6 June 2010

Simply Be - 2nd Review!

Hey everyone,

People who have been reading this blog for a while now may remember when the lovely lovelies at Simply Be were kind enough to send me some clothes to try?

Well they kindly asked me to review some of the new items in their summer collection!

The first item I chose was this gorgeous summer tunic by Joe Brown.
It's a very lightweight material - which would be perfect for both out-and-about, or the beach. It's definately suitable for you to quickly whip on top of your bathing suit.

It has a lovely elasticated waist and as always with Simply Be, they are very generous sizes.

The only problem I have with it, that the photo doesn't really show are the straps.
They're placed a little too close together for my liking - I like them to cover my bra straps. However they are adjustable at the back, so you can make them more comfortable!

I don't know how I could alter them myself, so I'm just covering them up with my lovely denim jacket (from Matalan with a Heidi Seeker pin). A cardigan or my denim shirt would work well too!

They also sent me this lovely top (and hello - the bingo wings are back! Ding-dong!) :

It's quite a nice fit - very roomy again on the tummy. I love the position of the straps as they cover my bra (I wish the dress was like this!) and they're adjustable too.

Just for me - I prefer my tops a little lower cut than this in the summer (Hey, I'm a Geordie! It gives me a right to flash my 'girls' about!) but it's still uber-cute and very feminine.
Again, this goes lovely with a jacket, cardigan or shirt!

But two absolutely adorable items for my summer wardrobe!
Be sure to check them out - Simply Be are a great company which is branching out to the USA pretty soon which is exciting.
Their sizes range from 14 to 32 - so there's something for every shape.

I have a few more reviews to catch up on this week - from a lovely local company who make the most exquisite fascinators, to an adorable clay jewellery company - and also some titbits from the lushies at Lush and the beauties from The Body Shop!

Stay tuned, folks!

Muchos love,

DISCLAIMER: Post in collaboration with Simply Be. However all opinions are my own. 


  1. LOOOVE! the first tunic. The colors are so pretty and it is adorable with the denim jacket.

    Lexy of Beautylicious Fashionista

  2. Thanks for your review Carla - I'll have to check out the site, often see the ads just forgot to log on. I love the colours and floral design of the dress. Like yourself i'd want my bra straps covered, love the idea of the jacket ;) such a cute look.
    I could do with some nice summery tops off to simply B i go..

  3. The first tunic is lovely! Love the colors. The tan really suits you btw

  4. love the first dress.such a pretty print! could you tell me something about the sizing at joe browns? do their items for simply be run larger than the stuff they have on their own site (which go upto a 18, i think)? i've been wanting to buy a couple of things off them that are not on the simply be website but i have no clue about the sizing.

  5. Love the dress!
    I'm picky about the straps on stuff like this too, lol i like my bra straps covered :p

  6. The first dress has a lovely print - it looks lightweight which is prefect for the summer. Can't wait until they start shipping to the US!

    Sarah @ Return to Sender

  7. I love these dresses, looking cute!
    Where'd you get the shoes?

  8. You look gorgeous hun!

    I spotted one of your cards in the Rattler down at the sea front :)



  9. The dress looks gorgeous on you! Love your geordie excuse for wanting lower cut tops, haha - if you've got it, flaunt it! xx

  10. love the outfits!
    i just found your blog and i love it.
    your wonderful and beautiful!!!


  11. That first dress is stunning, it really suits you!

  12. absoulutley gorgeous! I love the first one! so pretty! I love your blog :)


  13. Ooooooooh you have lovely legs! You should show those bad lads off more! The white dress and shoes really make your tan stand out. Wonderful looks for summer!

  14. Ooh i really like the top, you look so cute! Your hair is just gorgeous at the moment :) Looking forward to your upcoming posts :)

  15. I saw and commented on one of your previous posts about Keratosis Pilaris (chicken skin) and have decided to make a support group on blogspot so everyone follow my blog @ http://kpchickenskin.blogspot.com/ :)
    P.S. I love all of your blog posts Carla, you seem to be doing well - what I wouldn't do for free clothes LOL! X

  16. Really love the tops - the first tunic is especially beautiful. Love me some Joe Browns! x.

  17. Lexy: Yeah I think so too, thanks :) xxx

    pearlslaceandruffles: Thanks, I'm gonna be doing a post soon my fake tanning routine! :)

    Missypixie Doodle: Ooh let me know if you pick out anything nice! :)

    kittehinfurs: Yeah I think they run big - the tunic is a size 16 and is very roomy on the tummy for me as I go in quite a bit in comparison to my hips/boobs. I've never ordered from their own site so I can't compare, sorry :) xxx

    Jessi: Thank YOOOOU. I may wear that dress when I invite myself to Spain, yes? ;DD

    ..R May A..: Thanks :) xxxx

    Sarah: It really is gorgeous lightweight material :) xxxxx

    Gazel M.: Thank you! My shoes are from Primark a few years ago - I've worn them in a few outfit posts now :) xxxx

    Laura @ The Beauty Sanctum: Hehe that's so strange one of my friends must have dropped it :)

    Emma Jane: Haha, as a Geordie I can drop any attempts at classy behavior. Teehee. Just kidding, I'm lovely really ;DD

    my name is gee: Thank you so much, that means a lot :) You're gorgeous too! xxxx

    JK: Thank you :) xxxxx

    Nicola-x: Aww thank you xxxxxxx

    Elsa Weatherwax: Haha thank you! The main reason I don't show my legs off tragically is because I'm too lazy to shave them often! How appauling! *hangs head in shame*

    Lillian Funny Face: Awww thank yooou <3333

    Emma: What a good idea! :) KP is rubbish! Yeah free stuff is nice, but I only accept things that I think you guys will enjoy seeing. I have to reject a lot, unfortunately, as they're just not suitable :) xxxxxx

    Em. x.: Me too, I've lusted after their stuff for years and never got around to checking any out for myself! :) xxxxxxx

  18. i bought a dress almost EXACTLY like that first tunic from a shop here called MK One, only it's a little longer and it has these ties inside so you can hitch the skirt up and make it asymmetrical - here's a photo in case you're interested!

  19. oo I saw a similar dress to this in H&M, you look fabulously chic as always. Especially love the top! :D I'm excited for more reviews.