31 March 2010

40 Beauty Questions Meme!

Hi everyone,

You all know how much I love talking about fashion, but did you know my second passion is beauty products? I'm not skillful enough to write about them properly - there's plenty of amazing blogs out there for that but this survey has been floating around for a while now so I thought I'd be fun to give it a go!

My collection of lip products.
(BRANDS: Chanel, MAC, Benefit, OCC, Barry M, Stila and The Body Shop)

How many times do you wash your face daily?

Once in the morning, and once again if I’m going in on the evening. I rub a face wipe over my face before going to bed.

What skin type do you have?
I think it’s tempromental? I have mostly dry days, but sometimes my nose and chin can get oily, so I have to alternate what products I use. I also have a few bumps on my cheeks due to having elastoplasts/band-aids on my face during an operation a few years ago, and I’m allergic. My skin felt like it has burned off, I looked a mess and it’s left a little scarring behind. I can feel it, more than see it, though.

What is your current facial wash?
Clean & Clear’s Daily Exfoliating Wash is great and doesn’t leave any residue as I think a lot of washes too.

Do you exfoliate?
Definitely, my skin feels kind of rough without it.

What brand do you use?
Soap & Glory and Clean & Clear.

What moisturizer do you use?
Purity – which is wonderful for sensitive skin. I use Body Shop body butters on the rest of my body – my favourites are Hemp, Vitamin E, Coconut and Carrot.

Do you have freckles?
The odd brown freckle dotted around my body. My favourites are two freckles on my neck that look like vampire bites!

Do you use eye cream?

Do you or did you have acne prone skin?
Nope, just a few teenage spots - at 21! I always rest my hand on my chin, so I usually get outbreaks there.

Did you ever have to use Pro-activ?

What foundation do you use?
MAC Foundation in NW15. It’s definitely not perfect – it’s a bit too milky for my liking, so I need to get shopping around for a better one.

How about concealer?
Nah, I just load up on the foundation which isn’t big or clever.

Do you know your undertone colour?

What do you think of false eyelashes?
I don’t think I suit them, and my skin is sensitive to things like glue. Applied properly I think they look fabulous with the right look.

Did you know that you are supposed to change your mascara every 3 months?
Yep, but I pile on so much mascara I go through it in about this time.

What brand of mascara do you use?
Rimmel and Chanel.

Sephora or MAC?
They’re two different things to me – one is a store selling lots of brands of makeup, and one is a specific brand of makeup? Hmm, except MAC (which it doesn’t stock) I buy my makeup in Boots (they have a brilliant loyalty points scene) or online.

Do you have a MAC pro-card?

What make-up tools do you use in make up application?
A brush set from The Body Shop.

Do you use make up base/primer for the eyes?
I prime with a shadestick by MAC.

For the face?
A small amount of moisturiser. My Italian aunties were all beautiful, had great skin for their age and swore by the importance of moisturising!

What is your favourite eyeshadow (colour or shade)?

Do you use pencil or liquid eyeliner?
Liquid eyeliner for the upper lip and pencil for the lower/waterline.

How often do you poke your eyes with a pencil eyeliner?
I don’t think I have. I’ve had liquid eyeliner in my eye a few times and it HUUUUURTS. I’ve also poked myself in the eye with a mascara wand a fair lot. I’m dead clumsy.

What do you think of pigment eyeshadows?
I love MAC’s. They’re so long-lasting and gorgeous colours. They seem to last forever too!

Do you use mineral make-up?
I haven’t tried it, and don’t know enough about it to be too interested.

What is your favourite lipstick?
At the minute do OCC Lip Tars count as they’re liquid lipstick? I liked LimeCrime before I found out about the drama, but aside from that they’re very drying and stained like mad. I’m dying to try Barry M’s – task for next week I think. I’ve only really gotten interested in lip colours the past few months.

How about lipgloss?
I used to love my Stila lipgloss, but it’s so hard to find here now. The one I use now is by MAC and lovely.

What is your favourite blush to use?
It’s pink and by The Body Shop. It also kind of smells like strawberries! But having naturally pink skin, I don't tend to worry too much about blush.

Do you buy your makeup on Ebay?
Only a few shadesticks. I’m too aware of a lot of fakes on there.

Do you like drugstore makeup?
I only use Barry M and Rimmel mascara. I prefer higher-end brands because I’m a stuck-up snob. xDD

Do you go to CCO's (cosmetic company outlets)?
I have no idea what this is?

