22 June 2010

BRB - Mini Hiatus!

Hey everyone,

I'm going to be taking a mini hiatus until July, as I'm off for a girly trip to New York with my sister, Nadia.

This was me in 2008.
Pretty much my entire outfit came from New Look, except my Converse shoes and Vivienne Westwood accessories.

We were only in Manhattan for a couple of hours before we headed off to Albany for a family gathering. So I pretty much had a whirlwind tour last time around, teehee.

But it really is a fabulous place.
And hopefully I'll be coming back with a big old haul for you guys.
I'm only filling up half my suitcase. The rest is for shiny new things.

Hopefully I'll blog before then, but mine and Daniel's radio show begins 4th July from 6pm to 9pm GMT.
We're gonna be on Pride Radio - locals will be able to pick the station up on FM, but everyone can listen online.
It's the North East's first LGBT radio station, and when the initial run has finished (to coincide with Northern Pride) they're going for a full-time community license.

Being July 4th, the theme is going to be...America. Of course.
Our favourite American divas to be exact.
Please tune in for celebrity banter, and some brilliant cheesefest tunes!

Also, I know I pretty much pimp-out Daniel's blog in every single entry.
But it really is hilarious, honestly.
And I pop up every now and again. Usually with DanDan making constant references to my breasts, or posting pictures of us doing kareoke.

I may not be able to check your comments when I'm away (I keep my comments on moderated, so I'm able to see easier notifications from when I get new ones - I like to reply to you guys!) but hopefully my sitser will let me check my Twitter on her iphone.
That's me off to the concrete jungle where dreams are made of!

Muchos love,
Bon Voyage!

21 June 2010

Outfit Post: Casual Prom

Hey everyone,

Let me start off by telling you all that this is my 100th post!
One hundred! Dear me, I didn't know I could harp on for that long.

And to celebrate? An Outfit Post of course.
This is my favourite outfit at the moment, and we've had a beautiful day of sunshine in the UK today.
I wouldn't have worn opaque tights if I didn't have fuzzy legs. Woe!

DRESS: Ebay (via Primark) £10.
JACKET: Matalan, £14.
PINS (ON JACKET): Heidi Seeker, £3 and Interpunk £1.50.
NECKLACE: Topshop, £8.
TIGHTS: Dorothy Perkins, £5.
SHOES: Primark, £5.
POINT OF FASHION: Casual prom.

I went shopping with my mam and sister today for some last minute bits and bobs for my holiday, since we set off on Thursday morning - yippee!
My mam was kind enough to buy me £20 worth of knickers in New Look. I've been in dire need of an underwear overhaul!

I got ten pairs altogether, but these are my favourite five.
Ooh my botty is rather looking forward to having new threads.
Now that's a disturbing mental image, no?

I also needed to stock up on a few cosmetics. Notably a dupe for my favourite nail polish - Marylebone High Street by Nails Inc. - which is sadly no longer available.

My favourite nail polish brands Barry M and Rimmel let me down, but I spotted on by 17 Cosmetics called 'Fairy Cake' (HOW cute a name?) which is near identical.
Even a bit paler if anything.

Now, I've never really checked out 17 before, because frankly I'm a bit of a makeup snob and they always looked a bit cheap for me.
Which is rather unfortunate as having a proper look today, their stuff actually looks lovely.
The consistancy for the nail polish is MUCH better than Nails Inc., looks opaque after just one coat, and dried in a few minutes. Result!

I ended up also buying a gold nail polish (colour I've been after for ages!) and a new eye pencil.
And if you spend over £6 you got a free 'Travel Makeup Kit' including a full-sized pale pink lip gloss, coral nailpolish and mini black mascara. Bargain!

The packaging is so adorable as well for the Travel kit.
I love anything to do with travel, so this ticket all the right boxes for me.
(Sorry I didn't take a pic of what I got free)

So yes, a lovely little shopping trip.

Even though he doesn't read this blog (I think) can you guys all send good-thoughts to my Uncle Paul?
He completely surprised sister and I by making a very generous contribution towards our trip, which we had no idea about until yesterday.
We were honestly gobsmacked, so thank you thank you to Uncle Paul.
Good-vibes his way, yes?

Congratulations are in order for darling Beth from Pretty In Plus who got married this Saturday.
The pictures from her blog and Twitter look beautiful, and I can't wait to hear all about it.

