28 June 2012

Polka Dot Brights

Hey everyone,

Regular readers will be well aware of my long term love affair with polka dots, which is unsurprisingly still in full flow...

(Fugly/amazing shoes are my favourites!)

DRESS: Dorothy Perkins
BELT: Dorothy Perkins
NECKLACE: Present from Daniel via Topshop
RINGS: Various
POINT OF FASHION: Polka dot brights.

FOUNDATION: Rimmel Match Perfection foundation in 200/Soft Beige
PRESSED POWDER: Illamasqua 135
EYEBROWS: Wet N Wild Brow Palette
EYELINER: Rimmel Glam'Eyes Liquid Liner
MASCARA: Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof

The eagle-eyed amongst you may notice I've added a little colour to the bottom of my hair, and it looks halfway between ombre and a dip dye (hello, blogger cliche!). I bleached then used a hybrid of Directions dyes I've had left over from my crazy coloured hair days. It's quite subtle, but I think gives my hair another dimension, and makes it look more textured - as I have very fine hair, just a lot of it!
(I also really miss my red hair, sometimes - but definitely not the upkeep!)

One thing I'm especially excited about is that my sister is finally finished her exams which have been holding her hostage for the past few months. 
We have a completely different work ethic when it comes to schooling - I am of the mindset that if I didn't learn it in class, I'm never going to remember it, no matter how hard I try. 
But Nadia can sit and and read, write and rewrite notes for sixteen hours at a time. And it definitely seems to be paying off, as all of her exams went really well - including her dreaded Law one. 

We went on a sister shopping date the other day to celebrate. 
Neither of us had much money for buying anything for ourselves, but she went to buy an 18th birthday present for her friend and I helped her pick out a Chanel lipstick and some Topshop earrings.  

However one thing we really can dig deep into our pockets for if need be is food. 
After breaking off (another) seven year affair with my usual themed diner (which is a real shame as I have such happy memories there - but however the service and food has gone seriously downhill in the past year) she suggested we go to Northside Diner, which is situated in the toy department of Fenwicks.

I'd heard the milkshakes were amazing as they are made with gelato - and it was seriously the best milkshake I've ever had! It was so thick my straw stuck straight up! 
To eat, we just had portions of fries with lots of ketchup. Sometimes it's the simple things which really are the best!

I definitely recommend checking them out if you're local, or ever visiting Newcastle. 
The service was speedy and friendly, and the staff seemed to go the extra mile - one offered to take a picture of a family who were dining, and made a fuss over younger guests.

In other news I'm having another quiet week, as the weekend after next I'm going to London for Unskinny Bop with a few other bloggers including Lauren, Claire and Bethany - who I can't wait to see! 
Tickets are available here, with concessions are available to Fattylympics attendees (which unfortunately I can't get too as train prices are really expensive for earlier in the day - perhaps due to it also being Pride weekend).

If you're going and see me - please say hello! 
(I'll be the loud Geordie swigging a Bud. Standard.)

Muchos love,

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26 June 2012

WISHLIST: Summer Dresses

Hey everyone,

This year I am technically going to have two "summers" - this piddly excuse for a British summer (though I shouldn't be too harsh as we have had some lovely weather in the past few months!) then a scorching hot Australian winter that I really don't think I'm altogether prepared for.

However this means that I can look at pretty summer dresses with wanton abandon! Because I'm basically buying my summer AND winter wardrobes this year - so really I'm saving money in the long run, right? Right.

The lovelies at Plus Size Dresses sent me a link to some lovely pieces for the coming season - and from sizes 12 to 32 there is something for everyone, with brand names such as Anna Scholz, Joe Browns and Simply Be!