Did you ever consider taking make-up classes?

Are you clumsy in putting on makeup?
Oh yeah, I always have to have makeup wipes at the ready.

Name a makeup crime that you hate?
I’m not a fan of orange fake tan, dark lipliner and light lipstick, and I don’t like pink/red eyeshadow.

Do you like colourful shades of makeup (lipstick, eyeshadow) or neutral ones?
I like dark eyes and quirky lip colours. As for neutral though I’m LOVING the pale pink lips trend, I think it’s too cute.

Which celebrity always has great make up?
Lady Gaga and Gwen Stefani.

If you could leave the house using just ONE make up item, what would you use?
Black liquid eyeliner.

Could you ever leave the house without any makeup on?
Only when I have cold, or I’m doing solo uni work and know I won’t be seeing anybody I know.

Do you think you look good without any make up on?
Haha, I’m such a cheerleader for ‘real’ girls, but I think I suit a bit of slap. My friend Sarah once said to me “Oh Carla, you do scrub up well!” and I think she’s right.

In your opinion, what is the BEST makeup line?
Barry M, MAC, Chanel and OCC.

What do you think of make up?
It’s expressionate, and easier to allow you to experiment with your look than any other medium. If you don’t like it – you can always wash it off again.

I don't read a lot of beauty blogs (I'm generally more interested in fashion blogs), but my favourites are Funny Face's Place with the gorgeous Lillian (who I actually discovered though YouTube - her accent is completely adorable!!), and my friend Sarah's over at Quirky Face because they both seem to offer something a bit different!
But I'm doing a proper post soon about my favourite bloggers and vloggers, so stay tuned.

This week has been so busy, but thankfully productive. Tuesday was principal recording for my radio drama dissertation with the actors which was nerve wracking as I've never directed before. But everything seemed to flow, and my cast were fabulous!

Anna Leigh Middleton who kindly played one of the roles is also a wonderful local country/folk pop singer. This is the music video for her song Let The Music Take You There. There's more tracks on her MySpace.

As for me, I only have ONE MORE assignment due for the end of this week, then we can get vaguely back to normal until the pace picks up again!
I miss doing this more regularly. I even have a few reviews to do over the weekend.

The thing I'm most excited for is hosting my 100 Followers Giveaway (although I now have 114 now - HELLO NEWBIES!) sometime early next week - it's going to be fuuun!

Finally in NON-FASHION NEWS (*GASP!*) I was once agin in our local paper. The journalist Johnny Wilson who kindly did the feature on my blog a few weeks ago asked for a few quotes on an article about Facebook and social networking. You can give it a read here - I'm about halfway down.

Thank you again for all your lovely comments you leave (you lot are honestly too kind), the people who have been pimpin' this blog in LJ communities (I can't view the entries as I'm not a member, but thank thank thank you) and following me on Twitter. You're the BEST!

Muchos love,

PS: Daniel keeps trying to convice me to start a weekly event called 'Fashion Police Friday'. He's dying to make me a bit more controversial! Hmph!

26 March 2010

OUTFIT POST: Denim Pastels.

Hey everyone,

I thought that it's been quite a while since my last Outfit Post - so I took a picture of my outfit today!

DRESS: Dorothy Perkins, £12ish.
JACKET: Matalan, £16.
BAG: Matalan, £8.
NECKLACE: Vintage, £My mam's from the 1980s.
HAIRBAND: New Look, £Prize.
LEGGINGS: Primark, £2.
SHOES: Dorothy Perkins, £15.
POINT OF FASHION: Soft pastels.

I've always worn bold or dark colours, so I'm really trying to embrace the soft pastels trend.
That denim jacket's my little obsession at the minute, I'm wearing it with absolutely everything!

The lovelies at one of my all-time favourite online stores Heidi Seeker sent me some stuff to review so expect that mid-next week.. And the lovelies at ANN SUMMERS (Only click if you're over 18!) sent me some pretty things to review also (nothing rude though, this is not that type of blog! ;)) so I'll be talking about that soon too.

I'm so busy over the next couple of days as my dissertation recording is happening on Tuesday and until then I'm dedrafting the script over the weekend until it's just right.

