23 March 2010

If I'm Away...

Hi everyone,

Just to let you know if I don't update a lot within the next few weeks it's because it's the final countdown for my dissertation to be handed in (26th April). And because I'm working by myself on my radio peice, it's all down to me to sort my actors, scripts, studio time, location recording, interviews and editing!

So unfortunately it's going to mean less shopping, moar work.
I HAVE however, picked out my graduation outfit. So all is not lost.
(That's me getting my priorities right!)

I've been experimenting with a laid-back look lately. Lots of t-shirts and jeggings.
Plus my favourite thing I've bought lately - my denim jacket. £16 from Matalan, 3/4 length sleeves and cropped under the bust. Fits like a little glove:

(The paper sticking out of my head is my results from my dissertation pitch for which I got a 1st - my old 1st at uni! I keep it up there to remind myself I'm not completely useless.)

Like my gold earrings too? I'm watching a lot of Ugly Betty when I'm not working and Hilda's my favourite - so I was going for her Queens look. 
I reckon people at uni just thought I was a bit of a chav. Oh well!

Muchos love,

EDIT: Oh, and one more thing: Have any of you guys had your hair cut/coloured at a Toni & Guy? I'm loyal to my hairdresser but I have the £100 gift voucher from The Look Show still to use.
I'd like to know your experiences!


  1. Hey!

    I have had good and bad experiences with Toni and Guy. I think it depends on the stylist. I went to a stylist I hadn't had before in the Reading salon, and she cut my hair about an inch long ALL OVER. I was mortified, I hadn't asked for that at all, I had to wear a hat for weeks after! I rang to complain and they asked me to come back in to "see what they could do" which I replied something along the lines of "what are you going to do, glue it on?" I made an appointment for 8 weeks time, and the manager did it for free. He continued to talk to the other sylists and kept stopping and starting to help other staff, was most unprofessional.

    However, I have been there on model sessions, and they did colour my hair really lovely. I have had good cuts from there... So it pretty much depends!

    Do you have friends who go there, maybe they could recommend a stylist?

    PS sorry for the essay!

  2. toni & guy are good - but a bit too willful so i'd say make sure you're clear about what you want! especially if it's the one in newcastle. x

  3. See that's what I'm worried about - in loads of reviews I've read is that they take more off than you ask. And I really like my hair longish at the front and tapered up to the back - and I'm having visions of them giving me a bobcut.

    I bet my hairdresser hates me, I'm a bit shouty when she's cutting: "More there...STOP! TOO MUCH! MY FRINGE IS TOO THIN!" I give her a good tip everytime, though. Honest!

    None of my mates seem to go, though I'm asking around on Facebook. (being uni kids, none of us can afford expensive hairdos!) Hmmm, we shall see! :)

    Thanks for your comment though, much appreciated! xxxxx

  4. I have my Hair done at Toni and Guy and I love it. I have Usually go with a trainee because it is cheaper but there still really good. IV not had any bad experiences.

  5. Annabelle - Yeah it's the one in Newcastle so I'll be sure to be firm :DD

    Sarah - Ace, that's good to know :) xx

  6. yes, i LOVE the earrings ... ugly betty is the best!

  7. Me too - I shouldn't have gotten into it again when I have so much uni work to do! Oh, well! :DD xxx

  8. Good luck with the work Carla! x

  9. Good luck, Carla!

    I wanted to let you know I picked you to receive the Sunshine Award!


    <3 allison