14 April 2010

I Love Britney!!

Hey everyone,

I am a MASSIVE Britney Spears fan. I've loved her since Baby One More Time..., right up to 3. I've been one step away from Chris Crocker-ness when she was going through all her troubles (though, frankly, when is she not - poor lass). Silly Old Daniel has written some brilliant Britney commentary in his blog too, which is always worth a read.

But Britney's just agreed to something that has made me love her a million times more.
She recently did a photoshoot for Candie's, which I believe is a clothing brand in the USA, aimed towards pre-teens and teenagers. And she agreed to release her un-photoshopped pictures along with the photoshopped ones for comparison, and to highlight the pressures within the industry to look 'perfect:

I've nabbed the pictures from Marie Claire:

In the front pictures, it appears they've slimmed more or less everything - her arms, her waist, her thighs, her legs. Even her skin tone has been evened out. Look at her KNEES in the photoshopped ones - they look like Barbie's!

And as for the shot of her back:

Again everything has been 'thinned' and toned. Her cellulite zapped - even the marks on her feet that every girl gets when her shoes are rubbing are gone, her bum and breasts have also been lifted.
If you look closely at her lower back - where has her tattoo disappeared to?!
(The same thing happened to Fearne Cotton when she did a sexy photoshoot for a lads mag - unbeknownst to her, her tattoos mysteriously 'disappeared' in the photos...)

I know this is a little out of place from my usual fashion posts, but this blog also encourages positive body image no matter what size you are!
I'm so sick of people calling her 'chunky' or 'chubby' when she is neither - you can see that for yourself in the pictures. She has what all girls have - so-called 'problem areas' with their upper arms, belly, boobs and thighs, that never look anything like they do in the magazines.
(I'll say it again - her photoshopped knees look bloody ridiculous!!)

So KUDOS to Britney for having the courage to show off her natural beauty, and say to the world "THIS IS WHO I AM!"

Muchos love,


  1. She looks just as gorgeous in the before shots - just more like a normal woman. I've seen pictures of Britney before in mags and wondered how she looks so much slimmer than she does in other photos, I didn't even realise it was possible to alter someones figure that much using photoshop. I really liked this post, I love Britney too and I think it's great that she's let these be published as a comparison xxx

  2. No wonder people had bad body images! Britney looks "normal" in the before shots.

  3. She looks absolutely gorgeous! I think she should be applauded for publishing these photos as hopefully it will encourage people to be more positive about themselves :)

    Maria xxx

  4. Becca: Oh yeah, with the right know-how it's a doddle, which is the scary thing. Basically they highlight the edge of someone's figure, and pull it in towards their tummy to give them a leaner shape. And it can be done with all body parts. An impossible body makeover in a few minutes!

    Bethamint: I know, right? I just love her!

    Keyleia: I know. It's so easy for the fashion companies to say 'Oh the models are just hangers for the clothes', but a lot of girls DO look at the models and think "Well I can't wear the clothes like that, I'll just have to get thinner!"

    Maria: I know, she's so real and has natural beauty despite what people say. It's been done a few times (Heat did a fabulous spread a few years ago with female celebrities with no makeup or photoshopping - I think Davina, Claudia Winkleman and Fearne Cotton were a few of them - and they looked STUNNING!) Davina even boasted that she hadn't bothered to plush her moustash! :DD

  5. I first noticed that in the behind pic her legs have suddenly become longer than they are normally. She looks taller in the photoshopped pic because of that compared to the real one.

  6. I love this post! I can't believe the differences in the pictures. She really does look like barbie in the after pictures. Thanks for doing this post! Im feeling a lot better about myself now!! xxx

  7. Wow, she really is gorgeous, isn't she?! It's a shame they've Barbie-fied her figure, especially her legs - I love Britney's shape and have long envied her legs.

    Still, I'm a little confused. They photoshop out her lower back tattoo, but keep the one on her wrist? Be consistent at least!

  8. Love the before shots and think she looks very plastic after. Its no wonder girls are suffering with eating disorders, low self-esteem and no confidence from the age of 6 up over these days with unattainable images like that around them every day, they don't know what has been done to the photos and just think they should look like that. Good for Brit!

  9. this is way too funny... so good she allowed to show the unphotoshopped pictures! :D

  10. It's so stupid when people call people like Britney 'Chubby', what universe are they living in? She looks amazing in the 'before' photos. I understand using photoshop to 'perfect' images, evening skintone, removing obvious blemishes etc but actually changing a persons body shape/skin colour and other drastic things is just stupid.
    Well done Britney :)
    Also in the first 'after' photo her knee looks insane!

  11. I LOVE britney i saw this , this morning .. hi5 to britney i did my presentation on britney when i was studing for my diploma ! x

  12. wow... thanks so much for this post carla! wat an eye-opener ... and i agree, gotta love brittney!

  13. Mentioned you in my blog.
    Check it :D

  14. It's great that's she released these pics. She looks fab in both, but actually probably better in the untouched ones before it's easier to relate to her. x

  15. I love Britney, good for her releasing the pics. Of course it helps that she looks gorgeous BEFORE the photoshopping aswell! I agree about the weird plastic looking Barbie knees. Do we now have to worry about what our knees look like too?!



  16. to be fair, she didn't look all bad in the 'before' pics! x