3 June 2010

Outfit Post: Sunshine & Floral!

Hey everyone,

Ding-dong, ding-dong! What time is it?
It's Bingo-Wings-O'-Clock!

DRESS: Topshop, £32.
TREGGINGS: New Look, £18.
NECKLACE: Topshop, £8.
SUNGLASSES: Dorothy Perkins, £12.
SHOES: Primark, £5.

Me and my mam nipped out for some fast food (McDonalds is sooo good every once in a while!) so I just whipped on this simple little outfit.
I got that dress last year in Topshop, and paid over-the-odds for something which unfortunately, Primark is now selling various (albiet much cheaper made) knock offs in all different colours. Oh well!

I also got my bingo wings out for the fight time this year! Hoorah! It was just too hot for my denim shirt or even a thin cardi.

Notice I'm a bit tantastic?
I've been trying out Ann Summers' Sexy Skin gradual tanning lotion (note: some of their website is NSFW) since I got a free bottle in my goodie bag, and the girls at the event were all raving about it.
It's a lovely consistancy, has a mild scent and my arms feel so moisturised.

I love a bit of fake tan in the summer, not only because it's nice not to be the pale-pink-skinned at least once a year, but I also have mild Keratosis Pilaris on my arms - and it's ace for covering it up! Bye-bye chicken skin.

I'll do a proper review of it when I've done a few more applications though.

Tomorrow is my little sister's Year 11 prom, and her outfit is ADORABLE.
So you're getting a very special outfit post tomorrow! Teehee.

It's so lovely not being at uni anymore - extra love to Daniel for letting me mooch around his house the other night.
I made Cosmopolitans and we watched Britney Spears' appauling movie 'Crossroads'.
Then we ripped the music channels to bits, as it's what we do best.
He's also managed to get me to love Ke$ha's (hehe my friend Lorna calls her 'Keh-dollar-ah!') song Your Love Is My Drug.
It's such a lovely summer pop song, and the video is too cute!

Daniel letting me out the front door in the morning in his dressing gown was too funny. In another universe it might have looked a bit shady.
"Ooh what will the neighbours say?" Daniel asked.
What indeed.

So what are your favourite summer anthems, everyone?

Muchos love,

PS: Your responses to my previous entry about cashiers was absolutely brilliant - I LOVE hearing your views! Thank you, thank you! xxxx


  1. u look good with that flowers print!
    nice :)

  2. hahaha you so DONT have bingo wings! I love ther outfit xxxx

  3. I have those shoes too, I love them but have yet to wear them. I just feel like they never look good with anything, but they look great with your outfit! That Topshop dress is so cute. I have KP on my arms (and slightly on my back) and I love how tanning makes it less noticable :)


  4. Purple is a very flattering color on you especially when you pair it with gold! You sure do know how to rock gold.... I love gold but I am SO scared of putting it next to my cool coloring/complexion. Is that odd? lol

  5. noncha: Thank you :) xxx

    xladx: Ooh I so DO! ;) xxxx

    pearlslaceandruffles: I have them in black too, they were right bargains at the time, I've had them for a few years now. KP is well rubbish, and as it's so common it's strange there's not really a cure. People online reckon that actual tanning on a sunbed helps loads, but I burn really easily - so fake bakin' it, it is! :) xxxx

    Elsa Weatherwax: Thanks, I love purple and gold! Most of my jewerelly is chunky gold peices - believe me it took me a while to get into it too, as I was always afraid I'd look like a chav. Everyone suits gold though - start with a dainty peice (check out Accessorize) then go from there :D xxxxx

  6. Your outfit is so summery and cute! It makes me want to copy it on this side of the pond. =)

    What is the tattoo on your foot?

  7. you look really good! i wore my maxi dress today and i was all boobs and chubby arms a go go, not great! haha xx

  8. Your sisters prom is early - my year 11s prom isn't for another month yet (after all their exams have finished)
    Looking forward to seeing her outfit!
    Some of my girls have gone all out 'princess' in the past - it's quite impressive. I can't wait to see them all this year :)


  9. I love your summer dress, very colourful. I don't have any 'pretty' clothes, my wardrobe is fairly basic with boring colours although I'm starting to get into yellow a bit now!

