26 April 2010

Edinburgh looms!

Hey everyone,

Time a quick wishlist before I pack for Edinburgh:

I'm calling this 'My 21st...Continued' following on from my first 21st birthday post.

Of course I don't really expect to be bought these as well as the purse and watch. But a girl can dream. I've especially been lusting after that lipstick for aaages. And the satchel after I saw Claire's on French For Cupcake.
So really I should renamed this "Things Carla Should Buy With Her Student Loan Instead Of Books Now She Has Nearly Graduated" but I reckoned I should keep it simple.

Just a quick post reminding you guys to keep asking me questions, as I'll be doing a video when I get back from Edinburgh on Thursday.
I mentioned that I'm going to see Les Misérables (quite possibly my favourite ever musical - and I've got a canny long list!) with my darling friend Megan to celebrate handing our dissertations in today.

But slightly more on-topic, when Megan and me get together, lots of shopping happens as we are as bad as each other for complete lack of willpower.

Scenario #1:

ME: Meg, do you like this dress?
MEGAN: Oh it's lovely, are you going to get it?
ME: I dunno like, can't really afford it.
MEGAN: I think you should get it.

Scenario #2:

MEGAN: Carla, do you like this dress?
ME: You look so cute, are you going to get it?

So expect plenty more outfit posts to come in the near future!

I also found out last week that I've got a placement at a PR company in Newcastle. They seem really nice, and I'm dying to learn more about the industry.
They're also trying to get into podcasts as marketing, and I did audio production for my degree, so hopefully I'll be able to help them out with that too.

So apologies for not many on-topic posts lately - this is going to change now I only have a few
assignments to go - then I'm off for the summer. Officially all yours!

I leave you with my favourite music video at the minute.
Shopping and dancing - what's NOT to love?

Oh, and on Saturday I'm going to my friend Faye's (who is waaaaaay more fashionable than me, I love her look!) fancy dress party for her 21st birthday, and the theme is Hollywood Movies & TV Shows.
So get ready for me attempting to channel some old-fashioned glamour.
There's actually going to be TAP SHOES involved!

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Muchos love,


  1. Oooh that satchel is lovely!

    And what v. exciting news about the placement. Hope it goes wonderfully well for you.

  2. I hope you get at least one thing on there! That lipstick is amazing!!! xxxxx

    Awwwwww it is SO true....I am a truly horrendous person to shop with when you have no money.

    If you like it, buy it. My dad's mantra I live by :P

    See you tomorrow Miss Cahrllaaaaaa :)

  4. Ooh the satchel is great! And I fully support you getting the lip tars :P Well done on the PR placement, how wonderful for you! :)

  5. Well done on the placement. And have a fab time in Edinburgh. x