14 June 2010

Outfit Post: Haus of Casual?

Hey everyone,

It's been a little while since I've done a proper Outfit Post, and that's generally because I haven't got a lot of new things to show you at the minute. I've had to curb my shopping lately, as I'm off to NYC in just TEN DAYS!
Then - believe me - I'll be making up for lost time. Heheh.

My t-shirt is new though, and the cardigan is one I found in the back of my wardrobe, never worn.

T-SHIRT: Haus of Gaga, £25.
SKIRT: River Island, £12.
CARDIGAN: Can't remember!
NECKLACE: Lady Luck Rules OK, £3.
WATCH: D&G, £Present.
BAG: Matalan, £8.
TIGHTS: Dorothy Perkins, £5.
SHOES: Primark, £5.

I met one of my best-friends Natalie today for a cold frosty one, to celebrate her coming home from Durham where she's been studying Molecular Biology. Cleverclogs.
Our friend Lorna (who is studying to become a doctor) was invited to meet us, but she's on placement today in a gynaecology ward. Which is just lovely.

Notice the new hair? Yeah I bumped my red up a few shades as it has gone to a deep auburn - in the shade it even looked brown.
So I went all out and started again - stripping the colour down and layering the red again.

Check out the halfway point:

I know right. NEON or whaaaa?
I look like an anime character!

It's cool, but not really suitable for someone who is
a) due to graduate
b) looking for a job/career.
So I dyed it again yesterday to a toffee apple/candy apple red. Which is what I was going for in the first place.

But yeah, I love it lots.
I did a post a little while ago on how to care for red hair, so if you're a red-head (natural or faux!) be sure to check it out.

Oh, a shout-out is in order for Rachel from Polka Dot Stripes.
I was working my last Open Day for the university last week, and she spotted me from my blog when I was coming out of a Q&A session!

No, my orange hoodie DIDN'T make it onto an Outfit Post. Teehee.

I remember that she actually interviewed me via email a few months ago - so give that a clicky if you wanna.
We're actually gonna meet this week for a coffee and chit-chat about all things fashion and blog-gy. Hoorah!

Also in blogger-news. Me and Daniel got our radio show sorted more or less.
From the way things are looking we're gonna be on for a few weeks in July on a Sunday evening. But I'll post links and everything when we're definately sorted.

Thanks for everyone who's expressed interest in stuff in the blog sale - although PLEASE let me know if you definately want something as there are other people waiting to hear back.
I've already had to let a few things go as to people not answering, so don't let some bargains slip away.

Anyhooo, feel free to get in touch as always - via contact on the right-hand side of this blog, or via Twitter.

Muchos love,


  1. You pull off red hair SO well! You look gorgeous. Love the shoes, I'm a big primark fan! Xo


  2. Oww I love the red hair, it look really awesome. On one hand I can understand that is ir difficult to find a job with such bright hair. But I would never dye my hair in a different color or take my piecing s out, this is one goals in my live, to be accepted like i am, people should begin to be more tolerant against colorful hair !! xD

  3. your hair looks FAB! I think it looks in better condition in the darker tone for some reason, shinier and nicer.

  4. I love that hair on you, I'm not really a fan of "not-natural" hair colours but it just suits you so well!
    Love the loudness of the outfit and I want your watch sooo bad. Haha.

  5. I adore the neon hair!! I wish I was allowed to dye my hair bright colours. Alas, my job won't allow it. Boo to solicitors! x

    its tres amaze!
    from one lady with bright hair to another,
    what did you use in the middle to make it so neon??
    please tell all


  7. LOVE the red hair on you! But you might be right about it not being the most practical colour for job hunting...

    So jealous about you going to NY so soon - I'm not going until September and I can't wait!! :D


  8. Love this outfit post - you look great & your hair looks utterly gorgeous :)

    I'm off to check out that 'Polka Dot Stripes' blog - always up for finding new blogs to follow..

    Can't believe you're going to New York in 10 days - that's amazing, & I'm incredibly jealous!


  9. omg carla i love that neon red! you should have totally left it like that :) i am going to go blonde soon :D x

  10. Ah but the neon hair was so cool too, you should definitely revisit it! xx

  11. I adore your red hair! How on earth do you get it that colour? Do you do it yourself? I used to have my hair the same shade but then the kind of dye I used got discontinued, and not even salons can match that colour!
    Sorry to bombard you, I really desperately miss my red hair!

  12. oh i miss my red hair now! used to have it exactly your shade but now im trying to get a more gingery colour. love the gaga tshirt!

  13. I love that outfit on you! Also, your neon hair is really cute. I can't blame you for toning it down, but part of me wishes you could have kept it!


