13 April 2010

Story Of A Haircut.

Hey everyone,

I have a new do - cut and colour!

Here's where I began yesterday:

Hair in the good words of Cheryl Cole: "Weak, limp, lifeless". AKA: Grown out of original cut, dull highlights, split ends, shapeless fringe etc etc.

It really was getting impossible to style at all. Me and my mam were going into town anyway to buy my 21st presents, and as I was going out on the nighttime I popped into Toni & Guy to see if I could bring my appointment forward.

The receptionist gave me the choice of in 10 minutes time or an hour.
I managed to get the one straight away, and a nice girl who was washing the hairs came over and offered us delicious tea or coffee.

Soon after, a lovely guy called Chris came over and introduced himself.
He sat me down before they washed my hair to ask me what I want - something my usual hairdresser never does. I thought this was a lot better as he could see what my hair is like in it's usual state.

He gave me an absolutely lovely cut - usually it seems my layers and fringe are an afterthought, but Chris took great time and care making sure they were all perfect.

My cut only came to £32 - which isn't that much more as so what I pay at my local salon.
Would I go again? YES!

The only downside I think is that they try to sell you a lot of their products which could be uncomfortable to someone who doesn't like to say no.
On the other hand this would be useful to someone who doesn't own a lot of hair products. But as you lot already know, I have plenty already.

Anyway, it was still a lovely experience and I'll be booking my appointment with Chris again!

This is how it turned out:

It was originally a lot bouncier but I'd been out in the sun and wind all day!
Still cute and chic, right?
However I planned on doing something different.
SO a bottle of hair dye, some volumiser and blowdrying later we have...


It's a completely different looks isn't it? And I TOTALLY LOVE IT, I feel like a different person with red hair!

I went dancing last night with Silly Old Daniel to celebrate. Our taxi driver made the mistake of putting Whitney Houston's Greatest Hits CD on - we murdered some classics on our journey home.

Muchos love,


  1. Love the red hair and new haircut! World needs more redheads :D

  2. I think red really frames your face a lot better than your usual brunette :) and I agree I am not a fan of how he did the fringe in the first picture, but it looks a lot better joujed up in the red-hair. Also, red is a lot more fun and interesting! Defo your colour!
    blushfashionstar.blogspot.com/ xxx

  3. Awesome! I used to have red hair, and I MISS it. I feel like I hoodwinked my better half into being with me, as he has a Thing for redheads, and thought mine was natural! :oops:

  4. I love it! You look amazing with red hair.
    I think we have the same camera too.

  5. the red looks absolutely fantastic!

  6. WOW!! You look awesome with Red hair!!! And you picked the perfect shade, it's very flattering for your skin tone. I love the cut too ;-)

  7. Hey love the new do! Am all for some volume and the red really suits you! xx

  8. THANKS everyone, you're all actually LUSH :) xoxoxoxoxox

    Stephanie: Panasonic Lumix? I love their cameras - my sister has a silver one too.

    Nadia: Me too me too - Tigi Bed Head products are amazing for pumpin' up the volume.

    Daniel: We had one of THOSE moments last night:
    "I love you, Daniel"
    "I love you too, Carla"

    Oh we are wonderful <3333

  9. i love it! the red really suits you!

  10. Ooh I LOVE the red - it's bloody gorgeous!


  11. I love the red on you Carla, very vampy ;) I just wish I was able to dye my hair but it's too dark to really :( Maria xxx

  12. This is really nice :) I love the red and the cut!!


  13. You look perfect, Carla! So put together. The new cut and color just tops everything! Absolutely darling. :D

  14. Oh i absolutely love it! The cut and colour looks amazing on you! You look polished and feminine and slightly retro.
    I haven't been to a hairdresser since i was 14 and got a mohican! XD

  15. The red really suits you, and the cut is cute too!

  16. Very cute! Love the new look.

  17. Is this the sunderland tony & guy? They accused me of stealing someone else's jacket instead of mine after my appointment a year ago and I've never been back.

    Your hair looks amazing however. =)

  18. I'm SO sorry I forgot to reply to all your lovely comments - thank you thank you!! :DD

    Anon: No, it was the Newcastle ones. My friend gets her hair cut in Reds in Sunderland and she always has a lovely shape :) xoxo

  19. what hair dye product did you use?