  10. If only we were all judged by the wobblyness of our bingo wings. I'd be a total winner!

    Those treggings look great. I've been really reluctant to get in to them, but they might be a nice summer addition. =)

    Lovely Irish summer anthem: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zb83efC3Tko

  11. This is a lovely look. So summery...no bingo wings at all!

    S x

  12. keratosis pilaris ~ i didn't even realise it had a name, total bain of my life, although i did get my arms out today which i never do since it was so hot, i felt liberated.

    i need to get myself some denim turn ups, i really just need denim in my life. leggings seem to have taken over my wardrobe.

    Lisa | strikemypose.blogspot.com :D x

  13. heartshapedbruise.: Hehe she looks ADORABLE - halfway between traditional prom chic, and a scooter/rollergirl. Sooo cute - and how she can walk in her sky-high heels I have no idea! I'm going to cry when she gets in her limo (with doors that open vertically - how 80s?!)

    never clip my wings: Aww jealous, I don't suit maxis! xxxxx

    Deliciously Girly: Hehe feel free too! I get inspiration from all over, I take no offence at people taking inspiration from what I wear - just hook me up with a pic so I can check it out? :DD My tattoo is a pink vine with hearts instead of leaves (partially for the band The Vines - my all-time favourites!), and it says 'For Lovers' which is short for the state motto 'Virginia Is For Lovers.' I'll post better pictures soon!

    letterprof: Aww I'm sure you're not boring at all! I can't wear block colours, they just don't suit me. Get experimenting! :D

    lionsandtigersandsaraohmy: Heee awww I bet you're not as bad as you think - I wobble mine with pride! ;DD Get on the tregging's bandwagon - much comfier in the summer than jeans!

    S: Awww cheers! xxxxx

    Lisa: Yeah it affects so many people, I'm amazed there's not a cure! I rolled my treggings up myself - I should wear them down once in a while for a different look? :) xxxxxxx

  14. Girl I am loving your tan-tastic arms (bingo wings my butt!) If I wasn't naturally tan-tastic myself, I think I'd be giving that stuff a go. I have that bumpy arm thing going on and may have tried to nail file it off! These days I stick to exfoliating and moisturising lmao

    I love the print on that dress toom you look fabulously summery :). I may have to grab a knock off from Primark and squeeze my way into it ;)

  15. Ok, I don't know what treggings or bingo wings are but you look fabulous!

  16. You look fantastic as always Carla! I love the necklace and shoes :)
    I have keratosis pilaris too but i prefer being pale and pink than tanned :P
    I want to hang out with you and Daniel, that sounds like so much fun, i love ripping pop videos to shreds. And it should be 'Keh-dollar-ah'! Like the old band '5ive' should be 'five-ive' and so on, i hate when people use symbols or numbers instead of the proper letters :P

  17. bingo wings? puhhlease! you have a bangin' bod! love it xx

  18. that's one fantastic dress; i love floral dress! i'm thinking of getting one. i wish we have summer here so i can rock it on the beach. lol.


  19. you are sooo cute <3
    i just found your blog, and im im looove. you must be the prettiest girl ive ever seen o__o

    im sooo following your blog from now on! :D

  20. i love the dress... i wanted to tell you i chose you for the sweet award :) !!


  21. I have KP on my arms too, for a year I've been using exfoliating gloves to wash in and I mositurise with an unperfumed moisturiser. I've tried Johnsons (fragranced) moisturiser, it wasn't really that helpful, so I tried Vaseline (the one in the white bottle unfragranced) moisturiser, it works fine and is cheap n cheerful, but more recently I've been using Aveeno Fragrance Free Moisturising Lotion with Shea Butter and Triple Oat Complex bout £5 from Tesco - it works rather well. I find if you pick KP spots it makes it a whole lot worse! Exfoliate, exfoliate!

  22. I also have Keratosis Pilaris which appears as rough, bumpy skin behind my upper arms and thighs. It's genetic my sister has it too. I have dealt with it for awhile. I am a tall 2x plus and I L-O-V-E those cute shoes. But I really like the whole look. You have a sense of fashion to put tops and accessories together! You have inspired me. I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog. Thanks for being here!

  23. Great ...

    H=hot look
    O=outrageous fashionista
    E=extraordinary design
    S=super cool