24 October 2011

Treasure Hunting

Hey everyone,

This Sunday I ventured with Italian Catholic Mother to Tynemouth Market to hunt for treasure.

I've never been back to Tynemouth since I was a teenager, when me and my friend Amber would spent our pocket money in Razberry Bazaar then go for ice cream.
My youth was such a rebellious one, as you can tell.

DRESS: Primark via French For Cupcake's selling blog
VEST (under): H&M
CARDIGAN: H&M via Ebay
BELT: Topshop
NECKLACE: River Island
SHOES: Primark
POINT OF FASHION: Leopard and floral.

RINGS: Accessorize and Dorothy Perkins
BRACELETS: Dorothy Perkins. (I got the wristband at Northern Pride)
NAILS: Barry M (see previous post)

POWDER: Illamasqua (unsure of shade - sorry!)
BLUSH: Chased/Illamasqua
LIPSTICK: Gash/Urban Decay

Don't worry if you don't appreciate my Face of the Day - this is pretty much what I wear everyday, so I won't post this all the time.
I do however adore makeup, so I'm trying to involve it in my blog more!

And of course, some pictures from what I bought:

Vintage silk scarves - £1 each

Vintage pendant - it also came on a lovely long chain.
It reminds me of a prop from a film or theatre production.

Weird pink swan/flamingo. I'm going to keep my earrings in it.

DVDS - 2 for £5

Vinyl - 50p each

So yeah I got some lovely bits and peices.
Even Italian Catholic Mother found some treasures - a lovely wire wine rack and a little silver cross for £2.

We also got some yummy chocolate orange cupcakes from Elizabeth and Oliver.
They all had Halloween wrappers on, which was sweet! As you can probably guess though, they were demolished before I could take a decent photo.

It's always this time of year I especially love markets and fayres - you can pick up some really unique gifts for the holiday season.
It's not for a few weeks yet, but my favourite to go to every year is the Bede's World Christmas Gift Fair on 20th November.
You can get everything from handmade cards and homeware to local cheeses.
One year we got my dad some Jarrow Ale and I treat us to some delicious mulled wine and biscuits.

Since I'm going to be spending quite a lot of Advent in Virginia this year, it's a great opportunity to stock up on local and unique gifts for my American friends.
And likewise - I'll be doing most of my Christmas shopping for my friends this year in the US.
International much, dwarlings? Haha!

There's other local events coming up you may be interested in, but I reckon I'm going to save those for one big post that you can bookmark especially.
I have a good list already, but any heads up would be greatly appreciated!

Muchos love,


  1. Has anyone ever told you you have great eyebrows? They're like the perfect shape! lol

    A wee bit jealous of the cool little pink swan bowl!

    Dayner x my blog - mozzypop.com

  2. I love your makeup!
    And I also love your finds and your outfit. Haha. :D

  3. Fab finds, love a bit of Tynemouth market rummaging to. Always think how lucky we are to have it, and in such a fab location. Loving your lipstick me thinks I will have to go check it out :D
    Have a fab time on your travels to x


  4. Yay! My dress lives on through you carla xx

  5. Those scarfs are beautiful and OMG the odd swan is amazing....great finds xxxxx

  6. Aww yay, it's been a while since ICM was mentioned...I did wonder! Glad you've been having a lovely time - the cupcakes sound amazing. And by the by, how in the HELL of it do you get your eyeliner so perfect? *squints eyes in envy* x

  7. Love your little bargains! Nice work Carla ;o)

    Penny x

  8. ...I love your blog and YOU!!! Please, join my blog! xxx

  9. Urgh, I passed up one of those swans in white the other day and I wisdh I'd bought it now! Darn it! This is the first time I've been by and seen you sans red hair (am VVVVV behond on reading. I think, er, life got in the way!) - the dark suits you x

  10. I love your make-up. I love your eyebrows and eyeliner in particular. Really nice.

    Love your outfit too. :)


  11. i love that vintage pendant. i remember we used to have something similar which my sis and i used to think was an 'amulet' or soemthing when we were playing random adventure games..

  12. Hello,
    Just wanted to say that I've been following your blog for a while now (without sounding stalkerish) and really enjoy reading it. When I do, I do it in a Geordie accent (now I sound even weirder!) Anyway, I like your mix of style and kooky personality :)

    Georgia xx

  13. Love, love, love this outfit. I love the print of the dress, the purple cardigan, and the skull print scarf - just fabulous.

    I love the little pink flamingo, such a cutesie piece.


  14. What brilliant finds! I have a lot of love for that blue vintage pendant, gorgeous!


  15. That pendant is beautiful, really medieval looking.

    Love that dress on you, I used to have it as well but I wore it to death. I finally had to chuck it out a few weeks ago when my boobs ripped through the seams!

    Nat x