere. Guest posting for each other or doing interviews gives both your blogs exposure, and is brilliant fun!
Don’t be afraid to post your blog address around message boards etc, but don’t spam people.

2: Comments.
It’s a fine line between inviting readers to leave their constructive thoughts about the blog, and fishing for comments and compliments. Begging for comments, or whining that you don’t get enough simply comes across as desperate, and readers will pick up that you are clutching at straws.

3: Be more than JUST ‘a fashion blog.’
There’s literally thousands and thousands of fashion blogs out there, because anyone can set up a camera and snap a picture of their outfit. What else can you offer? Tell your readers what inspired you to wear the outfit – what event were you going to? Were you listening to a particular style of music whilst you were getting dressed that influenced you? Is there any other way you could accessorise to give yourself a different look?
Not only that, but it’s always nice to give a little taste of your life away from the fashion side of things – tell people what you’re up to (even if it’s just at school or if something funny happened at work!) as it will allow your readers to get to know you better, and make you more memorable.

4: Have nice clear photos.
I certainly don’t have an expensive camera – mine is a point-and-click I got for just over £100. But I make sure to pose for pictures in the brightest part of my room so that you guys can see everything as clearly as possible. Blurry webcam pictures for everything are a no-go, as are MySpace-esque shots taken from a height (it is simply impossible to see your full outfit from this angle!). Photoshop can be your friend if you have a naughty zit or two, but don’t overdo it.

5: Offer incentives.
Give your readers something interesting to keep coming back for – such as interviews with other bloggers (see Networking) or with other relatable figures (such as designers – do some searching around, a lot of small designers – especially students – will be glad to answer some questions for free exposure). Giveaways are also brilliant fun, and show your loyalty to what you do, and appreciation for your followers.

6: Don’t post too often or too little.
It’s important to get the balance right. It’s brilliant if you have lots of ideas for content – but lots of entries on the same day will clog up your follower’s reading list, and chances are they will get in the habit of scrolling past. Try to condense your ideas into a few brilliant blog entries throughout a few days of the week.
On the flip side, don’t expect your readers to stay interested if you post once in a blue moon – as there as so many other bloggers, chances are that you will be forgotten.

7: Be courteous.
For example, if you have bought an item because you saw it on another blog and would like to showcase/review it yourself, it’s always nice to link to the original source who recommended it to you in the first place. It also goes without saying (although I will…) that it is NEVER alright to blatantly copy another person’s idea in any medium!
Being courteous also covers avoiding getting into flame wars and not being rude to readers if they disagree with something you say (a simple ‘I’m sorry you disagree but I appreciate your feedback’ will suffice).
Remember: manners matter and nobody likes a drama llama.

8: Don’t swear.
Maybe this is just one of my personal preferences, but I am instantly turned off by fashion blogs that contain a lot of cursing. Which is ironic, as Silly Old Daniel will be the first to point out, I swear like a sailor in real life. But this is the internet, and not everyone may appreciate the same way of expressing yourself, and you usually just come across as unprofessional.

9: Don’t be disheartened.
Don’t worry if it seems you aren’t getting a lot of readers or followers within the first few months of your blog starting. Everybody has started from the beginning. Also, if you get negative criticism, don’t take it to heart – life would be boring if we all liked the same thing. Believe in what you do above all else.
Don’t feel bad if you feel like you are going through a dry patch where you are talking about the same old thing – it happens to us all. But the beauty of fashion is that it is ever changing, and there is always something to talk about which is fun and fresh! I have three necessities I take everywhere – a notepad and pen, and a digital camera, as I never know when I’ll be inspired for a blog post. (You know the picture of Hattie eating the cupcake? That’s when I got the inspiration for a candy themed post - and that was just during a break between classes!)

10: Have FUN!
The whole point of the fashion blog (and I would argue more so more the fatshionistas/plus-sized bloggers) is that it gives ‘the everyday girl’ a platform for talking about fashion away from the usual judgement we get from the magazine and print journalism world where there are so many rules and regulations restricting us. So use your blog as a way to have fun with what you do – would you really be able to show off your clunky but comfy shoes you’ve had for years, or the dried-up old nail polish you can’t bear to throw away in Vogue or Elle?
Having fun with what you do is the forefront of running a successful blog, and it comes across if you are passionate about what you are writing about.