However, I am up to 99 FOLLOWERS! I've been getting a few things for the 100 FOLLOWERS GIVEWAY I'll be hosting soon. We're just waiting for the latest crew member to join the good ship MessyCarla!

Keep commenting and following me on Twitter! I love hearing from you guys.

Muchos love,

PS: Me and the boy went to the Marble Slab Creamery in Newcastle today on an ice-cream date. Definately check them out in you're local - it was my first scoop of Butter Pecan with Butterfingers since I was in Virginia in 2008!

Also, when I'm not working, I'm watching my Ugly Betty boxsets. This is one of my favourite scenes - what's not to like? Marc, Amanda, couture gowns and musicals!


And April makes 100!

23 March 2010

If I'm Away...

Hi everyone,

Just to let you know if I don't update a lot within the next few weeks it's because it's the final countdown for my dissertation to be handed in (26th April). And because I'm working by myself on my radio peice, it's all down to me to sort my actors, scripts, studio time, location recording, interviews and editing!

So unfortunately it's going to mean less shopping, moar work.
I HAVE however, picked out my graduation outfit. So all is not lost.
(That's me getting my priorities right!)

I've been experimenting with a laid-back look lately. Lots of t-shirts and jeggings.
Plus my favourite thing I've bought lately - my denim jacket. £16 from Matalan, 3/4 length sleeves and cropped under the bust. Fits like a little glove:

(The paper sticking out of my head is my results from my dissertation pitch for which I got a 1st - my old 1st at uni! I keep it up there to remind myself I'm not completely useless.)

Like my gold earrings too? I'm watching a lot of Ugly Betty when I'm not working and Hilda's my favourite - so I was going for her Queens look. 
I reckon people at uni just thought I was a bit of a chav. Oh well!

Muchos love,

EDIT: Oh, and one more thing: Have any of you guys had your hair cut/coloured at a Toni & Guy? I'm loyal to my hairdresser but I have the £100 gift voucher from The Look Show still to use.
I'd like to know your experiences!

20 March 2010

Meet Claire from French For Cupcake!

Hey everyone,

I'd like to introduce you all if you aren't already familiar with Miss Claire from French For Cupcake. A beautiful, quirky Irish girl whose blog is a mix of fashion and baking.

We've been online buddies for a few years now, sharing a love of old time glamour, Japan, gold jewerelly and dresses. She let me ask her questions like the fangirl that I am:

1. Your blog combines fashion and baking. What relates the two?

When I started my blog over a year ago now it was just my little space on the internet to share recipies I liked, but occasionally I would post a few outfits from my day and people seemed to like that so I kept doing it. Basically all that relates the two is my love for them both. I don’t really follow fashion shows that much, but I love developing my own personal style and my readers are always very enthusiastic about it so I don’t worry about my blog not having one key focus as much as I used to.

2. Retro is huge right now (burlesque being more popular than ever, vintage clothes being so expensive), and do you think baking is making a comeback as part of this?

I certainly agree that these things are all making a comeback and I do think k there is a definite love for nostalgia going on at the moment. I think the image of the 1950s as a glamorous time for women full of baking, dresses and burlesque is a huge misconception but I love the style of it all and I think it is the style that appeals to people. The joy in it is that I am in the kitchen baking because I want to, not because I have to.

3. Where did your passion for baking begin? Would you ever like to do it as a career, for instance open up a cake shop or patisserie?

I’ve always loved baking, it was never something we did a lot of when I was little so it was always a real treat. When I was about 14 I started baking for school events and my love took off from there. In terms for a career there is nothing that would make me happier. I want to open a bakery cafĂ© and maybe one day I will. At the moment I am keeping my options open and working very hard in my final year of university, and academia is something I am also very passionate about so who knows where I will end up!

4. You're also a curvy size 16 girl - do you have any major problems when it comes to shopping with sizings?

I do have some problems in high street stores, for example fitting my boobs into things is sometimes a struggle! I’m also quite short, around 5’1 so things are always too long for me! Also one of my favourite shops is Topshop and although I am a 16 everywhere else, things in Topshop never fit properly. They’re one of the main offenders in the boob department, there’s never any extra room on top, just around the middle. I think some high street stores need to grow up and introduce a wider size range.

