13 March 2010

Me And My Hair: Products & History!

Hi everyone.
I'm so sorry for the 6-day hiatus, it's been a while since I was away from blogging that long.

I've promised you guys a hair post for quite a while now - I've gotten a few comments and emails asking about how I do my hair. And although it's not a how-to, I've done a video all about the products I use:

Apologies that I talk EXTREMELY fast!
If you want anymore information on anything else - just ask! I do love haircare just a bit too much.

Also, I thought you guys may appreciate this MSPaint collage of my hair(mares?) through the years:

1. Age 11. A boy made a mean comment about my fringe so I grow it into two little strands as people were doing in 2001. Later dye it black and red as I am a teenybopper goth.

2. Age 11-12. Get my hair cut fairly short compared to what it was. Get my first pair of hair straighteners (they had STEAM in them!) and flicked to my heart's content. Base it on Brian Molko's hair in the Taste In Men video.

3. Age 13-14. Get my hair cut even shorter with shaggy layers like Craig Nicholls from the band The Vines (teenage obsession) and pout moodily in all photographs.

4. Age 14-16. My hippy phase. I curl my hair overnight in wet plaits and wash it infrequently.

5. Age 16. Leave school and go to college so I can dye my hair the crazy colours I've always wanted to. Get my friend Marie (who'd never been near a bottle of bleach previously) to put pink streak in my (returned!) fringe when my mam is out.

6. Age 16. Bleach hair, and have a short ginger period.

7. Age 16-17. Purple hair and the beginnings of my electro phase.

8. Age 17-18. Into my electro phase - go to college wearing glitter, eyeliner and a teeny tiny fringe.

9. Age 18. Keep short fringe, hair my natural colour and ends long.

10. Age 18. Crazy colours phase has a short return.


12. Age 18. Go to uni and start clubbing so I have sleek dark purple/black hair and grow my fringe to the side after a breakup.

13. Age 19. Before my month-long trip in Virginia (where it's hot and humid in the summer) I cut my hair in a short 1960s style bob and my fringe gets heavier.

14. Age 19-20. Shorter, shaggy fringe, heavy black layers and tapering.

And of course you'll just have to watch the video to remind yourselves where I am now: long at the front, short and tapered at the back with a heavy fringe with blonde highlights!

Hope you're all having a good weekend and spoiling your mams rotten tomorrow for Mother's Day. I've gotten Mammy Benstead a card and a Chanel lipstick - I think she deserves a fancy one!

Muchos love,


  1. I love you for posting this! I actually dyed my hair back to black (it used to be deep burgundy/purple/pinkish), and I have to get my hair cut tomorrow. I'm trying to grow it back out, but I think I'll be able to get something sort-of like #14 without cutting too much off!

  2. Haha thank you!
    Number 14 is it dyed black too and washed out a little. My hair the way it is now is that style grown out :DD good luck xxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. I think out of all aspects of fashion, style, and beauty, hair is my least favorite and I am least skilled at. I have shoulder length highlighted blonde hair, and have had some aspect of that pretty much all my adult life. My hair is super thin and a tendency to be a bit flat, and I never really got into doing things with it. In fact, I have only used a hair dryer 3times in the last calendar year, and 2 of those were because if I had gone outside with wet hair, I would have literally had frozen hair. The other time was last night, when I was playing around with Living Proof’s Full Thickening Cream ($14 / 1.8oz).

  4. I HAVE to blow dry my hair or it just sticks to my face OR sticks up in all directions. My hair's thin too, so I have to use plenty of products to get it to look thicker :) xxx