2 March 2010

Newcastle's FIRST Vintage Kilo Sale!

Hi everyone,
Any of you North East bunch free on Sunday? Get yourselves down to Newcastle's first Vintage Kilo Sale! It's run by the same company who do the Affordable Vintage Fairs around the country.

Basically it's running with the ethos that vintage clothing shouldn't be stupidly overpriced. So you can pay £15 for a kilo of clothing - which basically weighs in as four dresses, or a pair of trousers, t-shirt and a jumper. If you just see individual items you like, they're all on a generalised pricelist as you can see above. But these will be dotted around during the day so you won't forget.

There's TWO AND A HALF TONNES of stuff coming in, so you're bound to find something you love!

Newcastle's first one is this Sunday 7th March. And what's extra good? I'll be working there! So if any of you guys come along and see me, please say hello - I'm nice, honestly, and I'd love to meet some of you locals!

If you can't make the North East one, the next one will be in Nottingham on Sunday 28th March. But keep checking the official website, as they have lots of events also running in London and Leeds.

Let me know if any of you are coming along?

Muchos love,


  1. wow looks like a fab event have fun

  2. ..I must go! I hate being poor!

  3. Jo: It does! I love their vintage fairs, so it's gonna be an interesting one to work at! only i would work for clothes instead of money...

    Lillian: Think of clothes as an investment, even in times of great personal poverty. That's my excuse, anyway! ;)

  4. id have to have a rumage before the public were let in!

  5. ah man i'm in newcastle the following weekend, thats a shame. sounds amazing!!!

  6. Jo: Oh yeah, we get first pick of the clothes! ;DD

    If: Ahh what a shame! Are you from the North East? Have fun here while you do. PS: Do you like the film If... that matches your username? It's one of my all-time favourites!

  7. no I've not seen it but I shall! if is actually my initials! :)
    Not from the Northeast but have loads of friends up there and hoping to relocate soon as its my spiritual home! :)