Also, thanks to the lovely Monique from Curves And Chaos who featured me on her blog this week. Be sure to check it out.

Finally, a lovely girl I know from uni called Anna Leigh has kindly invited me to her album launch in August.
She writes and perfoms beautiful folk-pop music, so please give her stuff a listen to via MySpace or YouTube.
Also, her music video for Let The Music Take You There, which is on a seperate account.

I hope you're all keeping well.
As always, feel free to get in touch with me about anything and everything - and I'm also on Twitter as well.

I've just realised that I'm nearing 400 followers on here, which is frankly insane.
Really? Nearly 400 of you enjoy my rambling?!
Now I'm definately having a giveaway when I'm back from my jollies. Maybe even something from the Big Apple - you never know? ;)

I've also had orders from my friends - everything from themed Pandora charms to Kat Von D makeup!
Thank goodness I love shopping, right? But of course you all knew that already.

Muchos love,

19 June 2010

Review: Ann Summers' Sexy Skin

Hey everyone,

As some of you have been mentioning in recent Outfit Posts, I've been looking a bit tantastic as of late.
And it's all completely fake.
Along with my hair colour, it's the only fake thing about me - honest!

I've been using Ann Summer's Gradual Tan Lotion from the Sexy Skin range. I tried a sample I got at their press event, and instantly fell in love.

I've tried gradual tanners from brands like Johnson's Holiday Sun (This tends to come out tops when I ask my bronzed friends come summetime) and Garnier.

But this is my favourite by a mile - the shade goes wonderfully with my skin tone, and looks natural after just a few applications.

(Outfit from this post)

I've been gushing about it in a few entries now, so the lovely lovelies at Ann Summers were kind enough to send me the other products in the range to try.
Excited much?!

What I've decided to do is only tan my left hand/lower arm for you guys so you can see the comparison. I've only got a little gradual tanner on my right hand/arm, but it's pretty close to my natural skin tone.

So first I exfoliated with their Pre-Tan Exfoliator:

I've always exfoliated before tanning with a mitt and/or body scrub, and thought this would just be like a shower gel with exfoliating beads.
But it was a lot runnier, and didn't really lather in water. It smells a bit different to the range - a bit more of a zesty orange, but it's lovely.
My arms were really smooth and soft afterwards, and didn't leave any residue.

I patted gently with a towel until completely dry.
Then I was all ready to try the Instant Tan Lotion.

I was really excited to try this, as I've never used an instant tan - just a gradual lotion. And I have to admit I was a little disappointed. I found the consistancy a little hard to rub in, and unfortunately ended up a bit streaky.
I found it interesting that the tan shade was different to how the gradual lotion is. It was a more 'bronze/gold' shade, wheras the gradual is more 'bronze/orange' if that makes any sense. There was also some shimmer, as most of the range has.

You can see in the comparison picture the streakiness around my knuckles.
But I'm not too gutted as I still have bottle or so of the gradual tan which I'm just going to continute to use instead.

Now the next two products can be used on top of a gradual, instant or natural tan.
But they look great to accentuate your skin tone even if you don't have a tan.

So next we have the Body Bronzer:

This is to be applied to the cheeks, shoulders and d├ęcolletage with a nice big brush. But I actually liked putting it on top of my tan where it was a little uneven.
Unfortunately in the picture, it makes my hand/arm look a little greasy which is not what it looked like at all. It was very natural and shimmery and my other favourite product in the collection.
I'd never tried bronzer before, and now I think I'm rather hooked.

And finally, I know some of you aren't big on tans full stop which is absolutely fine - my sister for example loves being paler than pale, even in the summertime.

But along with the bronzer, you can use the Gold Shimmer Spray whether you have a tan or not!

It's a body spray that covers you in gold glitter!
I wasn't too sure what to make of this at first, as I'm not a big fan of glittery products except for eye makeup.
I'm also not too sure this would work for an everyday product - but if you're on the beach or at an outdoors party, it definately adds another dimension! Probably best for upper arms, shoulders and d├ęcolletage. (It's summer - let your 'girls' glitter, ladies! ;))
The smell is the same as the other products, but was a little alcohol-y until it developed into my skin.

But yeah, it's lovely - just perhaps to be kept for a special outdoors occasion where you can really show it off under the sun.

You can see here how pretty it looks on both tanned and pale skin.
I can imagine it looks beautiful on very dark skin too. Ooh, it's just so pretty!

