7 April 2010

Favourite Blogs.

Hi everyone,

You may have noticed I've replaced the 'Testimonials' column with a column that links to my favourite blogs. I thought enough of tootin' my own horn, and time to pass on the love.

Here's a lowdown for those who aren't already familiar with some of them:

Buttons, Bows & Brogues
The darling Stephanie is one of the first fashion bloggers I started following. Also has personal entries and makeup reviews.

Dollface Is Candysweet
Algera is an adorable plus-sized fashion blogger who embraces cuteness and daintiness in her day-to-day style. She also has a selling blog.

Embrace Your Curves
A lovely plus-sized fashion and makeup blog run by 'Matron Jo'.

Emma Bell
The official blog of London-based fashion designer Emma Bell.

Fashion Launderette
Milly's fashion blog is a mix of clothes, accessories and more recently, makeup reviews. Lots of colourful content (and Milly's colourful hair!).

Fat And Foxy
Lodi is a beautiful plus-sized fashion blogger based in Berlin. Fashion logging and wishlists.

French For Cupcake
You already know how much I love Claire. One of my favourite fashion bloggers mixes ladylike fashion, film studies and baking.

Funny Face's Place
My favourite makeup-reviewer is Ms. Lillian Low. It's impossible not to fall in love with her, with her kooky-fabulous fashion sense, and hair that quite frankly defies gravity. Be sure to check out her YouTube channel too. Especially great if you're into indie makeup brands, I've discovered a few brilliant companies through her.

Go Go Bionic Girl
My e-pal/pen-pal Ambar's page. Mixes music and her amazing Ebay finds.

Heart City Vintage
Hannah has an indie-chic look, and incorporates photography in her entries.

If It Comes In Pink
Sandra lives in a magical-looking house where everything is pink! A mix of a personal blog, fashion logging and travel.

Life of Pinksugarichigo
Janis was kind enough to design my layout, and she also runs a brilliant fashion blog, highlighting especially Asian fashion and its subcultures (Janis is a 'Gal'). Full of kawaii cuteness.

Me, My Food & I
My friend Michael's food blog, documenting his journey as he cooks through Jamie Oliver's cookbook. Do NOT read on an empty stomach, you will be starving hungy by the end of reading any of his entries!

Mommy's Little Monster
My darling e-friend Amanda's horror film and book review blog.

Rosanna Hynes
Rosanna runs a fairly new blog documenting wishlists and baking cupcakes.

The Big Gay Adventures of Silly Old Daniel
My all-time favourite blog. And not just because it's run by one of my best-friends, Mr. Daniel Gabriel Welsh, but it's a hilarious look at the celebrity world (his commentaries on Britney and Madonna are particularly brilliant) and living as a flamboyant gay teenager in the North East.

The Pocket Rocket
Plus-sized fashion blog run by the gorgeous Lauren who has a sweet, girly look. Also includes fashion commentary, wishlists and reviews.

Young, Fat And Fabulous
The epitome of plus-sized fashion blogs, and the girls we all look up to! Style logging, wishlists, videos and reviews. They came up with the thought-provoking 'Make It Work' idea, that has inspired so many plus-sized bloggers, including me.

Be sure to check those out and give them some followin' if you haven't already!

Right, I've got a bit of a busy few days. Tonight I'm finally seeing Calendar Girls, tomorrow I'm meeting my friend Catey for coffee then it's my Uncle Paul's 50th birthday dinner.
Friday I'm seeing the boy, then the nighttime is Daniel's 19th birthday shindig in Newcastle gay scene. (The invite read "...Everyone has to look really really nice or I'll shout at you for ruining my birthday")
And finally, Saturday is our bi-yearly schoolfriends meetup at Natalie's house. I love when everyone's home!

Expect a few entries to come though - this week I've bought 3 dresses, 2 skirts and a pair of cullottes. I have issues.

Muchos love,


  1. I love finding new blogs so thank you Carla :) Next time you want to add some more *hint hint* haha xxxx

  2. Thank you, such an honor! :)

    hope you know how much I appreciate it!
    Thank youuu!

  3. awww... I absolutely love your blog as well. I hope you'll be free soon for another meal.
    hint: desserts (plural).

  4. Fab post Carla :) I have zilch time to check out the links now, but I'll be back!

  5. oo thank you for this! :D and some more blogs to read!

  6. Thank you, that's so, so sweet of you:) And I got that pink Vaio computer;)

  7. Michael: NAME THE DATE! ;)

    Stephanie: You're very welcome!

    Sandra: You're welcome, I've loved your blog for ages now I just always forget to comment. Thank you for following too xxxx

  8. Awww thank you so so much :) You're so sweet!
    I'll have to check out all your other links now.
    Have a lovely busy few days!

  9. bah I commented wrong post!
    feel free to reject my other comment lol!

    Thanks you so so so much for mentioning my blog
    It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!
    seriously it made my day!


  10. Aww, thank you SO much! Your blog is fabulous too :D xx

  11. You're all very welcome :) xxxxxx