19 June 2010

Review: Ann Summers' Sexy Skin

Hey everyone,

As some of you have been mentioning in recent Outfit Posts, I've been looking a bit tantastic as of late.
And it's all completely fake.
Along with my hair colour, it's the only fake thing about me - honest!

I've been using Ann Summer's Gradual Tan Lotion from the Sexy Skin range. I tried a sample I got at their press event, and instantly fell in love.

I've tried gradual tanners from brands like Johnson's Holiday Sun (This tends to come out tops when I ask my bronzed friends come summetime) and Garnier.

But this is my favourite by a mile - the shade goes wonderfully with my skin tone, and looks natural after just a few applications.

(Outfit from this post)

I've been gushing about it in a few entries now, so the lovely lovelies at Ann Summers were kind enough to send me the other products in the range to try.
Excited much?!

What I've decided to do is only tan my left hand/lower arm for you guys so you can see the comparison. I've only got a little gradual tanner on my right hand/arm, but it's pretty close to my natural skin tone.

So first I exfoliated with their Pre-Tan Exfoliator:

I've always exfoliated before tanning with a mitt and/or body scrub, and thought this would just be like a shower gel with exfoliating beads.
But it was a lot runnier, and didn't really lather in water. It smells a bit different to the range - a bit more of a zesty orange, but it's lovely.
My arms were really smooth and soft afterwards, and didn't leave any residue.

I patted gently with a towel until completely dry.
Then I was all ready to try the Instant Tan Lotion.

I was really excited to try this, as I've never used an instant tan - just a gradual lotion. And I have to admit I was a little disappointed. I found the consistancy a little hard to rub in, and unfortunately ended up a bit streaky.
I found it interesting that the tan shade was different to how the gradual lotion is. It was a more 'bronze/gold' shade, wheras the gradual is more 'bronze/orange' if that makes any sense. There was also some shimmer, as most of the range has.

You can see in the comparison picture the streakiness around my knuckles.
But I'm not too gutted as I still have bottle or so of the gradual tan which I'm just going to continute to use instead.

Now the next two products can be used on top of a gradual, instant or natural tan.
But they look great to accentuate your skin tone even if you don't have a tan.

So next we have the Body Bronzer:

This is to be applied to the cheeks, shoulders and d├ęcolletage with a nice big brush. But I actually liked putting it on top of my tan where it was a little uneven.
Unfortunately in the picture, it makes my hand/arm look a little greasy which is not what it looked like at all. It was very natural and shimmery and my other favourite product in the collection.
I'd never tried bronzer before, and now I think I'm rather hooked.

And finally, I know some of you aren't big on tans full stop which is absolutely fine - my sister for example loves being paler than pale, even in the summertime.

But along with the bronzer, you can use the Gold Shimmer Spray whether you have a tan or not!

It's a body spray that covers you in gold glitter!
I wasn't too sure what to make of this at first, as I'm not a big fan of glittery products except for eye makeup.
I'm also not too sure this would work for an everyday product - but if you're on the beach or at an outdoors party, it definately adds another dimension! Probably best for upper arms, shoulders and d├ęcolletage. (It's summer - let your 'girls' glitter, ladies! ;))
The smell is the same as the other products, but was a little alcohol-y until it developed into my skin.

But yeah, it's lovely - just perhaps to be kept for a special outdoors occasion where you can really show it off under the sun.

You can see here how pretty it looks on both tanned and pale skin.
I can imagine it looks beautiful on very dark skin too. Ooh, it's just so pretty!

So yeah, there's something in this lovely range for everyone.
Now there's no excuse for ANY of you to be hitting the sunbed, right? Right.
Please do try the products - they're all a very affordable £8 each, and I really do recommend them.
Let me know what you think.

(I was sent all these products to try and review, but all my opinions are - as always - my own, and 100% honest. I wasn't paid any money to say nice things.)

Can you believe this is my 99th post already?!! Dear me!

Muchos love,


  1. I'm rubbish with self tan, even Johnson's Holiday skin leaves me looking tangoed after just one application! I love the glitter spray you've tested, it looks gorgeous!


  2. Wow the bronzer and glitter make such a difference! You look great tanned! Xo


  3. These look gorgeous, I'd love to try them out..

    Think i've tried every tanning product under the sun, so this one is now a must!


  4. oohhh these are products i defo wanna buy !! they give such a good result ;-) thank hun x

  5. hi carla! how are you? you look lovely with your new tan and hair color!! <3 great summer outfit too

    thanks for sharing the info about those products, definitely would like to try the gold shimmer spray, since im already tan =) thanks for sharing pictures, it looks great !

  6. That looks lovely on you, nowhere near as cakey and orange as fake tan normally is! I'm not designed to tan due to irish heritage and therefore its pale or red, maybe I should try this? x

  7. Usually I absolutely despise a fake tan but this looks lovely on you! I have very VERY fair skin and for some reason my legs never tan even if I go to a bed so you have just inspired me to pick some of these products when I am in the UK next week! Thank you kindly!

  8. I've always been dead dubious of self tanners because so many people tell me they end up smelling like biscuits and make your bed sheets look a little...unsavoury. But these look really natural so I might have to give one a go before my jolly hollies perhaps. =]

  9. Great review! I think i'm going to give my gradual tan to someone for a guest review as I like being pale and interesting, but it sounds like a great product! The gold glitter spray looks fab too!
    Could you possibly send me the email of the PR lady?
    And also send yme your address and i'll send you the JPG perfume :)

  10. The gradual tanner looks really good on you, I will definitely have to check that out. The glitter spray looks amazing, I want some now!

  11. I made a little 'ragdoll' person of you on my blog, thought you might like to see it: http://blarglefargle.blogspot.com/2010/06/ragdoll-cuties.html

  12. letterprof: It has taken me some getting used to, and I always end up a little big streaky under my arms. I do love the glitter spray :)

    pearlslaceandruffles: Awww, thank you :) xxxx

    Laura @ The Beauty Sanctum: Definately give them a go! :) Let me know how you get on with them!

    Matron-Jo: No problemo, I really recommend them!

    pinksugarichigo: I've missed your blog posts, they always make me smile :) xxxxx

    Rai: Well I'm from Northern England so my skin tone is pale blue. It really looks natural on plae skin, and you can just build up the darkness to how you want :)

    Elsa Weatherwax: No problemo, I hope you like them :)

    Poppy: I've never had either of those problems with fake tan, haha! :DD

    Lillian Funny Face: SENT! Yeah I like being pale too - like today it was nice to use my illimasqua foundation again as it's been waaaay too light for my tan. It's just nice for a change :)

    Gillian: Ooh if you check it out, do let me know how you find it? :) xxxxx

    Rai: I absolutely LOVE it, thank you so much. Ahh so THIS is where your comment disappeared too, I thought you'd put it on my most recent one :) xxxxxxxxxxx