14 March 2010

Outlet Shopping.

Hi everyone!

I went outlet shopping with my mam yesterday. Usually outlet shops have this overwhelming feeling of dispair and desperation about them in my opinion, but I picked up some right bargains. Even if they were rather random.

Instead of taking a million photos (Also, Blogger apparently has a new rule if you post so many pictures per entry, you see less entries on your homepage? Something like that!) I thought it'd be quicker to do a speedy little video for you all.
As you probably saw in last night's video I'm not the best at talking on camera (I'm a Media Production student and mostly behind camera and radio equipment) so muchos apologies.

Also - SORRY for the hair, it was a windy day and my off-day for washing!

In other news, I completely forgot to tell you guys all about the Shields Gazette feature I did the other day. It's going to be centre pages sometime early this week which is fairly exciting.

Although we did take some funny pictures of me next to my wardrobe that I hope aren't too hideous - the photographer kept asking me to do doe-eyed, open-mouthed faces and you know that's not what I'm about so I'm worried I look a little awkward. Oh well, we shall see. And of course I'll let you guys know all about it when it's printed.

I'm doing another interview tomorrow for the Sunderland Echo (it helps so much to live right inbetween South Shields, Sunderland and Newcastle...) then me and my best-friend Sam are baking cupcakes and watching crap films. We may even film the baking - so watch this space.

I've also agreed to do a deal with a major high street brand for their summer beachwear collection. I don't know if I'm allowed to share who it is right now, so I won't. But it's probably not who you're expecting - however, I love the company (it's rather cheeky!) so I think it's going to be a pleasure working with them. The collection looks SO cute and it should arrive soon.

Also coming up is a feature on Little Miss Delicious, my friend Maxine's jewerelly company, along with a very sticky and sweet post. Keep watching!

Love you all loads and loads - I've missed you this week!
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Muchos love,

PS: OH, if any of you are interested in cupcakes, cookies and all things buttery and/or sugary - I've started a mini baking blog, which will run as a sister blog to this one. It's called MessyCarla Bakes, and is all about my challenge to learn to bake properly in 2010. It's a little bare at the moment, but if you follow etc. i'll be putting lots of content up this week.


  1. Iv Recently found your blog and I love it. Especially your video's.

  2. Oooh i hadn't found your youtube channel before! Subscribed :)
    Wow, your blog is getting such exciting recognition! I can't wait to hear about the beachwear thing, i'm always looking for flattering swimming cossies for my figure.
    And i love baking too so i'm interested in your baking blog. I'm quite a good baker so maybe we can swap recipes? :)

  3. Hehe thanks. I mostly use it to intergrate videos onto the blog, but there's some random uni and personal stuff on there too!

    I know, it's excting - I think they're sending me their black all-in-one and some gorgeous kaftans.
    DEFINATELY send some recipes my way, I'm really enjoying it! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Yeah, I also can't wait your posting about the upcoming beachwear.

  5. You are SO CUTE! I loved the video. xD

  6. Awwww thank you so much :) xxxxxxxxx