So yeah, there's something in this lovely range for everyone.
Now there's no excuse for ANY of you to be hitting the sunbed, right? Right.
Please do try the products - they're all a very affordable £8 each, and I really do recommend them.
Let me know what you think.

(I was sent all these products to try and review, but all my opinions are - as always - my own, and 100% honest. I wasn't paid any money to say nice things.)

Can you believe this is my 99th post already?!! Dear me!

Muchos love,

17 June 2010

My Top 5 Perfumes!

Hey everyone,

Okay, okay I admit it. I'm completely and utterly stealing this idea from Lillian!
But I rather love talking perfumes - the excitement of finding a beautiful new 'signature' scent, to a single smell that can evoke memories from years ago.

These are my top 5:

5: Classique by Jean Paul Gaultier:

SMELLS LIKE: Vanilla, musk, rose, jasmine, amber.

I love all of Jean Paul Gaultier’s scents, so picking a favourite was rather difficult.
But like Sui Love (below) I’ve gone back to the first one I ever tried.
Like most of of JPG’s fragrances, the bottle is very sexy – with this one being a curvy female torso with the design looking very much like a basque and suspenders. Ooh la la, indeed!
The only possible downside is that when removed from the tin packaging, you’ll find the bottle has no lid, just a spray-top. This is held with a pin, and you have to take this out to release the perfume. So next to the others in my collection on my dresser, it does look a little bare – or like I’ve simply lost the top.
It’s a very light, easy-wearing perfume beginning as very sweet and developing into a scent which is a lot more musky and dry, but again – never overbearing.

4: Sui Love by Anna Sui.

SMELLS LIKE: Bergamot, passion fruit, jasmine, white rose, vanilla.

This is the smell of my teenage years! Seriously even the smallest whiff takes me back to listening to Alicia Keys, watching Friends and doing something creative like card-making, journal writing or scrapbooking in my friend Amber’s bedroom.
It’s also a very light, summery smell, and the pretty butterfly bottle is too cute.
I adore all the Anna Sui scents, especially Dolly Girl, but this is my all-time favourite!

3: Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker.

SMELLS LIKE: Lavender, mandarin, apple martini, musk.

I’ll admit it, I’m a bit of a snob – I turn my nose up at most ‘Celebrity’ scents. For me they’re less about the smell and more about the endorsement as a bit of a quick-cash ploy. But the Big (pun, anyone?) exception to the rule is Lovely.
SJP said in an interview with Vogue how much time she spent developing a scent that she could be so passionate about, and it’s definitely paid off!
For me, it’s a very feminine perfume, very sweet but classic. Rather like SJP herself.
Sadly, I’m not a big fan of her other scents (I think they’re very similar to ones you can find in Next for a quarter of the price) – and although the bottle is a bit boring, this is definitely one I recommend.

Okay, it was SO difficult to pick a favourite out of these two - as I love them equally, but they are very different. So I've just gone with which I've been wearing most lately.

2: Daisy by Marc Jacobs.

SMELLS LIKE: Violet, jasmine, strawberry, vanilla, musk.

This is such a cult fragrance! A lot of it's success has been through word-of-mouth, and you can definately see why.
As the name suggests this is very light and floral – but also has tone of vanilla and musk to stop it being too sweet. The packaging of course is fabulous too – with the plastic white and gold daisies, it is quite possibly one of the best perfume bottles ever! (Bloggers and reviewers on line have commented on how they’ve kept the bottle long after the perfume has been used as it’s just too pretty to throw away) It’s also available in a necklace with a sold version of the perfume (my friend Megan owns this, the lucky duck) which is a really good idea – an accessory and easy way to top-up in one!

1: Boudoir by Vivienne Westwood.

Align Centre

SMELLS LIKE: Turkish rose, coriander, French marigold, tobacco, sandalwood.

I’ll admit it; this perfume is not to everyone’s taste. Actually the first time I smelled it, I thought it was way too heavy – very similar to Chanel No5. But the more I browsed the shop with the little scented card under my nose, the more I grew to love it. It is heavy, and smells like an older-person’s scent, whereas I usually prefer something much lighter. It does soften too when it develops.
My mam loves this one too – she says it reminds her of the glamourous material shops her Italian aunties would visit to make their dresses they’d copy from the actresses in the theatre they worked at (more about them in an up-coming post!).
The name matches perfectly – it actually smells like a 1940s boudoir with a vanity and mirror, quilted bedding and plush curtains.
If you’re familiar with Vivienne Westwood shops, you’ll recognise this as what they smell like. I asked the assistant in the Newcastle branch, and she told me they spray it around everyday!
The bottle is absolutely fantastic too – with the famous orb design on the top, it’s also quite petite to hold, and looks wonderful on my dresser.
Very vintage classic – definitely give it a second, third and forth sniff. I’m sure it’ll grow on you too!