How about you guys - do you guys stick to a certain form when you're blogging, or do you like to mix it up? Do you have any 'rules' that you stick to?

Muchos love,

14 April 2010

I Love Britney!!

Hey everyone,

I am a MASSIVE Britney Spears fan. I've loved her since Baby One More Time..., right up to 3. I've been one step away from Chris Crocker-ness when she was going through all her troubles (though, frankly, when is she not - poor lass). Silly Old Daniel has written some brilliant Britney commentary in his blog too, which is always worth a read.

But Britney's just agreed to something that has made me love her a million times more.
She recently did a photoshoot for Candie's, which I believe is a clothing brand in the USA, aimed towards pre-teens and teenagers. And she agreed to release her un-photoshopped pictures along with the photoshopped ones for comparison, and to highlight the pressures within the industry to look 'perfect:

I've nabbed the pictures from Marie Claire:

In the front pictures, it appears they've slimmed more or less everything - her arms, her waist, her thighs, her legs. Even her skin tone has been evened out. Look at her KNEES in the photoshopped ones - they look like Barbie's!

And as for the shot of her back:

Again everything has been 'thinned' and toned. Her cellulite zapped - even the marks on her feet that every girl gets when her shoes are rubbing are gone, her bum and breasts have also been lifted.
If you look closely at her lower back - where has her tattoo disappeared to?!
(The same thing happened to Fearne Cotton when she did a sexy photoshoot for a lads mag - unbeknownst to her, her tattoos mysteriously 'disappeared' in the photos...)

I know this is a little out of place from my usual fashion posts, but this blog also encourages positive body image no matter what size you are!
I'm so sick of people calling her 'chunky' or 'chubby' when she is neither - you can see that for yourself in the pictures. She has what all girls have - so-called 'problem areas' with their upper arms, belly, boobs and thighs, that never look anything like they do in the magazines.
(I'll say it again - her photoshopped knees look bloody ridiculous!!)

So KUDOS to Britney for having the courage to show off her natural beauty, and say to the world "THIS IS WHO I AM!"

Muchos love,

13 April 2010

Story Of A Haircut.

Hey everyone,

I have a new do - cut and colour!

Here's where I began yesterday:

Hair in the good words of Cheryl Cole: "Weak, limp, lifeless". AKA: Grown out of original cut, dull highlights, split ends, shapeless fringe etc etc.

It really was getting impossible to style at all. Me and my mam were going into town anyway to buy my 21st presents, and as I was going out on the nighttime I popped into Toni & Guy to see if I could bring my appointment forward.

The receptionist gave me the choice of in 10 minutes time or an hour.
I managed to get the one straight away, and a nice girl who was washing the hairs came over and offered us delicious tea or coffee.

Soon after, a lovely guy called Chris came over and introduced himself.
He sat me down before they washed my hair to ask me what I want - something my usual hairdresser never does. I thought this was a lot better as he could see what my hair is like in it's usual state.

He gave me an absolutely lovely cut - usually it seems my layers and fringe are an afterthought, but Chris took great time and care making sure they were all perfect.

My cut only came to £32 - which isn't that much more as so what I pay at my local salon.
Would I go again? YES!

The only downside I think is that they try to sell you a lot of their products which could be uncomfortable to someone who doesn't like to say no.
On the other hand this would be useful to someone who doesn't own a lot of hair products. But as you lot already know, I have plenty already.

Anyway, it was still a lovely experience and I'll be booking my appointment with Chris again!

This is how it turned out:

It was originally a lot bouncier but I'd been out in the sun and wind all day!
Still cute and chic, right?
However I planned on doing something different.
SO a bottle of hair dye, some volumiser and blowdrying later we have...


It's a completely different looks isn't it? And I TOTALLY LOVE IT, I feel like a different person with red hair!