Here are some of my favourites from the collection:

Joe Browns

I really love the pattern on this dress - and of course the pops of pink, make it seem very colourful and girly. This would be perfect for a day of shopping paired with sandals, or for slipping on top of my bathing suit when I'm headed to the beach for a bit of a cheeky sunbathe. (In Factor 50 of course...)
Also on a personal note - if I'm feeling a bit homesick, this dress would remind me of my friend, Claire - Joe Browns' number one fangirl

Anna Scholz

One part of my holiday shopping which has me a little stumped is a beach cover up. This year, I am actually turning to dip hem dresses and maxis as a casual alternative. 
I absolutely love this piece - the leopard print keeps it bang on trend, and it is incredibly easy to dress up with some lipstick, bangles and a clutch bag for an evening look.

Anna Scholz

Even though my backpack is looking scarily small (for me, anyway - last time I went on holiday for ten days I took a 30" expandable suitcase which was full to bursting!) I am allowing myself a luxury item in the form of a little black dress. 
Coming from a party city like Newcastle, I am anxious to check out Sydney's famous nightlife - and really don't want to look out of place in my casuals.

The reason I'm planning on taking a simple black dress is that it's easy to accessorise with some necklaces, rings and a belt so I don't have to worry about it being fussy when I'm making a quick change at the hostel. Also, if I'm having a quieter night at a pub it's very easy to wear with my sandals and a cardigan slung over my shoulders. 

In other packing news, this week I'm finally paying off the rest of my flights and buying my insurance (scary!), as my working holiday visa finally arrived the other day! 

I have also invested in a netbook, as I'm just too scared for Betty the Macbook's wellbeing on my travels!
I bought it via Gumtree from a lovely couple who had hardly used it since Christmas - they'd also just had a new baby boy who was sleeping in the next room. 
He was adorable, but of course I ended up making friends with their cat instead, who was pottering around the kitchen mewing at me. 

Spinster for life, folks!

Muchos love,

DISCLAIMER: This post is in collaboration with PlusSize-Dresses.com, however all words and opinions are - as always - my own! 

19 June 2012

Doll Parts

Hey everyone,

My skin is back to my usual shade of pale blue, and thought I'd go back to my slightly goth roots to celebrate!

DRESS: Sodamix via Dorothy Perkins.
NECKLACE: Present from Daniel
BRACELETS: Various incl. YourFashionJewellery.com*
RINGS: Dorothy Perkins and Topshop
BOOTS: Dr Martens
POINT OF FASHION: Slightly mod.

This dress is one of my favourite sale finds, from £25 down to just £5!
There was a huge rack of Dorothy Perkins' concession brands selling for dirt cheap, but this was the only one I liked.

I also got a lovely new bracelet via the folks at YourFashionJewellery.com who sell great costume jewellery at very reasonable prices.
It was hard to pick just one item, as they have so many lovely things - but their range of skull shamballa bracelets are especially awesome!

NAIL POLISH: Love Label in Gold.
Leopard print is Silver by Barry M and Model's Own Nail Art Pet.

I don't have a close up of my makeup to show you today, as it was just too bright to take a proper photo without squinting.
However as I mentioned in my last entry, I've been experimenting again with some more colourful looks:

PRIMER: MAC Shadestick in Beige-ing.
EYESHADOWS: 120 Pro-Palette.
BLACK EYELINER: Rimmel Glam'Eyes Liquid Liner
MASCARA: Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof
EYEBROWS: Wet N' Wild Ultimate Brow Kit

PRIMER: MAC Shadestick in Beige-ing.
GOLD EYESHADOW: Urban Decay in Baked
BLACK EYELINER: Rimmel Glam'Eyes Liquid Liner
MASCARA: Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof
EYEBROWS: Wet N' Wild Ultimate Brow Kit

I love my 120 Pro Palette so much - I really recommend it, especially if you are like me and love experimenting with looks, but would also be suitable if you are a professional.
Most of the colours are very pigmented, especially the warmer colours, but they're very buildable with only a few being a little chalky.

I got mine from eBay, and there are so many sellers so definitely check them out on there!
However if you prefer to shop via websites, I've heard the Sedona Lace palette is great, which looks very similar.

Finally, if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you may already know this - but last week I got my septum pierced:

(Apologies for the 'duck face' - it's surprisingly difficult to get a photo without looking right up my nose!)