5. How would you define your style now? Who are you fashion inspirations?

I think my style now is a mix of everything. As I said I don’t really follow trends, I just go for what suits me. I do enjoy retro fashion and I wear a lot of floral dresses. My main output for displaying my style is jewellery which I love. The bigger and the gaudier the better. I love anything with animals on it, in particular birds. In terms of fashion inspiration I really get more from other bloggers than from celebrities, but I do love the style of Zooey Deschanel. She always looks beautiful!

Be sure to check out Claire's blog at frenchforcupcake.blogspot.com!

Muchos love,

19 March 2010

Pretty Neutrals.

Hi everyone,

I'm so excited about the neutrals trend at the minute. Although I'm still wearing my bold floral dresses, the neutral's theme is taking this further by toning down the look.
Think stepford wives, Charlotte York from Sex And The City, and ballerina-like daintiness.

TUNIC: Dorothy Perkins, £25.
CARDIGAN: New Look, £20.
BAG: River Island, £29.99.
SHOES: Matalan, £12.
EARRINGS: Accessorize, £4.

I love that none of these items are over-the-top priced, but portray a glamorous look.
It reminds of me one of my favourite quotes from Paloma Faith: "Sometimes the illusion of grandeur is more endearing than actual riches."

I'd like to dedicate this entry to my darling friend Megan:

As long as I've known her (about five years now) Megan's been the epitome of ladylike glamour, with lots of florals and chintz in her wardrobe. And it reflects her personality perfectly - kind, demure, sweet and charming, who believes everything can be sorted with a nice cup of tea and a cupcake.
But she's no pushover - Megan's the Pro Bono (this from Latin means "For The Public Good" - appropriate!) of her university Law Society, and is on first-name terms with some of the top lawyers and judges in the country.
Whoever said that girls can't embrace our feminimity and be career girls hasn't met this one.

Tomorrow I'm posting the fabulous interview I did with the beautiful Claire at French For Cupcake all about all thinks baking and fashion.
Coming up next week is a very SWEET post, I'm going all Francophile on you guys, and put on your glasses because it's geek chic time!
I'm also going to be taking to the street of Newcastle and getting some street fashion exclusives - stay tuned!

Thank you to everyone who's commented, twittered and emailed me about the media coverage mentioned in my last entry. You guys are too sweet, and thank you so so much for following and reading - I love you all.

Keep your comments coming and following me on Twitter (I hit 200 followers yesterday - thank you thank you!). Remember, anything you want to know - or just so say hello - get in touch!

Muchos love,

18 March 2010

Local Press!

Hi everyone,

The features I was interviewed for were printed in two local papers this week. The first was a centre-page spread in the South Shields Gazette (I heard the "Ooh, you're a centerfold!" from FIVE people!). And I just discovered yesterday from my friend Catherine that there was a full page in the Sunderland Echo too (and was kind enough to scan it for me)!

This is the one from the South Shields Gazette:

and from the Sunderland Echo:

Because they're sister papers, the text was indentical:

"Thank goodness for real women like Messy Carla!
Johnny Wilson

A NEW generation of internet-savvy bloggers are helping make fashion accessible for 'normal' women.
Couture fashion is all very well on catwalks in Paris, but not that practical for women in the 'real world'.

With style bibles tending to use only impossibly skinny models, it's little wonder the average British woman tends to feel totally disenfranchised.

Thank goodness, then, for women such as Carla Benstead.

Speaking at her family home in Hebburn, the 20-year-old Sunderland University student described how since setting up her website – MessyCarla: A Fashion Blog In A Size 16 – in October, she has made it her mission to make fashion more accessible for curvier women.

"I always enjoyed other fashion blogs," said Carla, who has a 16-year-old sister, Nadia.

"However, they were often done by skinny girls in the US, and were too close to fashion magazines for me. Fashion mags are not real. You can't walk down the street in Newcastle wearing a haute couture dress.

"I'm just a normal girl in the North East, and thought it would be nice to set up a website for girls like me. I wear UK high street clothes, as do most other girls, so I thought I'd do something about that."

Having set up her blog – a mix of personal anecdotes, fashion advice and gossip – she used social networking sites Facebook and Twitter to rapidly expand her fan base.

In just six months she has gone has gone from getting a few dozen hits per week to more than 2,000. Take a look at the site and you can see why.

With a striking cover page designed by an American web-designer friend; it is colourful, humorous and easy to navigate.

Here is a woman who understands what her readers want, and is able to give it to them in her own unique style.

In tribute to her achievement, just last month she won a blogging competition with national retail chain New Look.