I went dancing last night with Silly Old Daniel to celebrate. Our taxi driver made the mistake of putting Whitney Houston's Greatest Hits CD on - we murdered some classics on our journey home.

Muchos love,

11 April 2010

Outfit Post & OCC Lip Tars.

Hey everyone,

It's time for another outfit post. I wore this to my Uncle Paul's 50th birthday meal.
(He still doesn't look 50, however. He got ID'd in B&Q a few years ago for WEED KILLER!)

DRESS: Primark (via Ebay) £7.
BELT: New Look, £8.
NECKLACE: Lady Luck Rules OK, £3.
TIGHTS: Dorothy Perkins, £8.
BOOTS: Fenwicks, £25.

I think my hair looks a bit of a mess here (it's where the name MessyCarla came from, after all). I'm dying to get it cut on Tuesday.
I finally booked my appointment on Tuesday at Toni & Guy, so expect a post later on in the week all about if it's worth it to pay the extra money for a 'professional' cut.
Then I'll probably put a colour on myself on Wednesday - nothing exciting, just another shade of brown as I'm sick of my highlights.

In other news, I am currently obsessed with Obsessive Compulsive Cosmestics Lip Tars. I only have them in two shades - Nude (a very pale nude) and Grandma (coral), but the beauty is that you can mix any of the tars together to make your own shades, which is just so exciting to me! See:

Grandma swatched by itself.

They're a very odd consistancy to describe. They look like a gloss in videos, but they're not sticky or gloopy in anyway. They're essentially a liquid lipstick, so just imagine your favourite lippy - melted!
They glide on beautifully and last for a few hours before they begin to feather and peel off. (I didn't use a lipliner however, and I'd been drinking through a straw which didn't help!)
Usually with lipsticks I put a bit of Lipcote on top to lock it in place - but it completely disagreed with the Lip Tars and made them practically disintergrate, so just a heads up about that.
Lip Tars taste like Murray Mints too - yummmm!

Oh, I honestly can't wait to get some more and get experimenting. I think the next ones I fancy getting are NSFW (a beautiful classic red) and Anime (hot fuschia pink). They're available on OCC'S official website, but there's a UK site that's recently begun selling them too for only £8.99 each and you can save on massive shipping prices.

I was browsing boutiques online in New York and I'm going to HAVE to start saving money for my holiday in June. I may just be cleaning out Patricia Field.

Thanks as usual for your lovely comments - and be sure to follow me on Twitter!

Muchos love,

PS: THESE are my new favourite snack. The apple is my favourite, but the peach is good too:

10 April 2010

The Candy Shop.

Hey everyone,

It's just gone Easter - the wonderful time of the year when we're eating plenty of chocolate and sweets and calling it a holiday. And here in the UK we're having a lovely sunny weekend - which puts me in the mood for lollipops, ice cream and cupcakes.

Good thing the high street is having the same idea. I'm totally LOVING all the yummy sweetie items out at the minute:

CUPCAKE JUMPER: Topshop, £40.
ICE CREAM JUMPER: Red Herring, £26.
ICE CREAM JUMPER-DRESS: Miss Selfridge, £12 (now in sale!).
ICED GEM BISCUIT RING: Miss Selfridge, £6.
CUPCAKE EARRINGS: Love Hearts And Crosses, £6.
ICE LOLLY NECKLACE: Heidi Seeker, £6.
MILK CARTON LIP BALMS: Accessorize, £6.

I've also GOT to talk about my friend Maxine's jewerelly company Little Miss Delicious. I've mentioned them here a few times before, but she's recently come out with a whole new set of designs (including plushes) and has been selling her items not only on Etsy, but in various faires around the country.

(I'm a bit in love with the new tea-party themed promotional pictures!)

And because Maxine is all things lovely, she sent me a few items to show to you guys, and they're simply adorable. (And I must mention affordable - a lot of polymer clay lines on Etsy are usually so over-priced to me)

Giant ice cream necklace

Sweeeeet donut earrings.