I was really nervous about having it done, but it was surprisingly not too bad - and very similar pain-wise to an ear lobe piercing.
I only have a retainer in at the minute, but I am really looking forward to getting a horseshoe ring in the near future.

If you're ever in Newcastle, I can't recommend Margaret and Peter at PX Piercing in Stowell Street (Chinatown) enough for a calming, professional and friendly experience!
They've done all my previous piercings, which have all healed absolutely fine.

I'm a big fan of body mods (I used to also have my labret and right nostril pierced, as well as a surface bar on my belly) and Natalie of Extra Large As Life wrote a really great post this week about her experiences, which is definitely worth a read!

EDIT: It's also body mods week on my favourite YouTube channel, Androgenetics! If you haven't checked them out already, definitely give them a clicky - I'm a bit addicted!
(I want Thursday to be my best friend.)

I hope you've all had a good week - I feel rather out of the loop with you all as I've been a bit MIA from social networking (Sometimes, it's just really nice to step off the grid for a little while!).
But I hope to get back in the swing of things soon, and we'll have a good old catch-up!

Muchos love,

DISCLAIMER: Bracelet sent courtesy of YourFashionJewellery.com. I received no compensation for featuring. Love Label nail polish via Plus London '12 goodie bag. All words and opinions are - as always - my own.

12 June 2012

Under Cover of Darkness

Hey everyone,

Just a cheeky quickie today, oh my!

SKIRT: New Look (circa 2007-ish?)
NECKLACES: Etsy and Topshop
RINGS: Dorothy Perkins, Topshop and World Market
BOOTS: Dr. Martens

I last featured this skirt in an outfit post way over two years ago (wow, my hair is short...) and don't know why I don't wear it more often as it's still in perfect condition. 
And yes, eagle-eyed readers will spot the same Lady Luck Rules OK (I miss them!) badge to keep the belt in place!

I also finally got around to wearing my Julian Casablancas t-shirt I got for Christmas - but as with most of my t-shirts I customised the neckline a little bit. 
(I wear band t-shirts to bed and they're all cut into the same shape!)

FOUNDATION: Rimmel Match Perfection foundation in 200/Soft Beige
EYEBROWS: Wet N Wild Brow Palette
EYELINER: Barry M in 001/Black
LIPSTICK: Barry M in A Touch of Magic

I apologise that my makeup isn't very creative as of late - it's funny, I feel really creative late at night and cake my face in colours around midnight, then when I get ready in the morning I can never be bothered so just go with my usual cat-eye flick and pink lipstick!

You may have noticed that I'm still fake-baking, even though the weather has considerably cooled over the last week or so. 
I've not really talked much recently about what I use or my routine - but just in case anyone is interested: 

I first exfoliate my body with a mitt in the shower (or you can use a scrub), then after drying off I quite liberally apply moisturiser. I'm currently using Vitamin E Body Butter from The Body Shop - but any will do! 
Then after that has soaked into my skin I use Sexy Skin Gradual Tanning Lotion from Ann Summers, which unfortunately isn't available anymore. 

I originally got some of this to review a few years ago, and loved it so much I have repurchased many times! 
It's such a shame they've stopped making it, but thankfully I did buy quite a few bottles in bulk when they were having a 50% off sale. So as I'm onto my last bottle, I also experimented with using St Moriz Self Tanning Mousse in 'Medium' on top of a lighter layer of Sexy Skin (just in case I didn't like it!)

St Moriz is supposed to give more of a brown/bronzed toned tan, making it appear a more natural glow than most fake tans, which tend to turn out orange based - and I definitely think that's true. 
I personally couldn't see a great difference as I've been used to my fake-bake for the past few weeks - but Daniel noticed straight away that my tan was a different shade, so it just goes to show!

St Moriz is slightly messier than the Sexy Skin, which goes on like a moisturiser and builds up to a tan after a few hours (very similar to Johnson's Holiday Sun)
On application, it looks very streaky and 'muddy,' but after showering this layer comes off to reveal a very even, natural looking tan underneath! So I'll definitely be repurchasing this when my last bottle of Sexy Skin finally runs out (le sob!)