Her prize; a guest blog for the shop, and tickets to The Look Show, a fashion extravaganza held at the Saatchi gallery in Chelsea laid on by Look magazine.

Here she met a host of high-profile names such as ex-Shugababe Keisha Buchanan, singer Beverley Knight, and girl group of the moment, The Saturdays.

"It was fantastic," she said. "It was great meeting them all. Beverley Knight was really nice and down to earth. Pixie Lott also performed one of her singles."

Another famous friend, who could come in very handy in years to come, is Malaysia's top fashion designer Bernard Chandran, who invited her to a private dinner party when he was in London to pick her brains.

"He was so lovely. What I like about him is that he said he's inspired by women's imaginations and personalities, rather then their body shapes."

Clearly revelling in her new-found fame, she felt confident her career would go from strength to strength.

"I've done promotional work for Simply Be, and I'm in contact with other high street names.

"I want to do more product reviewing and go to more fashion events."

Her mum Madeline Benstead, likewise thought great things were ahead for her eldest child.

"I'm really surprised how it has taken off. She has done blogs for about 10 years, but I didn't know what one was until recently. It's amazing how people find out about it," she said.

"I'm very proud that her site has grown so much in such a short amount of time. It shows that people appreciate what she is saying. I really hope she continues to do well."

And for those thinking of starting up their own website, Carla had these words of wisdom.

"Make sure it's informative, creative and offers something a bit different. Above all, always have fun with it."

She put down the secret of her success so far to sheer enthusiasm and adaptability.

With her foot now firmly planted in the clothing industry's door, 'real' women should feel happy they now have a kindred spirit reporting on their behalf.

"I enjoy it because fashion is an extension of your own personality. It always evolves, and blogs give you the chance to write about it."

And what of her fellow South-Tyneside based web sensation, make-up guru Lauren Luke?

"She is a big role model for many of us normal girls in the North East.

"She is one of the pioneers in the internet beauty industry, and promoted the link to my blog on her Twitter page.

"I hope I can be as successful as her."

You can visit Carla's fashion blog by following this link."

Rather good, no? I've recieved some lovely tweets and emails from girls who found the blog via the articles.
So if you're one of the local newbies - HELLO!!

As well as the newspapers, the highlight of this week was my lecturer Rob mentioning this blog in my Media & Modernity class! FAME AT LAST!
Also for a bit of light-heartedness - one of my best-friends Daniel has dedicated this week's Big Gay Monday to me! I was actually hooting with laughter, so go check it out?
Daniel's a journalism student, and dead-set on writing "The Exposé of MessyCarla". I reckon it should be his dissertation title in a few years.

I always love your comments, follow me on Twitter, and feel free to keep asking me questions on Formspring.Me!

Muchos love,

14 March 2010

Outlet Shopping.

Hi everyone!

I went outlet shopping with my mam yesterday. Usually outlet shops have this overwhelming feeling of dispair and desperation about them in my opinion, but I picked up some right bargains. Even if they were rather random.

Instead of taking a million photos (Also, Blogger apparently has a new rule if you post so many pictures per entry, you see less entries on your homepage? Something like that!) I thought it'd be quicker to do a speedy little video for you all.
As you probably saw in last night's video I'm not the best at talking on camera (I'm a Media Production student and mostly behind camera and radio equipment) so muchos apologies.

Also - SORRY for the hair, it was a windy day and my off-day for washing!

In other news, I completely forgot to tell you guys all about the Shields Gazette feature I did the other day. It's going to be centre pages sometime early this week which is fairly exciting.

Although we did take some funny pictures of me next to my wardrobe that I hope aren't too hideous - the photographer kept asking me to do doe-eyed, open-mouthed faces and you know that's not what I'm about so I'm worried I look a little awkward. Oh well, we shall see. And of course I'll let you guys know all about it when it's printed.

I'm doing another interview tomorrow for the Sunderland Echo (it helps so much to live right inbetween South Shields, Sunderland and Newcastle...) then me and my best-friend Sam are baking cupcakes and watching crap films. We may even film the baking - so watch this space.

I've also agreed to do a deal with a major high street brand for their summer beachwear collection. I don't know if I'm allowed to share who it is right now, so I won't. But it's probably not who you're expecting - however, I love the company (it's rather cheeky!) so I think it's going to be a pleasure working with them. The collection looks SO cute and it should arrive soon.