  14. pearlslaceandruffles: Aww thank you! I love their shoes too - their pumps expecially are so comfy!

    Katrin: Oh definately, I don't think that having visable tattoos or peircings makes a person any less of a professional. I used to have lots of peircings including my labret, but I took it out as it just didn't feel like me anymore :)

    Helen: Yeah the first pic was after the first bout of bleaching, I've had lots of conditioner on since then :)

    Gazel M.: Awww thank you! And I love my watch too :) xxxx

    Helen: Awww luckily I don't think my hair's too OTT for retail/office jobs I'm applying for :) xxxx

    *speed-queen*: Aww thank you. The neon-red was Pillarbox Red over bleached hair, which was orange :)

    Sarah: Yeah, I don't think how I have it now (top picture) is going to hindrance me too much. I've had jobs with bright pink hair before when I was a punk :DD Ooh I can't wait for my holiday either :) xxxx

    heartshapedbruise.: Aww thank you and Rachel's awesome :) xxxx

    Nefertiti: Merci beaucoup! :) xxxxx

    chris: Ooh is this Chris-who-makes-my-hair-beautiful? :DD You should. I loved the neon too, but I don't want it for graduation in a few weeks :) xxxxxxxxxxxx

    Lauren: Hehe I've had bright hair before, actually - see here: http://messycarla.blogspot.com/2010/03/me-and-my-hair-products-history.html :) xxx

    Erin: Yeah I've always dyed my hair myself simply as I can't afford a salon. Everything I do is in the linked red hair post, except this time it was bleached beforehand and I used Manic Panic as a base.

    Kirsty: THANK YOU for being the first to comment on the awesomeness of the t-shirt ;DDD xxxx

    Annissa: Awww thank you :) xxxxxxxxxx

  15. Hii :D
    I'm french and I just discover your blog.
    You're just very courageous to do that.
    In France, it's more difficult.



  16. Melanie.B: Merci beaucoup, Mel! I LOVE France! I was in Poitiers at the end of last year, and it was beautiful! :) xxxxxxx

  17. I looove the skirt! i really think you should have kept the neon red hair, it looked amazing!

  18. Awww I love your hair, Im thinking of going red again, like really bright but cant use bleech as my hair is really weak and prone to falling out. EEE thank you for mentioning my blog, looking forward to this afternoon x

  19. Wow your hair looks amazing, the red really suits you!
    Love the print on the skirt, the outfit looks great :)

  20. i love that skirt! just wish i could fit into river island clothes, they're always amazing.
    I'm also jealous of your fringe, mine is pretty much non exsistent compared to yours! :(

    rachels blog is fave of mine, so funny she spotted you, i can never pick people out irl!

    Lisa x

  21. Your hair is so very very bright! I could never wear it but it looks brrrriliant on you! Yes I just wrote brrrriliant! he he briliant blog... Great to find a fellow curvy blog!

  22. this is one of my fav looks of yours! i sooo look forward to every new post! keep up the awesome sauce!

  23. You look lovely as per usual. I featured you in a 'fashion inspiration' post on my blog here -> http://blarglefargle.blogspot.com/2010/06/fashion-inspiration.html

  24. Lillian Funny Face: Awww thank you :) xxx

    Rach: Do itttt! It was lovely hanging out with you :) xxxxx

    Gillian: Aww thank you - I love that skirt too :)

    Lisa: HAHA my fringe is too important to me - I've needed it trimmed all week, and been into my the salon I go to three times until my usual stylist was available. I'm funny about who touches the fringe ;DD You'd be surprised at how stretchy some River Island clothes are - give them a go, honestly! :) OOH and you're from Tyne & Wear - WHY AYEEEE xxxxxxx

    rhonabethginny: Thank you :DD I do love curves <333

    Elsa Weatherwax: Aww thank you, darling! I shall keep the 'awesome sauce' on a simmer ;DD

    Rai: You are too sweet, thank you honey :) xxxxxxxx

  25. you're so cute! i saw you on Rai's blog as you're featured wtih me in the fashion inspiration post :)

    i live in new york city so i hope you have such a blast while you're here! if you've got spare time, drop by and say hello! <3


  26. Haha HOW funny I've just been checking out your blog an hour ago! I can't wait to visit NYC again - I was only there for 7 HOURS last time on our way to Albany. :) xxxxxx

  27. Love the outfit!

  28. EEEE LISA it took me a while to realise who you are, we have to meet up some time too. I'll be the one screaming at you!
    Carla- Lisa is one of my twitterati/ tumblr friends, its so weird how everyone links up