9 April 2010


Hey everyone,

I turn 21 years old in just under a month, and have been thinking of what I want as presents. I want something I can keep for years and years, that's really special. I always thought I was going to get a peice of Tiffany jewerelly, but around my area there's so many chavs wearing knock offs, I was worried people would think mine's a knock off too (people think my Vivienne Westwood earrings and brooch are fake as there's so many replicas on Ebay!).

But today I came to a decision on what I want:


Apart from dissertation stress, May can't come quickly enough!
I'm not a big watch wearer, so I reckon a good one will convert me (I also saw my friend Cuddly today who owns 22 watches, all costing hundreds of pounds each!). Also, thanks to Stephanie for giving me a heads-up on this design - I prefer it to the leather strap one I originally had my eye on, so KUDOS!!
And all my purses and wallets EVER have all cost me under £5, so at 21, I think I'm owed a fairly decent one.

In sadder news, as I was writing this entry I heard about the sad death of punk legend Malcolm McLaren. His collaborations with Dame Westwood inspired a whole generation of designers. R.I.P.

Muchos love,

PS: Happy 19th birthday to my darling Silly Old Daniel. xoxo


  1. i LOVE that watch! its so u my dear! i hope u get it! u deserve it!

  2. Awww thank you. I love it has a testcard on as I'm graduating with a Media degree in July, and we learnt all about colourbars, so it's kinda fitting :) xoxoxo

  3. The watch is soo cool and the purse! I hope you get them :P xx

  4. Ooh i like the watch, i've never worn one either though. Poor Malc, he was apparently the most deeply unpleasant man though.

  5. Oh, I hadn't heard the news about Malcolm McLaren before now. He'll be missed. xx

  6. AWWW carla,
    thanks for making my day!
    you lovely blogger you