So how about you guys, what are your favourite perfumes?

Muchos love,

14 June 2010

Outfit Post: Haus of Casual?

Hey everyone,

It's been a little while since I've done a proper Outfit Post, and that's generally because I haven't got a lot of new things to show you at the minute. I've had to curb my shopping lately, as I'm off to NYC in just TEN DAYS!
Then - believe me - I'll be making up for lost time. Heheh.

My t-shirt is new though, and the cardigan is one I found in the back of my wardrobe, never worn.

T-SHIRT: Haus of Gaga, £25.
SKIRT: River Island, £12.
CARDIGAN: Can't remember!
NECKLACE: Lady Luck Rules OK, £3.
WATCH: D&G, £Present.
BAG: Matalan, £8.
TIGHTS: Dorothy Perkins, £5.
SHOES: Primark, £5.

I met one of my best-friends Natalie today for a cold frosty one, to celebrate her coming home from Durham where she's been studying Molecular Biology. Cleverclogs.
Our friend Lorna (who is studying to become a doctor) was invited to meet us, but she's on placement today in a gynaecology ward. Which is just lovely.

Notice the new hair? Yeah I bumped my red up a few shades as it has gone to a deep auburn - in the shade it even looked brown.
So I went all out and started again - stripping the colour down and layering the red again.

Check out the halfway point:

I know right. NEON or whaaaa?
I look like an anime character!

It's cool, but not really suitable for someone who is
a) due to graduate
b) looking for a job/career.
So I dyed it again yesterday to a toffee apple/candy apple red. Which is what I was going for in the first place.

But yeah, I love it lots.
I did a post a little while ago on how to care for red hair, so if you're a red-head (natural or faux!) be sure to check it out.

Oh, a shout-out is in order for Rachel from Polka Dot Stripes.
I was working my last Open Day for the university last week, and she spotted me from my blog when I was coming out of a Q&A session!

No, my orange hoodie DIDN'T make it onto an Outfit Post. Teehee.

I remember that she actually interviewed me via email a few months ago - so give that a clicky if you wanna.
We're actually gonna meet this week for a coffee and chit-chat about all things fashion and blog-gy. Hoorah!

Also in blogger-news. Me and Daniel got our radio show sorted more or less.
From the way things are looking we're gonna be on for a few weeks in July on a Sunday evening. But I'll post links and everything when we're definately sorted.

Thanks for everyone who's expressed interest in stuff in the blog sale - although PLEASE let me know if you definately want something as there are other people waiting to hear back.
I've already had to let a few things go as to people not answering, so don't let some bargains slip away.

Anyhooo, feel free to get in touch as always - via contact on the right-hand side of this blog, or via Twitter.

Muchos love,

11 June 2010


Hey everyone,
I'm hosting my very first blog post. I have a lot of clothes that sadly just aren't my style anymore but need a loving home!

Just some housekeeping:
  • I have 100% positive feedback on Ebay - so you can buy with confidence.
  • Prices include UK shipping.
  • I do ship overseas but ask for a fair shipping price.
  • Paypal only.
  • I think all prices are fair but feel free to haggle.
  • If you want more information about an item, ASK! I'm nice, I promise. ;)
  • No holding items (sorry!) and no trades as all proceeds are going towards my NYC trip.

Okies, on to the lovely stuff:


Primark dress, size 18. Never worn. Would best suit a size 16.

Dorothy Perkins tunic. Size 18.
Can be worn as top or minidress. Great with a belt.

Peacocks bohemian-style dress. Size 20, but would suit anything from a size 16-size 22. Never worn.

Vintage dress from 1980s. Size 18. Never worn by me.

Dorothy Perkins dress. Black with pink stripes. Size 18. (Tags have been removed)


New Look top. Only worn a few times. Very Rocky Horror.
Has 'Makeup Not War' on the back in pink glittery writing.