Phew, apologies for the mini essay!

I'm sorry I don't have any extra photos from my adventures to show you as per usual, but Daniel and I just had a chilled day after I stayed up until 4am watching The Tony Awards which were marvellous, as expected. 

I was so glad that Judith Light won her category, and that Alan Menken (one of my heroes) finally won a Tony after eight Academy Awards, seven Golden Globes and eleven Grammys! Hugh Jackman being presented his award by his wife when he thought she'd just popped to the loo was hilarious, too!

Of course, Neil Patrick Harris was the perfect host all night and I loved his musical numbers - especially "What If Life Were More Like Theatre":

Wow this has been a wordier entry than usual hasn't it? 
I'll stop now. 
I Promise.

Muchos love,

DISCLAIMER: All products mentioned I purchased with my own money apart from the Sexy Skin Gradual Tanning Lotion which was sent to me to review, however I went on to repurchase myself as mentioned. All opinions are - as ever - my own!

7 June 2012

Tropical Gold

Hey everyone,

Warning...bingo wings at high noon!

DRESS: Red Herring
BELT: Dorothy Perkins
NECKLACE: Present from my sister, via Topshop
EARRINGS: Dorothy Perkins
BAG: Forever 21
SHOES: Primark

And so my love affair with tropical florals continues.

You may notice that I am flashing my bare arms for the first time in recent memory. I often get asked in the comments section why I always wear cardigans and tights, even on really pleasant days.

I have a (quite common) skin condition called keratosis pilaris on the upper outside of my arms, where it's been since I was a child - but in recent years has started to develop on my forearms and legs. If you're not sure what this is, it basically means I have little red marks on my skin which look like slightly aggravated goosebumps.

It's one of those things that people tend not to notice until I point it out, but it doesn't stop me feeling self-conscious. 

There is no 'cure' as such, but there are certain remedies that are supposed to help it along - one of the most popular being continually moisturising and exfoliating the area, as well as the use of sun beds. 
The latter is completely out of the question for me, as beside all the other scary factors I burn at the mere sight of sun - however I've been fake baking for the last few weeks which helps to somewhat disguise the weird red bumps.

One of these days I'll hopefully be able to feel confident enough to flash my pasty, chicken skin off in all it's glory - but for now it's a work in progress. 

FOUNDATION: Rimmel Match Perfection foundation in 200/Soft Beige
EYEBROWS: Wet N Wild Brow Palette
EYELINER: Barry M in 001/Black
LIPSTICK: Barry M in A Touch of Magic

My favourite clutch bag, which was under a tenner at Forever 21.
I can't wait for one to open at the MetroCentre later this year! 
(As well as a Krispy Kreme but let's not get into quite how excited I am for that - typical fat girl!)

I've had a quieter week that usual - which always happens when it's the school holidays. 
Everywhere is crowded (even the metros) and it's incredibly frustrating attempting to shop at all when people set their little darlings on the loose and they end up playing hide-and-seek in the sale racks. 

(As you may have gathered, I'm not a kid person. I'm sure if I ever have one, I'll quite like mine - but for now this particular scene with the little boy eating pesto from Sex and the City comes to mind:)

However, yesterday I had a lovely night out with my old workmates from when I worked at the hostel, and it was such a laugh seeing them again and talking about some of the hilarious things that went on. 

I'm sure people who have never worked in a hospitality environment would quite believe some of the stuff that happens - but if anything, they make great anecdotes at parties!

Muchos love,

EDIT: OH! I completely forgot to mention the Les Miserables teaser trailer in my last few posts. It's been my favourite musical ever since we performed it at school (I was one of the 'lovely ladies' - nb. spoiler alert! Fun fact - Peter Polycarpou who plays the pimp in this scene came to our school to coach us.) and I don't think I've been quite so excited about a film in a long while!
So I'll leave the trailer here, just in case you'd like to check it out: