10 April 2010

The Candy Shop.

Hey everyone,

It's just gone Easter - the wonderful time of the year when we're eating plenty of chocolate and sweets and calling it a holiday. And here in the UK we're having a lovely sunny weekend - which puts me in the mood for lollipops, ice cream and cupcakes.

Good thing the high street is having the same idea. I'm totally LOVING all the yummy sweetie items out at the minute:

CUPCAKE JUMPER: Topshop, £40.
ICE CREAM JUMPER: Red Herring, £26.
ICE CREAM JUMPER-DRESS: Miss Selfridge, £12 (now in sale!).
ICED GEM BISCUIT RING: Miss Selfridge, £6.
CUPCAKE EARRINGS: Love Hearts And Crosses, £6.
ICE LOLLY NECKLACE: Heidi Seeker, £6.
MILK CARTON LIP BALMS: Accessorize, £6.

I've also GOT to talk about my friend Maxine's jewerelly company Little Miss Delicious. I've mentioned them here a few times before, but she's recently come out with a whole new set of designs (including plushes) and has been selling her items not only on Etsy, but in various faires around the country.

(I'm a bit in love with the new tea-party themed promotional pictures!)

And because Maxine is all things lovely, she sent me a few items to show to you guys, and they're simply adorable. (And I must mention affordable - a lot of polymer clay lines on Etsy are usually so over-priced to me)

Giant ice cream necklace

Sweeeeet donut earrings.

Apologies I'm not sure about the prices (I'll check today!) as a lot of the items are happily made to order with various sizes and colour combinations.
So be sure to check out Little Miss Delicious on Etsy, and also give Maxine's official blog a read.

All this talk has unfortunately made me get The Candy Shop by 50 Cent in my head all day. It's a vile song that has no place in this blog (especially as it is NOT about sweets). So instead I'll post something more family friendly. God I love this film:

(Watch at 1:57-58 when he accidentally catches a little girl under the chin with the counter - OUCH!)

I'd also like to dedicate this entry to one of my darling best friends, Hattie (real name Rachel - but I've been calling her that ever since we met in college, and she used to wear a lot of hats). She has the biggest sweet tooth and is just off the chart adorable.

Eating cupcakes at uni in the Red Herring jumper showcased above.
(The guy in the background looks happy. Sugar rush?)

Right, I'd love to enjoy this sunshine, but I have editing to do.
Thank goodness I have delicious rasberry flavoured pop to keep me going.

Muchos love,


  1. I've got to admit - I'm not a fan of 50 Cent's 'Candy Shop' either, but it was the first thing that came into my head when I saw your title & stayed there throughout the post - what is it with that song!?

    Your friend does look adorable, & I love how she's modelling one of the items you picked to showcase - & her hair is gorgeous :)


  2. Haha, it's a bloody awful song isn't it?

    I love Hattie she's so sweet. Someone (I think it was her boyfriend's mam) once said her hair reminds her of a mermaid's as it cascades over her chesticles, haha :DD

  3. Did you notice that the ice cream jumper is in the latest Look magazine? I was just showing my mum it yesterday! Great minds think alike :)
    http://blushfashionstar.blogspot.com/ xxx

  4. Aww, thanks; I'm glad you like them! :D

    Necklaces are usually £10-£12 depending on size, and earrings are £9 :) I base all prices on how long it takes to make them + price of material so I never overcharge! x

  5. Fushball: I can't remember, it's been ages since I've read Look. It's my favourite magazine too!

    Maxine: I love 'em, I'm just sorry it's taken me a while to do a post. Yeah I thought they were around the £10 mark which is so reasonable for a handmade item. I see loads of sellers making the polymer clay items and selling them for $30+. WHY?!

  6. Ooohh i love clothes like these. I NEED the ice cream jumper dress, especially now it's in the sale and the Red Herring jumper is in the sale.
    I never noticed the girl getting smacked by the counter before, ha ha!
    I used to be obsessed by that film, i'd watch it once every few days.
    Actually when i was very small i was just obsessed with Sweets, my Mum realised all the books she read me at bedtime were about sweets in some way XD

  7. Eeeeeh Carla! Thank you for doing this blog because I too love all of the food-inspired clothes at the moment, and for the first time in my life I feel like I know something about fashion lmao!!

    And forget 50 Cent, there's only one Candy Shop I'm interested in and it comes from the Sticky and Sweet Miss Ciccone: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G_E95hg8SAc


  8. Lillian: Oh, I love that! <33 I never noticed either and it was a childhood staple for me too. And yeah, a lot of my books were about sweets or musical instruments (I always remember one with Postman Pat playing the tuba). I've still got my all-time favourite children's book called Come Out Jessie which was a brilliant book about foodstuffs - you can see a tiny bit in my 51 Things video from AAAAGES ago: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HjNE7zZ6NAo

    Daniel: Oh well, you have to get your food intake from somewhere ;DD I was actually gonna call this entry Sticky & Sweet, but I thought that was a bit too rude for my lovely, innocent blog ;) xoxo

  9. Fabulous post. Who doesn't love cupcakes and ice cream and for that matter Willy Wonka. You have also reminded me that I have an ice cream necklace kicking about somewhere. Will need to fish that out now the weather is looking up a little. x

  10. Hey Messy, it's Jared (Mexibear on LJ) I want to thank you because your friend Hattie (well her nickname, anyway) reminded me of Hattytown Tales, which we used to have on Nickelodeon in the 80s, here in the States.


    That, and BOD were the BEST!