4 June 2010

Outfit Post: Nadia!

Hey everyone,

Bit of a different outfit post today!
No it's not me with hair extentions, lipsuction and stretched an extra five inches.
It's my sister Nadia, who's just gone off to her prom.

DRESS: Coast.
NECKLACE: Jon Richard.
EARRINGS: Jon Richard.
SHOES: Red Herring.

I absolutely LOVE her look - it's definately still chic, but with a kooky edge.
Too cute. I'm seriously the proudest sister in the world right now!

Her friends all looked fabulous too:

Maria, Sarah, Emma, Cheyenne, Nadia, Claire and Eleanor.

I never had a prom, which is why I think I'm so excited!

Muchos love,


  1. Aww they all look so nice! Your sister's dress is definately my favourite, love the big polka dots :)

  2. Her dress is beautiful! I love the color and the print. Hope her & all of her friends have a great night! Xo


  3. wow stunning .. there wasnt proms around when i was in school ;-(

  4. Gorgeous dress! Her friends all look great too. Wish proms were about when I was at school, we never had anything like that.

  5. She looks gorgeous!
    Do she & her friends know that you've put this on here? Are they all going to be on here tomorrow checking out what people are saying about them on their big night!?

    I love the variety of dresses - I spot a 'princess frock'!
    That blue one in the front is really pretty too (although to be fair I may have picked that one out because it's in the front!)

    I hope they have an amazing night - it'll be my school's Year 11 prom in a few weeks & I can't wait - I LOVE seeing them all dressed up like this :)


  6. Lillian Funny Face: Mine too as I love anything with polka dots! :DD xxxxxxx

    pearlslaceandruffles: I know it just fits/suits her perfectly doesn't it? :)

    Matron-Jo: When I was at school we only had 'proms' after the Sixth Form, but I went to college as you couldn't go Media or Film where I was. Then they introduced Year 11 proms! Grrr. Hmm, I dunno I wasn't very girly then so don't know if I would have enjoyed it!

    letterprof: Me either, see above! ^^ xxxxx

    heartshapedbruise.: Yeah they know but doubt she'll really check it out as I don't think she reads my blog much (and when she does, it's only to take the mickey out of me! ;DD). Yeah I love the variety too - Eleanor and Emma are actually in the same dress but different colours, but I didn't even notice until they pointed it out to me! :) Poor Sarah had trouble even walking in her Princess dress - she was like Giselle from Enchanted! :DD xxxxxxx

  7. Nadia's dress matches your blog background!

    Seriously she looked lush though, I must say that dress has a touch of the Carrie Bradshaw about it, I dont know if the young 'uns these days would take that as a compliment or not :p But she and her friends all look lovely :)


  8. She looks absolutely beautiful! It makes me nostalgic for my prom too.. I absolutely LOVED it :D

    Maria xxx

  9. she looks beautiful! My sister had her prom recently too- I can't believe how grown up they all suddenly look when they've donned their dresses and heels.


  10. Aww they all look fabulous! I hope they enjoyed themselves :D

    I think I was one of the few who didn't like prom.

  11. It's so hard to find a prom dress where you don't look like a bridesmaid and to make it look timeless, but I think your sis has done just that :) xxx

  12. Aww, that's such a lovely dress! xx

  13. OMG I so know how you feel. I did a post about my sister's prom as well. Your sister looks really beautiful. I usually dont like short dresses for prom but she looks so chic, confident and comfortable and her friends look so happy to be together. I would say I feel nostalgic but I went to prom looking like a runaway bride lol so I wished I look as good as your sister did.


  14. Daniel: Hehe it does doesn't it? Always copying off me, that girl! ;DD

    Maria: Awww doesn't she? :) xxx

    StephanieDJL: They did, but got gatecrashed by some charvs from Gatehead. Kids! xDD

    Fushball: Definately :)

    Lauren: I know - she wants to wear it for my graduation too, but I've already claimed that I'm wearing black and white polkadots ;) xxxx

    Tupieta: See I prefer knee-length prom dresses, I just think they're so cute. They're all a lovely bunch of girls :) xxx

  15. How classy! What a wonderful choice! Elegant and timeless. I hope she had a wonderful time at prom!

  16. Wow! Your sister looks just like you! I mean, yes she's your sister but... you're description really hit the nail on the head.

    I have 2 younger sisters but they don't look anything like me.

    Hope your sister had a great time at prom! LOVELY DRESS! I LOVE DOTS!

  17. Aww she looks so pretty. Hope they had a blast. x

  18. I love how her dress is so different from her friends' dresses. They all look lovely!

  19. Your sister's dress is wonderful, and she looks great. I love the expression of the first girl in line in the second pic. So sassy!