Apologies I'm not sure about the prices (I'll check today!) as a lot of the items are happily made to order with various sizes and colour combinations.
So be sure to check out Little Miss Delicious on Etsy, and also give Maxine's official blog a read.

All this talk has unfortunately made me get The Candy Shop by 50 Cent in my head all day. It's a vile song that has no place in this blog (especially as it is NOT about sweets). So instead I'll post something more family friendly. God I love this film:

(Watch at 1:57-58 when he accidentally catches a little girl under the chin with the counter - OUCH!)

I'd also like to dedicate this entry to one of my darling best friends, Hattie (real name Rachel - but I've been calling her that ever since we met in college, and she used to wear a lot of hats). She has the biggest sweet tooth and is just off the chart adorable.

Eating cupcakes at uni in the Red Herring jumper showcased above.
(The guy in the background looks happy. Sugar rush?)

Right, I'd love to enjoy this sunshine, but I have editing to do.
Thank goodness I have delicious rasberry flavoured pop to keep me going.

Muchos love,

9 April 2010


Hey everyone,

I turn 21 years old in just under a month, and have been thinking of what I want as presents. I want something I can keep for years and years, that's really special. I always thought I was going to get a peice of Tiffany jewerelly, but around my area there's so many chavs wearing knock offs, I was worried people would think mine's a knock off too (people think my Vivienne Westwood earrings and brooch are fake as there's so many replicas on Ebay!).

But today I came to a decision on what I want:


Apart from dissertation stress, May can't come quickly enough!
I'm not a big watch wearer, so I reckon a good one will convert me (I also saw my friend Cuddly today who owns 22 watches, all costing hundreds of pounds each!). Also, thanks to Stephanie for giving me a heads-up on this design - I prefer it to the leather strap one I originally had my eye on, so KUDOS!!
And all my purses and wallets EVER have all cost me under £5, so at 21, I think I'm owed a fairly decent one.

In sadder news, as I was writing this entry I heard about the sad death of punk legend Malcolm McLaren. His collaborations with Dame Westwood inspired a whole generation of designers. R.I.P.

Muchos love,

PS: Happy 19th birthday to my darling Silly Old Daniel. xoxo

7 April 2010

Favourite Blogs.

Hi everyone,

You may have noticed I've replaced the 'Testimonials' column with a column that links to my favourite blogs. I thought enough of tootin' my own horn, and time to pass on the love.

Here's a lowdown for those who aren't already familiar with some of them:

Buttons, Bows & Brogues
The darling Stephanie is one of the first fashion bloggers I started following. Also has personal entries and makeup reviews.

Dollface Is Candysweet
Algera is an adorable plus-sized fashion blogger who embraces cuteness and daintiness in her day-to-day style. She also has a selling blog.

Embrace Your Curves
A lovely plus-sized fashion and makeup blog run by 'Matron Jo'.

Emma Bell
The official blog of London-based fashion designer Emma Bell.

Fashion Launderette
Milly's fashion blog is a mix of clothes, accessories and more recently, makeup reviews. Lots of colourful content (and Milly's colourful hair!).

Fat And Foxy
Lodi is a beautiful plus-sized fashion blogger based in Berlin. Fashion logging and wishlists.

French For Cupcake
You already know how much I love Claire. One of my favourite fashion bloggers mixes ladylike fashion, film studies and baking.

Funny Face's Place
My favourite makeup-reviewer is Ms. Lillian Low. It's impossible not to fall in love with her, with her kooky-fabulous fashion sense, and hair that quite frankly defies gravity. Be sure to check out her YouTube channel too. Especially great if you're into indie makeup brands, I've discovered a few brilliant companies through her.

Go Go Bionic Girl
My e-pal/pen-pal Ambar's page. Mixes music and her amazing Ebay finds.

Heart City Vintage
Hannah has an indie-chic look, and incorporates photography in her entries.

If It Comes In Pink
Sandra lives in a magical-looking house where everything is pink! A mix of a personal blog, fashion logging and travel.