Also coming up is a feature on Little Miss Delicious, my friend Maxine's jewerelly company, along with a very sticky and sweet post. Keep watching!

Love you all loads and loads - I've missed you this week!
Keep commenting, following me on Twitter and asking questions on Formspring.Me.

Muchos love,

PS: OH, if any of you are interested in cupcakes, cookies and all things buttery and/or sugary - I've started a mini baking blog, which will run as a sister blog to this one. It's called MessyCarla Bakes, and is all about my challenge to learn to bake properly in 2010. It's a little bare at the moment, but if you follow etc. i'll be putting lots of content up this week.

13 March 2010

Me And My Hair: Products & History!

Hi everyone.
I'm so sorry for the 6-day hiatus, it's been a while since I was away from blogging that long.

I've promised you guys a hair post for quite a while now - I've gotten a few comments and emails asking about how I do my hair. And although it's not a how-to, I've done a video all about the products I use:

Apologies that I talk EXTREMELY fast!
If you want anymore information on anything else - just ask! I do love haircare just a bit too much.

Also, I thought you guys may appreciate this MSPaint collage of my hair(mares?) through the years:

1. Age 11. A boy made a mean comment about my fringe so I grow it into two little strands as people were doing in 2001. Later dye it black and red as I am a teenybopper goth.

2. Age 11-12. Get my hair cut fairly short compared to what it was. Get my first pair of hair straighteners (they had STEAM in them!) and flicked to my heart's content. Base it on Brian Molko's hair in the Taste In Men video.

3. Age 13-14. Get my hair cut even shorter with shaggy layers like Craig Nicholls from the band The Vines (teenage obsession) and pout moodily in all photographs.

4. Age 14-16. My hippy phase. I curl my hair overnight in wet plaits and wash it infrequently.

5. Age 16. Leave school and go to college so I can dye my hair the crazy colours I've always wanted to. Get my friend Marie (who'd never been near a bottle of bleach previously) to put pink streak in my (returned!) fringe when my mam is out.

6. Age 16. Bleach hair, and have a short ginger period.

7. Age 16-17. Purple hair and the beginnings of my electro phase.

8. Age 17-18. Into my electro phase - go to college wearing glitter, eyeliner and a teeny tiny fringe.

9. Age 18. Keep short fringe, hair my natural colour and ends long.

10. Age 18. Crazy colours phase has a short return.


12. Age 18. Go to uni and start clubbing so I have sleek dark purple/black hair and grow my fringe to the side after a breakup.

13. Age 19. Before my month-long trip in Virginia (where it's hot and humid in the summer) I cut my hair in a short 1960s style bob and my fringe gets heavier.

14. Age 19-20. Shorter, shaggy fringe, heavy black layers and tapering.

And of course you'll just have to watch the video to remind yourselves where I am now: long at the front, short and tapered at the back with a heavy fringe with blonde highlights!

Hope you're all having a good weekend and spoiling your mams rotten tomorrow for Mother's Day. I've gotten Mammy Benstead a card and a Chanel lipstick - I think she deserves a fancy one!

Muchos love,

6 March 2010


Hi everyone,

Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland was released yesterday, and everywhere is awash with inspired treats! I love that the looks tie in with the tea dress/floral/ditsy trend at the minute, but giving it a good fantasy twist. If you'd prefer a more gothic look, HotTopic.com has got plenty (mostly movie tie-in items) - but here's my favourite from what I've spied around the shops:

VEST: Miss Selfridge, £18.
EARRINGS: Disney Couture, £14.
LIPSTICKS: Paul And Joe, £25 (each).
BAG: Accessorize, £22.
NECKLACE: Temporary Secretary, £22.
DRESS: Dorothy Perkins, £28.

The 'Alice In Sunderland' title is dedicated to my lovely friend Sam, who was Alice this Halloween ("It's the first year I haven't been a gothic-something!"). We assembled her outfit ourselves:

Her dress, black pumps and heart-shaped bag (which I also have) were both from Topshop (her dress was bought during this shopping trip), her tights were from Dorothy Perkins, and her wig and pinny were from a fancy dress shop. Her hairband was made with leftover black material.

Right, so I have a busy week ahead of me - out dancing tonight for my friends Adam, Megan and Chloe's birthday party, tomorrow I'm working the Vintage Fashion Kilo Fair, Monday I'm moving out of my student house for good, Tuesday I have the interview for the local paper and Wednesday is work then for a cheeky Nandos with my childhood friend, Jamilah.

