21 October 2011

Spots and Stripes.

Hey everyone,

A few days ago I met up with my darling friends Natalie, Georgina and Lorna for some pints.
We met in Year 7 at school, so we've known each other for well over ten years now which is a bit scary.

All through school we were in the same band geek clique, where everybody was either in a band (I was 2nd saxophone in Swing Band - rock and roll!) or choir. We also organized charity concerts and took part in the musicals.

I left school at 16 to go to college, but they all stayed on at the sixth form.
Since then we've all made a real effort to see each other as soon as we can.
Life of course gets in the way, but within five minutes of being together we slot back into our regular banter and laugh about the same things we laughed about when we were thirteen.

We just organised a date to the pub, but I still dressed up a little.
I also broke one of the ultimate FASHUN ROOLZ - I wore spots and stripes together!

TOP: Dorothy Perkins.
SKIRT: Forever 21.
NECKLACES: Dorothy Perkins and Forever 21.
BAG: River Island.
BOOTS: Dr Martens.
POINT OF FASHION: Spots and stripes.

LIPSTICK: Maneater by Illamasqua
(I forget up close you can see my scar from when I had my labret peirced)

And of course, some extra pictures from the night:

1: Slightly shoddy nail art. Everything is by Barry M except the Models Own black nail pen.

2: Georgina and I. Georgina has just graduated from Oxford University with a degree in History, and is now back in the North East which we're both relieved about. Long-time readers may recognise her as my plus-one for Fashion Week last year!

3: Lorna and Natalie. Both my girls are still at uni - Lorna studying Medicine and Natalie doing a PhD in something that is waaaaay to clever for my teeny tiny brain to comprehend. I'm so proud that two of my friends are going to be doctors in a few years! Lorna even showed us the basics of how to take a reading using a stethoscope.

My poor friends were all in need of early nights due to long shifts in a hotel/hospital/lab - but I'm a bad influence and even got Natalie on the two-for-one cocktails.
Most of us ended up in McDonalds which was overrun by freshers and chavs. Classy lassies!

We've also now made a resolutions that we're going to make a special effort to meet up more regularly - especially now Georgina is home, and Lorna is finished travelling.
Can't wait for more fun times!

How about you guys?
Are you still close to your schoolfriends, or did you make your best friends at university/work?

Muchos love,


  1. Its so nice to see friends that are still together after all that time. It's only been a year since leaving school and im no longer in contact with anyone that i use to be friends with! It's strange how quickly friendship groups can change!

    Love your nails and the whole outfit is amazing!

  2. My oldest friend I met on my 1st day at secondary school - 20years ago!!!

  3. You rock spots and stripes!

    I moved out from my childhood/teen area which means my friends stayed there and due to over 2h drive I don't really meet them at all (I don't even have a car/driving license).

  4. I love the color of that bag and the striped skirt

  5. Dawh I love reunions! It's fab when everyone moves back home after uni isn't it?!
    Love your skirt m'dear, you pull of the 'broken'rule of spots and stripes perfectly :) x

  6. The spots and stripes look fab together :)

  7. I love the colour of your cardi, your nails look fab too :) x


  8. Spots and stripes look AWESOME TOGETHER, wish i could pluck up the courage to do the same!! Looks like a fab reunion - I love the type of friendships where you don't see eachother for years on end but still manage to pick up where you leave off every time <3 xx


  9. I particularly like your shirt, so lovely! Your nails look great too. :D

  10. Oohh I love your outfit! I just bought that shirt as well :)

    During school I had three best friends, but then we drifted apart pretty much straight away. Shame because at school we were inseparable. We used to call ourselves the "awesome foursome" haha. So clever.

  11. You should break more r00lz often then because you look AWESOME.
    Polkadots and stripes 4 lyfe, sista

  12. I love the outfit, especially the skirt, it is something I would have worn as a kid when multi-colored stripes were really in. Not to say it isn't fabulous today because it definitely is fabulous any day. I have no problem mixing polka dot and other patterns personally. Love the doc martens as well.

    Love the nail art, just fabulous.

    Oh also, I love the little purple and blue you have in your hair - really love it. I've been wanting to put pink in my hair for awhile, perhaps I should just do how you did. Inspiring lady :)

    I personally am not friends with many people from school. My best friend in high school and I still keep in touch but we don't see each other often. In the last few months I got in contact with two other people I was friends with in high school.

    I only went to College for two years and I had some people I was friendly with but I didn't really make any friends :( Sadly. I hope to go back to school to finish my degree when money is less of an issue but it will be odd considering I'm already 26!

  13. Love this outfit :) your hair looks so healthy and gorgeous here too.
    I love my school friends, they are my 'best friends' for sure, and we are generally still pretty close and try and see each other every other week at least. It is hard when every one starts moving and getting jobs though.
    I am friendly with who I work with, and we go out here and there, but they're just my 'work girlies' and not a lot more

  14. Wow, I heart you nails! and I'm forever in love with your green cardi!


  15. You're just too cute! Love from Norway

  16. Love this outfit !!
    Nails look great :)


  17. love the colours in this outfit!


  18. I have the same scar/hole in the same place :)

    I just wanted to say that I really like your blog, I've been reading it for quite a long time and it is one of the few that I have stayed faithful to. I have started my own now so can finally comment! I really like your posts and your banner/top thing (?) is one of the best I've ever seen! (I hope you don't think I'm too weird!!)
    Anyway, have a lovely weekend :)

  19. Hi!! :)
    I really like your blog,
    I follow you :D !
    ... maybe if you have time, you could visit my blog too, and if you like it, follow me back ;)

  20. I've been friends with my best friends since childhood. I've met them at church, so we have same values. It's easier to stay in touch with friends who have the same values. But I've noticed that friends from school tend to change. I'm in contact with some friends from comprehensive school, but the contact with them is fading away. But luckily I live with one of my friends from high school, so at least I'm staying in touch with someone from highschool. :) Now I'm in university and have new friends from there too. :)

  21. I love the cardigan and blouse combination!
    I've still got a really close group of mates from high school, am so lucky that we all managed to stay in touch whilst away at University.
    L x