31 October 2011

Happy Halloween

Hey everyone

On a whim I decided to dress up in case we had any trick-or-treaters.
Alas we did not, so I figured I'll share with you guys!

One of my favourite lipsticks:
Demure by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

Muchos Love,

Viddy Well,
Alex DeLarge.

27 October 2011

Local Events

Hey everyone,

As promised, here's a rundown of some awesome sounding local events happening in the run up to the festive period.
Christmas fairs and markets are a great opportunity to find unique gifts away from the high street, as well as supporting local and/or independent businesses.

Anyhoo, let's kick this off.
Be sure to add this page to your bookmarks so you can keep checking back anytime!


October 29
Plus-Sized Clothes Swap

Although this event is based in Leeds - it's worth an honourable mention as it's being organised by Kirsty of Fatty Unbound.
Clothing swap event for sizes 14+

Upstairs at the Packhorse,
Woodhouse Lane

50p Entry

October 29th
Designer's Marketplace - Newcastle

Showcase and sale of high-end wares. Fashion, art, photography, homeware, jewellery.

The Holy Biscuit
1 Clarence Street,

£1 Entry

October 30th
Pink O’Ween Craft Fair Extravaganza

Halloween/Bonfire Night themed event with stalls and auctions.

42-50 Bell Street,
North Shields Fish Quay,
NE30 1HF

50p entry (Children free)
All proceeds towards Breast Cancer Care and Breast Cancer Survival Trust

October 31st
Cake and Craft Stall

Stall run by 3rd year Ceramics students.
Asburne House is soon to be no more, and is a lovely old building (I took Photography classes there during my time at uni) so go and support some local Art students.

Ashburne House
Backhouse Park
Ryhope Rd
Tyne And Wear

All proceeds towards the students' final degree show.

November 5th
Newcastle's Affordable Vintage Fair

Event which comes around to Newcastle several times a year - but also visits most major cities. Check their website for your local events.
Sells vintage clothes and accessories from 1920s-1990s. Also includes local jewellery designers.

Northumbria Student's Union,
2 Sandyford Road,

£2 Entry/£1 NUS & OAP. Under 12s free

November 5th
Make and Mend Market

Stalls selling jewellery, retro clothing and accessories, homeware and baked goods.

Grainger Market
Nun Street/ Grainger Street
Newcastle upon Tyne

Free entry.

November 6th
South Shields Fireworks

No an event per-se. But I go to this every year and it's so much fun!
The funfair opens for a day off-season, as well as lots of yummy things to eat.
Be sure to wrap up warm, it's always freeeeeeezing on the seafront.

Sea Road
South Shields
Tyne & Wear
NE33 2LD

Free entry.

November 20th
Bede’s World Christmas Gift Fair

Stalls selling homeware, cards and local produce.

Bede's World
Church Bank
Tyne & Wear
NE32 3DY

Free entry.

November 20th – 3rd December
Continental Market

Bi-annual event held in the centre of Newcastle.
Stalls selling the "sights, sounds and smells of Europe". I recommend the Dutch pancakes and French guys selling cheese!

Grey Street

Free entry.

7th – 11th December
Christmas Market

Similar to the Continental Market, but has a lot more stalls selling 'gifty' things for Christmas.

Grey Street

Free entry.

10th December
The Canny Comic Con

SO gutted I'm going to have to miss this. A small festival of comics and art.
Also includes talks, panel discussions and workshops.

Newcastle City Library
33 New Bridge Street West
Newcastle upon Tyne,

Free entry.

If you know of any more, please leave a comment or send me an email and I'll be happy to add it to the list!

Muchos love,

24 October 2011

Treasure Hunting

Hey everyone,

This Sunday I ventured with Italian Catholic Mother to Tynemouth Market to hunt for treasure.

I've never been back to Tynemouth since I was a teenager, when me and my friend Amber would spent our pocket money in Razberry Bazaar then go for ice cream.
My youth was such a rebellious one, as you can tell.

DRESS: Primark via French For Cupcake's selling blog
VEST (under): H&M
CARDIGAN: H&M via Ebay
BELT: Topshop
NECKLACE: River Island
SHOES: Primark
POINT OF FASHION: Leopard and floral.