Jamilah by the way is a brilliant up-and-coming R&B artist (she was in girlband Desire in The X Factor last year and they made the final 25 bands) and I promised to feature her on here, so be sure to check her stuff out!

Muchos love,

4 March 2010

London Fashion Week Part 2: Bernard Chandran's Dinner Party!

Hi everyone,
Sorry it's taken me so long to do the second half of my report on fashion week. This was the day after The Look Show, which you can read all in one of my previous entries!

I managed to swing a last minute invite to Bernard Chandran’s Private Dinner party at the beginning of London Fashion Week last weekend. I was only supposed to be going to cover The Look Show for New Look, so it was a bit of luck that I was in the big smoke to blog about this for The Sassy Minx!

Bernard Chandran is Malaysia’s hottest designer – as well as being a television personality in Asia, being the chief designer on resteraunts, and co-operating with Malaysia Kitchen (http://www.mayasiakitchen.com/) to promote Malaysian food in the UK.

(In case you were wondering my dress was from Principles, and my fascinator was from Accessorize. I borrowed the beads from Georgina)

However, he wasn’t intimidating at all – in actual fact, for such a hot designer he was incredibly down to earth and friendly. I write a blog aimed around the fact that I am a size 16, and he seemed really into this idea. “When I design for women, I do not think of their bodies – I love women’s imaginations and spirit more!” He sparkles, “My assistant for example can’t fit into any of my collection and that’s fine - I hired her for her personality!”

When I asked him about his collection, although his latest collection is the height of coutour, with enlarged sleeves and skirts in many of the pieces, he describes his look as wearable. “It’s all about context,” he explained. “You wouldn’t wear one of these pieces to the beach, would you? But I love them all – I call them my babies, and I couldn’t pick a favourite!”

Amongst his celebrity friends present were Mr. Hudson (above), Beverley Knight (who when watching a playback of the show asked me “Couldn’t you just see me on TV in that?” I definitely had to agree – it was a beautiful sparkly purple bodycon dress), Sophie Anderton and Jimmy Choo (who was very sweet and polite – despite the fact I was wearing £35 heels from Next).

It was a wonderful, sparkling event – filled with people in the industry including designers, photographers, journalists and bloggers. I even got talking to Alexandra Burke’s family over a fantastic chicken dish and chocolate mousse. That’s Chelsea for you – you never know who you’re going to run into over dessert!

Me and Georgina after a few too many free Cosmopolitans - they were absolutely delicious!

MANY MANY thanks to Miss Lisa Clark for letting me go in her place and get to tell you all about this! Be sure to check out her brilliant blog over at The Sassy Minx. Also KUDOS to Jess Bowen of Sauce Communications - PR Girl Extroadinaire for Malaysia Kitchen who took care of us during the night, and made sure we got to meet everyone!

This entry is dedicated to the incredibly ignorant freshers girls sitting who insist on talking/laughing loudly in the computer lounge next to me at university. Manners, anyone?
However, I'm staying cheerful as my local paper is doing a feature on the blog early next week, and of course it's the Vintage Clothing Kilo Fair on Sunday!

Muchos love,

2 March 2010

Newcastle's FIRST Vintage Kilo Sale!

Hi everyone,
Any of you North East bunch free on Sunday? Get yourselves down to Newcastle's first Vintage Kilo Sale! It's run by the same company who do the Affordable Vintage Fairs around the country.

Basically it's running with the ethos that vintage clothing shouldn't be stupidly overpriced. So you can pay £15 for a kilo of clothing - which basically weighs in as four dresses, or a pair of trousers, t-shirt and a jumper. If you just see individual items you like, they're all on a generalised pricelist as you can see above. But these will be dotted around during the day so you won't forget.

There's TWO AND A HALF TONNES of stuff coming in, so you're bound to find something you love!

Newcastle's first one is this Sunday 7th March. And what's extra good? I'll be working there! So if any of you guys come along and see me, please say hello - I'm nice, honestly, and I'd love to meet some of you locals!

If you can't make the North East one, the next one will be in Nottingham on Sunday 28th March. But keep checking the official website, as they have lots of events also running in London and Leeds.

Let me know if any of you are coming along?

Muchos love,