New Look top. Size 16. Would suit a few sizes up because of the shape. Worn once.
One of the strands has come attatched, but can be easily stitched back into place.

Hot Topic/Playboy nautical top. Size XXL (size 16). Worn a few times.

New Look 'boyfriend' navy cardigan. Size 18. New without tags.

New Look top with birds design. Size 16. Worn once.


Denim cut-offs/shorts. Size 16. I'm 5'4 and they finish just above my knee. Never worn.

Dorothy Perkins skirt. Size 18.


Vintage black belt. Will fit up to a size 20 as it has a lot of give.

All necklaces £3.
(Left-Right) From New Look, H&M, Peacocks, Muse and New Look.
Last three never worn.

Betsy Johnson 'Betsyville' makeup/accessories bag. Has detatchable mirror.
Only used to store Lush soaps, so has a lovely smell.

If you see something you like - COMMENT!
If you guys could pass this around your blog/Twitter I'd really appreciate it. :)

Muchos love,

8 June 2010

Indie Spotlight: Fatally Feminine Designs

Hey everyone,

It's been a little while since I've done an Indie Spotlight post, but something I'm extremely passionate about is supporting independent designers - and I've completely fallen in love with Aubree's beautiful confectionary-inspired designs.

This is my pick of the extensive menu of goodies available via FatallyFeminineDesigns.com and Etsy:

Nom nom nommm!

Everything is now available in both charm and necklace form for an extra $2.
I was also lucky enough to be sent this gorgeous cupcake necklace to review:

Absolutely gorgeous, no?
Exquisite attention to detail, and good enough to eat! Nom nom nom.
It comes with a delicate silver or gold chain, with an adorable pink bow - and presented in a pink box tied with ribbon for no extra cost!

Remember that most items have many options in terms of colours - pick your own flavours and sprinkles, just like in real life.
How fun?

I just had to ask Miss Aubree all about her delicious boutique:

1. What is the main inspiration behind your peices?
Many things inspire me but the main thing that has always inspired me has been the idea of bringing those little things from your childhood that you cherished into adulthood in a new and fun way. I love the whimsy and carelessness of being a child. I use inspirations from my toys and childhood room to make jewelry that is sweet, overly girly and unique.

2. Seeing as most of your peices have the theme of confectionary - are you a good cook/baker too?
As much as my work is ALL about food, I really don't cook or bake too much. My boyfriend is always cooking for me; he's so sweet! But I actually really like baking. Whenever my friends have birthdays or my boyfriend has one I make a cake or cupcakes. I would love to bake more, but constantly find myself on a diet.

3. What are your favourite peices in the collection?
I have three top favorites. I really love my Homemade Cupcake Charms for their realistic look. These charms are custom, meaning you get to choose your flavors and toppings. Mine is the ultra girly combo of pink pink pink, with sprinkles and cherry on top! I also love my fancy Cake pendants like the Pink Strawberry Cake and Rose Lavender Cake. My last favorite would have to be my Boba Tea Charms for their originality and cuteness. Plus they seem to be a customer favorite, and I love anything my customers love!

4. Are you ever inspired by savoury items in your jewelry or is it sweets all the way?
My heart is definitely in the bakery. I think sweets are eye-candy and fun to make! Lately I have been thinking about adding savory items to my collection, which is something I might do in the future. I always like making new things.

5. Although you already have an extensive collection - what new items are you planning for the future?
I think one of my faults is always wanting to make something new. I get bored making one thing for too long. I love Alice in Wonderland and am developing new charms and pendants inspired by the animated movie and novel. I am also planning on releasing a new line called "Completely Custom Confections" within the next month which will consist of finished charm jewelry that can be designed by you!

So be sure to check out Fatally Feminine Designs. They're online via:
FFD Blog

If you're an indie designer and would like to be featured here, please get in touch!
I'd love to hear from you.

Muchos love,

6 June 2010

Simply Be - 2nd Review!

Hey everyone,

People who have been reading this blog for a while now may remember when the lovely lovelies at Simply Be were kind enough to send me some clothes to try?

Well they kindly asked me to review some of the new items in their summer collection!

The first item I chose was this gorgeous summer tunic by Joe Brown.
It's a very lightweight material - which would be perfect for both out-and-about, or the beach. It's definately suitable for you to quickly whip on top of your bathing suit.

It has a lovely elasticated waist and as always with Simply Be, they are very generous sizes.