Life of Pinksugarichigo
Janis was kind enough to design my layout, and she also runs a brilliant fashion blog, highlighting especially Asian fashion and its subcultures (Janis is a 'Gal'). Full of kawaii cuteness.

Me, My Food & I
My friend Michael's food blog, documenting his journey as he cooks through Jamie Oliver's cookbook. Do NOT read on an empty stomach, you will be starving hungy by the end of reading any of his entries!

Mommy's Little Monster
My darling e-friend Amanda's horror film and book review blog.

Rosanna Hynes
Rosanna runs a fairly new blog documenting wishlists and baking cupcakes.

The Big Gay Adventures of Silly Old Daniel
My all-time favourite blog. And not just because it's run by one of my best-friends, Mr. Daniel Gabriel Welsh, but it's a hilarious look at the celebrity world (his commentaries on Britney and Madonna are particularly brilliant) and living as a flamboyant gay teenager in the North East.

The Pocket Rocket
Plus-sized fashion blog run by the gorgeous Lauren who has a sweet, girly look. Also includes fashion commentary, wishlists and reviews.

Young, Fat And Fabulous
The epitome of plus-sized fashion blogs, and the girls we all look up to! Style logging, wishlists, videos and reviews. They came up with the thought-provoking 'Make It Work' idea, that has inspired so many plus-sized bloggers, including me.

Be sure to check those out and give them some followin' if you haven't already!

Right, I've got a bit of a busy few days. Tonight I'm finally seeing Calendar Girls, tomorrow I'm meeting my friend Catey for coffee then it's my Uncle Paul's 50th birthday dinner.
Friday I'm seeing the boy, then the nighttime is Daniel's 19th birthday shindig in Newcastle gay scene. (The invite read "...Everyone has to look really really nice or I'll shout at you for ruining my birthday")
And finally, Saturday is our bi-yearly schoolfriends meetup at Natalie's house. I love when everyone's home!

Expect a few entries to come though - this week I've bought 3 dresses, 2 skirts and a pair of cullottes. I have issues.

Muchos love,

4 April 2010

Happy Easter.

Hey everyone,

Just a quick blog to say HAPPY EASTERRR!! A wonderful day where it's acceptable to stuff your face with scrummy chocolate eggs.

Like my 'designer eggs' I painted yesterday? I thought I'd take the fashion theme of this blog and run with it:

Vivienne Westwood egg and Quilted Chanel bag egg.
(Art is NOT my forté!)

Also, EPIC congratulations to local lass Emilie Fleming for making it through to the final 11 Dorothys in BBC1's Over The Rainbow as a wildcard.

I was in Les Miserables, Godspell and various school concerts with Emilie at school and she's so talented, really down to Earth, bubbly and funny.
Keep voting everyone, and keep her in the competition!!

Have a lovely Easter everyone, and don't forget to enter my 100 Followers Giveaway!

Muchos love,

3 April 2010


Thank you to everyone who entered and I will be chosing a winner ASAP!

Hey everyone,

It's FINALLY here - my 100 FOLLOWERS GIVEAWAY. I know I'm up to 124 followers at the time of writing, but I'm still celebrating getting my first 100.

I've done a little video showing you everything you can win and the rules, but there's also pictures and a recap underneath.


Dorothy Perkins scarf
Toni & Guy hair gum
Hannah Makes Things earrings
Miss Selfridge earrings
Rose & Co lip balm
Lime Crime Magic Dust in Medusa
Lime Crime Magic Dust in Mirror Mirror (CandyFuture Collection)
Barry M Fine Glitter Dust
Barry M nail polish (mint)

New Look hairband
Barry M nail polish (baby pink)
Cadbury's Caramel Eggs

You MUST be a follower in Blogger/Blogspot to enter.
If you are a follower and comment here: 1 VOTE.
+ Advertising this link in an entry: 2 VOTES.
+ Permanently advertising this link in your blog: 3 VOTES!
(Feel free to use any pictures from this entry)

Best of luck everyone!
A winner will be chosen on SATURDAY 24TH APRIL 2010

Muchos love,