7 June 2012

Tropical Gold

Hey everyone,

Warning...bingo wings at high noon!

DRESS: Red Herring
BELT: Dorothy Perkins
NECKLACE: Present from my sister, via Topshop
EARRINGS: Dorothy Perkins
BAG: Forever 21
SHOES: Primark

And so my love affair with tropical florals continues.

You may notice that I am flashing my bare arms for the first time in recent memory. I often get asked in the comments section why I always wear cardigans and tights, even on really pleasant days.

I have a (quite common) skin condition called keratosis pilaris on the upper outside of my arms, where it's been since I was a child - but in recent years has started to develop on my forearms and legs. If you're not sure what this is, it basically means I have little red marks on my skin which look like slightly aggravated goosebumps.

It's one of those things that people tend not to notice until I point it out, but it doesn't stop me feeling self-conscious. 

There is no 'cure' as such, but there are certain remedies that are supposed to help it along - one of the most popular being continually moisturising and exfoliating the area, as well as the use of sun beds. 
The latter is completely out of the question for me, as beside all the other scary factors I burn at the mere sight of sun - however I've been fake baking for the last few weeks which helps to somewhat disguise the weird red bumps.

One of these days I'll hopefully be able to feel confident enough to flash my pasty, chicken skin off in all it's glory - but for now it's a work in progress. 

FOUNDATION: Rimmel Match Perfection foundation in 200/Soft Beige
EYEBROWS: Wet N Wild Brow Palette
EYELINER: Barry M in 001/Black
LIPSTICK: Barry M in A Touch of Magic

My favourite clutch bag, which was under a tenner at Forever 21.
I can't wait for one to open at the MetroCentre later this year! 
(As well as a Krispy Kreme but let's not get into quite how excited I am for that - typical fat girl!)

I've had a quieter week that usual - which always happens when it's the school holidays. 
Everywhere is crowded (even the metros) and it's incredibly frustrating attempting to shop at all when people set their little darlings on the loose and they end up playing hide-and-seek in the sale racks. 

(As you may have gathered, I'm not a kid person. I'm sure if I ever have one, I'll quite like mine - but for now this particular scene with the little boy eating pesto from Sex and the City comes to mind:)

However, yesterday I had a lovely night out with my old workmates from when I worked at the hostel, and it was such a laugh seeing them again and talking about some of the hilarious things that went on. 

I'm sure people who have never worked in a hospitality environment would quite believe some of the stuff that happens - but if anything, they make great anecdotes at parties!

Muchos love,

EDIT: OH! I completely forgot to mention the Les Miserables teaser trailer in my last few posts. It's been my favourite musical ever since we performed it at school (I was one of the 'lovely ladies' - nb. spoiler alert! Fun fact - Peter Polycarpou who plays the pimp in this scene came to our school to coach us.) and I don't think I've been quite so excited about a film in a long while!
So I'll leave the trailer here, just in case you'd like to check it out:


  1. Beautiful dress! I wish I had the guts to have my arms out in public, I hate them so much!

    Amy xx


  2. Great dress! I never bare my arms or legs in public either; but I've started flashing them on my blog. Not sure where that confidence is coming from. Don't be embarrased about your skin, just go for it!

    Oh, and I'm with you on the child front. Not for me. That Samantha scene is a classic!

  3. have had much success with the KP by eliminating dairy! Mine is a mere shadow of its former self after 2 months off the cow stuff!

  4. I love this dress,i work at at debenhams but haven't seen anyone wearing this yet,you look gorgeous! :) xx

  5. I have a similar thing on my arms, I do find the sun helps but I generally don't get my arms out just because they're bigger then I'd like xxx

  6. I completely understand the arm thing, I also have quite podgy arms as well as the bumps so I just like to keep them hidden really. I don't mind short sleeves but I need some sort of cover! I don't like having my legs out without tights past the knee, but I admit, the past few summers I have worn things a little above because its a nightmare getting decent length stuff in the summer!

  7. You look stunning girl that dress is absolutely gorgeous, I also get the same things on my arms and legs it's not as bad as it was when I was a kid but I do find sometimes a bit of sunshine does help xoxo

  8. So pretty! I love that dress on you- not only is it flattering on you but it's also vintage and fun!

  9. So lovely. Very happy and vivid as I could see it..and it really suits well on you...You look so great..so tropical. :)
    Want fashionable pearls? Click here for more info.

  10. Hey cutie;) That dress is RAD.
    Rachel posted a link up you might be interested in!!!



  11. you look gorgeous! really love your dress :)

  12. I too have Keratosis pilaris you can see it so easily on me as I'm that pale, so I always wear cardigans.
    A Krispy Kreme coming to the Metrocentre?!?! Ahh my birthdays have all came at once. I think I may hibernate in the metrocentre from then on!
    You dress looks looks fabulous on you.

  13. Eddie Redmayne is going to be in the Les Mis film aaaargh so excited!!

    That dress looks amazing, love the full skirt.

    I have the same condition on my arms too :( xx

  14. I seriously adore this outfit!!!


  15. you look stunning, that dress is a real beaut! xx

  16. How bloody gorgeous do you look! My sister has the same problem but as you said its no big deal.

  17. I love that dress, LOVE IT! Like, I'd marry it and make little baby dresses with it. So pretty!

    I have the same thing on my arms, only, I didn't know what its called and it's never really bothered me too much. I like to cover the top of my arms anyway as that is the place I like the least of my body. But now I've learnt something new about my own body :P

  18. You look fabulous, what a beautiful dress x

  19. You look amazing, I have a similar thing with my arms but I get so warm that I can't wear cardigans in the summer!

    Maria xxx

  20. You look gorgeous- Like you're off to a luau! I love the shape of the dress, it's really dainty and pretty on you.

  21. Love this dress, this look is beautiful. You look stunning!

  22. What a gorgeous and fun dress! You look great in that! I know what you mean with the keratosis, I suffer from it too. I try and use scrubs (namely from The Body Shop and Soap and Glory), and cocoa butter, and every so often I try and have a minute or so in a tanning booth. I don't get any colour but I have seen results. I'd not do it often, like every few months.

  23. Ohh wow this dress is incredible! Really really suits you. Really refreshing seeing a size 16 fashion blogger x

  24. Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing...58eveningdress.