The only problem I have with it, that the photo doesn't really show are the straps.
They're placed a little too close together for my liking - I like them to cover my bra straps. However they are adjustable at the back, so you can make them more comfortable!

I don't know how I could alter them myself, so I'm just covering them up with my lovely denim jacket (from Matalan with a Heidi Seeker pin). A cardigan or my denim shirt would work well too!

They also sent me this lovely top (and hello - the bingo wings are back! Ding-dong!) :

It's quite a nice fit - very roomy again on the tummy. I love the position of the straps as they cover my bra (I wish the dress was like this!) and they're adjustable too.

Just for me - I prefer my tops a little lower cut than this in the summer (Hey, I'm a Geordie! It gives me a right to flash my 'girls' about!) but it's still uber-cute and very feminine.
Again, this goes lovely with a jacket, cardigan or shirt!

But two absolutely adorable items for my summer wardrobe!
Be sure to check them out - Simply Be are a great company which is branching out to the USA pretty soon which is exciting.
Their sizes range from 14 to 32 - so there's something for every shape.

I have a few more reviews to catch up on this week - from a lovely local company who make the most exquisite fascinators, to an adorable clay jewellery company - and also some titbits from the lushies at Lush and the beauties from The Body Shop!

Stay tuned, folks!

Muchos love,

DISCLAIMER: Post in collaboration with Simply Be. However all opinions are my own. 

4 June 2010

Outfit Post: Nadia!

Hey everyone,

Bit of a different outfit post today!
No it's not me with hair extentions, lipsuction and stretched an extra five inches.
It's my sister Nadia, who's just gone off to her prom.

DRESS: Coast.
NECKLACE: Jon Richard.
EARRINGS: Jon Richard.
SHOES: Red Herring.

I absolutely LOVE her look - it's definately still chic, but with a kooky edge.
Too cute. I'm seriously the proudest sister in the world right now!

Her friends all looked fabulous too:

Maria, Sarah, Emma, Cheyenne, Nadia, Claire and Eleanor.

I never had a prom, which is why I think I'm so excited!

Muchos love,

3 June 2010

Outfit Post: Sunshine & Floral!

Hey everyone,

Ding-dong, ding-dong! What time is it?
It's Bingo-Wings-O'-Clock!

DRESS: Topshop, £32.
TREGGINGS: New Look, £18.
NECKLACE: Topshop, £8.
SUNGLASSES: Dorothy Perkins, £12.
SHOES: Primark, £5.

Me and my mam nipped out for some fast food (McDonalds is sooo good every once in a while!) so I just whipped on this simple little outfit.
I got that dress last year in Topshop, and paid over-the-odds for something which unfortunately, Primark is now selling various (albiet much cheaper made) knock offs in all different colours. Oh well!

I also got my bingo wings out for the fight time this year! Hoorah! It was just too hot for my denim shirt or even a thin cardi.

Notice I'm a bit tantastic?
I've been trying out Ann Summers' Sexy Skin gradual tanning lotion (note: some of their website is NSFW) since I got a free bottle in my goodie bag, and the girls at the event were all raving about it.
It's a lovely consistancy, has a mild scent and my arms feel so moisturised.

I love a bit of fake tan in the summer, not only because it's nice not to be the pale-pink-skinned at least once a year, but I also have mild Keratosis Pilaris on my arms - and it's ace for covering it up! Bye-bye chicken skin.

I'll do a proper review of it when I've done a few more applications though.

Tomorrow is my little sister's Year 11 prom, and her outfit is ADORABLE.
So you're getting a very special outfit post tomorrow! Teehee.

It's so lovely not being at uni anymore - extra love to Daniel for letting me mooch around his house the other night.
I made Cosmopolitans and we watched Britney Spears' appauling movie 'Crossroads'.
Then we ripped the music channels to bits, as it's what we do best.
He's also managed to get me to love Ke$ha's (hehe my friend Lorna calls her 'Keh-dollar-ah!') song Your Love Is My Drug.
It's such a lovely summer pop song, and the video is too cute!

Daniel letting me out the front door in the morning in his dressing gown was too funny. In another universe it might have looked a bit shady.
"Ooh what will the neighbours say?" Daniel asked.
What indeed.

So what are your favourite summer anthems, everyone?

Muchos love,

PS: Your responses to my previous entry about cashiers was absolutely brilliant - I LOVE hearing your views! Thank you, thank you! xxxx