RINGS: Accessorize and Dorothy Perkins
BRACELETS: Dorothy Perkins. (I got the wristband at Northern Pride)
NAILS: Barry M (see previous post)

POWDER: Illamasqua (unsure of shade - sorry!)
BLUSH: Chased/Illamasqua
LIPSTICK: Gash/Urban Decay

Don't worry if you don't appreciate my Face of the Day - this is pretty much what I wear everyday, so I won't post this all the time.
I do however adore makeup, so I'm trying to involve it in my blog more!

And of course, some pictures from what I bought:

Vintage silk scarves - £1 each

Vintage pendant - it also came on a lovely long chain.
It reminds me of a prop from a film or theatre production.

Weird pink swan/flamingo. I'm going to keep my earrings in it.

DVDS - 2 for £5

Vinyl - 50p each

So yeah I got some lovely bits and peices.
Even Italian Catholic Mother found some treasures - a lovely wire wine rack and a little silver cross for £2.

We also got some yummy chocolate orange cupcakes from Elizabeth and Oliver.
They all had Halloween wrappers on, which was sweet! As you can probably guess though, they were demolished before I could take a decent photo.

It's always this time of year I especially love markets and fayres - you can pick up some really unique gifts for the holiday season.
It's not for a few weeks yet, but my favourite to go to every year is the Bede's World Christmas Gift Fair on 20th November.
You can get everything from handmade cards and homeware to local cheeses.
One year we got my dad some Jarrow Ale and I treat us to some delicious mulled wine and biscuits.

Since I'm going to be spending quite a lot of Advent in Virginia this year, it's a great opportunity to stock up on local and unique gifts for my American friends.
And likewise - I'll be doing most of my Christmas shopping for my friends this year in the US.
International much, dwarlings? Haha!

There's other local events coming up you may be interested in, but I reckon I'm going to save those for one big post that you can bookmark especially.
I have a good list already, but any heads up would be greatly appreciated!

Muchos love,

21 October 2011

Spots and Stripes.

Hey everyone,

A few days ago I met up with my darling friends Natalie, Georgina and Lorna for some pints.
We met in Year 7 at school, so we've known each other for well over ten years now which is a bit scary.

All through school we were in the same band geek clique, where everybody was either in a band (I was 2nd saxophone in Swing Band - rock and roll!) or choir. We also organized charity concerts and took part in the musicals.

I left school at 16 to go to college, but they all stayed on at the sixth form.
Since then we've all made a real effort to see each other as soon as we can.
Life of course gets in the way, but within five minutes of being together we slot back into our regular banter and laugh about the same things we laughed about when we were thirteen.

We just organised a date to the pub, but I still dressed up a little.
I also broke one of the ultimate FASHUN ROOLZ - I wore spots and stripes together!

TOP: Dorothy Perkins.
SKIRT: Forever 21.
NECKLACES: Dorothy Perkins and Forever 21.
BAG: River Island.
BOOTS: Dr Martens.
POINT OF FASHION: Spots and stripes.

LIPSTICK: Maneater by Illamasqua
(I forget up close you can see my scar from when I had my labret peirced)

And of course, some extra pictures from the night:

1: Slightly shoddy nail art. Everything is by Barry M except the Models Own black nail pen.

2: Georgina and I. Georgina has just graduated from Oxford University with a degree in History, and is now back in the North East which we're both relieved about. Long-time readers may recognise her as my plus-one for Fashion Week last year!

3: Lorna and Natalie. Both my girls are still at uni - Lorna studying Medicine and Natalie doing a PhD in something that is waaaaay to clever for my teeny tiny brain to comprehend. I'm so proud that two of my friends are going to be doctors in a few years! Lorna even showed us the basics of how to take a reading using a stethoscope.

My poor friends were all in need of early nights due to long shifts in a hotel/hospital/lab - but I'm a bad influence and even got Natalie on the two-for-one cocktails.
Most of us ended up in McDonalds which was overrun by freshers and chavs. Classy lassies!

We've also now made a resolutions that we're going to make a special effort to meet up more regularly - especially now Georgina is home, and Lorna is finished travelling.
Can't wait for more fun times!

How about you guys?
Are you still close to your schoolfriends, or did you make your best friends at university/work?

Muchos love,

18 October 2011

Indie Spotlight: Callooh and Callay

Hey everyone,

You may have noticed on this blog that I am a bit of a fangirl for acrylic jewellery. I constantly find myself favouriting acrylic peices on Etsy, and last year I did a big feature on my favourite Carrie Bradshaw -esque name necklaces.

So when I discovered that one of my favourite bloggers, Lillian, was launching an acrylic jewellery shop with her lovely girlfriend Claire - my fangirling reached new heights.

Their venture takes the form of the Callooh and Callay.
Advocating themselves as "purveyors of fine acrylic jewellery. Our designs are influenced by our own obsessions from circuses to heraldy, animals to pop culture" I couldn't wait for the shop to launch last month.

Which it did, it all it's pinstripey-Brighton-beach-circa-1920s goodness.

As you can see, their wares come packaged in pretty striped bags, reminding me of the sort you get sweeties in at the seaside.
My order also included as well as a lollipop, a handwritten note and their business cards.

(I'm sorry for the poor quality of these pictures, but I only had my phone on me when the parcels arrived and I couldn't wait to go and grab my camera before tearing them open!)

I have a bit of an obsession with cameos, so when I spied this acrylic version I knew it just had to be mine, and I started drafting my Christmas list early just so I could add it to the top of it.

However, because Lillian is just adorable - she asked if I would like it to review for you guys, which I was completely over the moon about!

(You can see the rest of this outfit here)

The peice is made with two peices of thick cut acrylic - one white and one black, with of course the Victorian sillouette in the middle.
The cameo was designed by Callooh/Claire and her workmanship (or make that workwomanship?) to get the little intricate design of the frame is just fabulous.

Also, the girls sent me a peice from their Jewels For Gouls Halloween Collection.
Halloween is one of my favourite times of year, and they obviously know me well as they sent me the Sneaky Ghoul brooch, teehee.

There are a choice of five ghosts (Sneaky, Naughty, Morose, Perky or Gleeful) or you can of course buy the whole set.

This spooky dude was designed by Callay/Lillian and he reminds me of a character from a 1920s Mickey Mouse cartoon!

Of course I'm always going to be biased about these guys, as I love Lillian!
She's one of the only beauty bloggers I follow because I love her outlandish looks, and how she takes a theme - such as a Pierott or a sailor or a carousel (!) - and really runs with it.

Last year when I asked to be my plus one for an event, I hardly bothered getting dressed up as I knew it'd be the underdressed one either way. And of course she turned up dressed as an adorable wee sailor - complete with a little cap!

I then unintentionally got her drunkety-drunk on complimentary cocktails (my Geordie stamina stumps unaware Southerners...) and she then invited me to go with her for elaboate ice cream sundaes, which we consumed while discussing blogging and life.

(My favourite story was about her drama with a certain famous online personality who told Lillian she's the sole reason she's now on anti-depressants. Oh, internet!)

But in all seriousness, their peices are beautifully made and reasonably priced.Link So, please support two amazing artists - who also happen to be lovely girls to boot!


Lillian's blog
Lillian's portfolio
Lillian's YouTube channel
Callooh and Calley's blog

(Although the prices online are in USD, Callooh and Callay are based in the UK)

If you like anything, you can get 10% off using the code CARLA at checkout.

Muchos love,

DISCLAIMER: I was given these peices to review for free, however all opinions are - as ever - my own.

15 October 2011

Everyone Deserves the Chance to Fly.

Hey everyone,

I went to visit my friend Sam, who is living in Borehamwood (lovingly nicknamed "Boringwood"...though there's pubs and a Nandos which is all I need in life) and we had a lovely day in London.

DRESS: Dorothy Perkins.
NECKLACE: Vintage.
BADGE: Ebay.
BELT: Dorothy Perkins.
SHOES: Primark.
POINT OF FASHION: Autumn blues.

1. I'm still in love with my bottle green cardigan. Definitely going to be one of those OMG-MUST-WEAR-EVERYDAY items in my wardrobe. I'm going to have to pick more up.

2. I convinced Sam to see Wicked. I haven't seen it since 2008, and it's still as fresh and fun as ever. It's a shame it was my girl crush Rachel Tucker's day off as Elpheba, but Nikki Davis-Jones was amazing!

3. We stopped off at one of our favourite pubs in Covent Garden, The Maple Leaf for some fancy overpriced beers and grub. I had my usual Dixie beer (I like to pretend I'm a character in an early Poppy Z. Brite novel) and tried the burrito and nachos, which were ace.

4. Sam has never been to Hamley's, so I did my usual act of running about taking pictures with all the cuddly toys like an excited child. There was a puppet show on, and they were doing The Gruffalo, which was so adorable.

5. Heee I love the Hamley's actors and salespeople, it must be such a fun job (though I suppose difficult sometimes to be cheerful 24/7). This guy was a toy soldier who rather randomly was waving a lightsaber around. Nothing says "come and shop here!" like accidental dismemberment.

Before I went home, I ventured back into London for dim sum and cocktails with Claire and Lauren for Claire's birthday - but unfortunately I didn't grab any pictures. We're such bad bloggers.

We went to The Drunken Monkey in Shoreditch, then on to a few bars - including this ace one where cocktails were served in Tiki tumblers instead of the usual glasses.
It's London Cocktail Week until October 16th - so when we went, so most were only £5 each.
Newcastle prices in London? Me likey.

The ones we chose tasted like Um Bongo. Nom.

As I've previously mentioned, whenever I come home I get the post-London blues. Gahh.
The rest of this week definitely hasn't been the best, but I don't really want to dwell on that all too much - don't worry I'll be back to my old self soon!

Coming up this week I have a review of two beautiful peices from Callooh and Callay (aka: MY NEW FAVOURITE SHOP EVER) so stay tuned for that.

Muchos love,

7 October 2011

Now the leaves are falling and the sun won't be around.

"Now the leaves are falling
And the sun won't be around
And the words that I am singing to the clouds."
- Autumn Shade III, The Vines.

Hey everyone,

Dear me - the weather has turned around a bit hasn't it?
It's blustery, chilly and damp.
Yep, sounds like Autumn.

I wore this outfit during the "crossover" day, where it was nippy enough for a snuggly cardigan and scarf, but just a wee bit too warm for a coat.
This is my favourite type of weather: I call it "cardigan weather."

TOP: Dorothy Perkins.
SKIRT: New Look.
SCARF: Ebay.
BAG: River Island (borrowed from my sister).
NECKLACE: Dorothy Perkins.
BOOTS: Dr. Martens.
POINT OF FASHION: Autumn punk.

I picked up this James Dean vest top for just £7 in Dorothy Perkins.
I bought it in a size 16, but it's very baggy on me, so will definitely fit larger sizes.

I'm also loving H&M's basics at the minute, especially their cardigans.
I bought this in bottle green as well as mustard yellow for around £10 each.

I am of course also in love love LOVE with my new patent Dr. Martens.
I've wanted a pair for years now and I'm so pleased with them. Of course they're a bit of a bother to break in, but mine are just getting comfy now.

Autumn is one of my favourite seasons in many ways, but it also has it's problems.

Firstly, the good:
I love cuddly cardigans, wooly jumpers and 80 denier tights with boots and socks.
I love lashings of hearty food such as home made soups and stews.
I love that cafes and coffee shops advertise seasonal treats such as spiced pumpkin lattes and turkey and cranberry paninis.
I love wearing deep red and purple lipstick.
I love the slight chill in the air stepping out of the house at the crack of dawn.
I love that the shops are full of rusts and mustards.
I love the build up to Halloween and Bonfire Night.

I hate that I have Seasonal Affective Disorder.
I hate that I want to sleep all the time.
I hate how grumpy I get.
I hate how it's dark when I leave the house for work and it's getting dark when I come home.
I hate wind.
I hate rain.
I hate snow.
I hate hate hate ice.
I hate having to wear a coat and covering up a carefully constructed outfit.
I hate having to put all my sunglasses away for another year.

So yeah, apples and oranges.
Mmm. Apples.
In pies. With lots of cinammon.
What was I talking about again?


Now without further ado, what I've been up to lately:

1: I forgot to post this picture with my last blog as it's from around that time, but one of my best friends Daniel is now living in La Ferté Bernard for a year. This was from his going away party where I drank some potentially lethal cocktails mixed by his dad.
I thought it was cute that most people there were wearing berets for the occasion!

2: We had a lovely American guest who was staying with us at work. He had a little trouble with his booking, and when I helped him out he asked if I'd like something from the USA.
I half-jokingly requested he pack some Reece's Peices into his bag, never thinking he'd remember - but he turned up this week with this HUGE bag, which our office devoured in a matter of hours.

3: Autumn is the time where leaves begin to wilt and fall as plants prepare to sleep for the winter. This does not faze Italian Catholic Mother who has stocked up on cheap blooms. "It's alright, I just throw the dead ones away!" She said.
If nothing else, I love her enthusiasm for a bargain.

4: Lazy Brie is lazy - it's a pretty special thing that during these months I operate on the same sleeping patterns as my hamster. As I first time pet owner and concerned parent, I'm currently obsessing over torpor hibernation. It can be risky for Syrian hamsters to get into this state, so I'm doing my best to keep Brie away from drafts, and (as always) providing her with plenty of food and fresh water.
At the minute though, she's just being a typical hamster having a snooze - so cute!

Finally, I'll leave you with the song that inspired the title of this post:

I think A.S. III is my favourite, but we sure to check out Autumn Shade, Autumn Shade II and A.S. IV too!

One more thing: I think you'll appreciate this duhhh moment I had at work today:

JAMES: Where abouts is Sicily?
ME: Uhm, it's at the bottom of Italy.
JAMES: Carla, I meant the Sicily takeaway in Newcastle.

See, that is what Autumn does to me.
Forget Brie, I'm the one who needs to go into hibernation.

Muchos love,

2 October 2011

Autumn Sun + Two Years Old!

Hey everyone,

Jeez Louise, where did this sun come from?!
Have all of my fellow Brits been enjoying the beautiful weather?
It's apparently the hottest Autumn day in over 100 years!
God, how hot much it have been under all those petticoats?

I've unfortunately been working for most of the beautiful weather, however a few days ago the afformentioned Ann Summers Roadshow hit the Metro Centre and I was invited along as part of their Ask The Stylist section.
More on that later.

It was a fantastic opportunity to FINALLY wear the gorgeous floral shrug sent to me by the lovelies at Ella-Tino:

DRESS: Dorothy Perkins.
SHRUG: Ella-Tino.
BELT: Stolen Borrowed from sister.
NECKLACE: Primark.
SHADES: Marc Jacobs.
SHOES: Office.
POINT OF FASHION: Summer dark.

Despite it being absolutely roasting hot - I still decided to wear dark colours.
Once a goth, always a goth!

The Roadshow was primarily a model search for the new face of Ann Summers for their Valentines Day shoot, with extra activies dotted around.
It was really enjoyable, but unfortunately wasn't as big a turnout as some of the others, probably because of the beautiful weather outside.

There were some really striking would-be model grrrrrrlz though - my favourite was a girl with red hair and bright fuschia lips who was so naturally gorgeous and sweet.
I'm sad I didn't get to nab a picture of her!

My part was the 'Ask A Stylist' section, where I selected my favourite peices and talked a little bit about it.
I assumed this was going to be just in front of small groups at a time - however I found myself being strapped into a Janet Jackson mic by the gorgeous promo girl Kate and my annoying Geordie voice suddenly boomed to unsuspecting shoppers.

It was so much fun though - my last job involved speaking in front of large groups of teenagers, so it wasn't too intimidating.

The final picture shows my three favourite peices for the party season.
The leopard balconette bra will look so cute underneath a sheer black (or even white if you're feeling daring) blouse and little skirt. I love the underwear as outerwear trend.

The cami in the middle is perfect for underneath little black dresses - especially for girls who need a bit of oomph given to the chesticle department. It has little gel 'cookies' hidden in the cups which can be inflated as desired with a sweet little pump.

And finally the dusty pink vintage-inspired balconette bra and pants. They're the NEW Briget Jones knickers which are both practical and gorgeous. The bra is great to be worn alone and as an everyday bra, but the zip in the middle adds some extra fun!

I know with some curvy bloggers, pull in pants can be a bit of a minefield.
Some girls find them restrictive, some girls love them.
Personally I'm in the LOVE catagory, as I'm very sensitive about my middle area - my least favourite part of my body! And pull in pants give me that extra confidence to wear something a little more figure hugging than I usually would.

I can't wait wait wait to wear these under my party frocks when it comes to holiday season.
The cami and the pink bra and pants are not on the website yet - but as soon as they are I'll update this post with links!


I COMPLETELY forgot to mention yesterday that my blog is now two years old.
I can't believe two years have already gone since I first sat down in my bedroom in my student house and started typing away.

I don't want to get all Gwyneth on you all, but I've met some wonderful people - some I've been lucky enough to meet in real life.
The past year or so has been especially amazing, as I've got to meet some of my favourite bloggers - some like Lauren and Claire have turned into wonderful friends.
And I've shared beds with them both, booyah.

(FYI: Lauren snores.)

So thank you to everyone who reads my blog, sends amazing emails, tweets me funny animal videos, offers to meet up when I'm in London (shout out to my favourite monkey, Claire for this! Can't wait to see you soon!), comments here and generally projects general awesomeness my way.
In short, I love thee all.
Snogs for everyone!

Here's to two more years...

Muchos love,