19 June 2012

Doll Parts

Hey everyone,

My skin is back to my usual shade of pale blue, and thought I'd go back to my slightly goth roots to celebrate!

DRESS: Sodamix via Dorothy Perkins.
NECKLACE: Present from Daniel
BRACELETS: Various incl. YourFashionJewellery.com*
RINGS: Dorothy Perkins and Topshop
BOOTS: Dr Martens
POINT OF FASHION: Slightly mod.

This dress is one of my favourite sale finds, from £25 down to just £5!
There was a huge rack of Dorothy Perkins' concession brands selling for dirt cheap, but this was the only one I liked.

I also got a lovely new bracelet via the folks at YourFashionJewellery.com who sell great costume jewellery at very reasonable prices.
It was hard to pick just one item, as they have so many lovely things - but their range of skull shamballa bracelets are especially awesome!

NAIL POLISH: Love Label in Gold.
Leopard print is Silver by Barry M and Model's Own Nail Art Pet.

I don't have a close up of my makeup to show you today, as it was just too bright to take a proper photo without squinting.
However as I mentioned in my last entry, I've been experimenting again with some more colourful looks:

PRIMER: MAC Shadestick in Beige-ing.
EYESHADOWS: 120 Pro-Palette.
BLACK EYELINER: Rimmel Glam'Eyes Liquid Liner
MASCARA: Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof
EYEBROWS: Wet N' Wild Ultimate Brow Kit

PRIMER: MAC Shadestick in Beige-ing.
GOLD EYESHADOW: Urban Decay in Baked
BLACK EYELINER: Rimmel Glam'Eyes Liquid Liner
MASCARA: Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof
EYEBROWS: Wet N' Wild Ultimate Brow Kit

I love my 120 Pro Palette so much - I really recommend it, especially if you are like me and love experimenting with looks, but would also be suitable if you are a professional.
Most of the colours are very pigmented, especially the warmer colours, but they're very buildable with only a few being a little chalky.

I got mine from eBay, and there are so many sellers so definitely check them out on there!
However if you prefer to shop via websites, I've heard the Sedona Lace palette is great, which looks very similar.

Finally, if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you may already know this - but last week I got my septum pierced:

(Apologies for the 'duck face' - it's surprisingly difficult to get a photo without looking right up my nose!)

I was really nervous about having it done, but it was surprisingly not too bad - and very similar pain-wise to an ear lobe piercing.
I only have a retainer in at the minute, but I am really looking forward to getting a horseshoe ring in the near future.

If you're ever in Newcastle, I can't recommend Margaret and Peter at PX Piercing in Stowell Street (Chinatown) enough for a calming, professional and friendly experience!
They've done all my previous piercings, which have all healed absolutely fine.

I'm a big fan of body mods (I used to also have my labret and right nostril pierced, as well as a surface bar on my belly) and Natalie of Extra Large As Life wrote a really great post this week about her experiences, which is definitely worth a read!

EDIT: It's also body mods week on my favourite YouTube channel, Androgenetics! If you haven't checked them out already, definitely give them a clicky - I'm a bit addicted!
(I want Thursday to be my best friend.)

I hope you've all had a good week - I feel rather out of the loop with you all as I've been a bit MIA from social networking (Sometimes, it's just really nice to step off the grid for a little while!).
But I hope to get back in the swing of things soon, and we'll have a good old catch-up!

Muchos love,

DISCLAIMER: Bracelet sent courtesy of YourFashionJewellery.com. I received no compensation for featuring. Love Label nail polish via Plus London '12 goodie bag. All words and opinions are - as always - my own.


  1. Great dress, and I love your make up looks, too!

  2. Super cute outfit and dang it your colorful experiments look really really good! I especially like your rainbow look. Also I think the piercing suits you, grats!

  3. I wanted a septum piercing for ageeeesss! Looks so good on you. I am also loving the polka dots. You are a well-dressed lady, and I applaud you. :')

  4. The rainbow make up is gorgeous! You look lovely x

  5. Your rainbow eyes look amazing! I wish I was as good at eyeshadow, I usually look like I've been playing with my mum's make up though when i do it haha.

  6. Love your make-up the colours are just fantastic, you should totally consider doing make-up tutorials for them! xoxo

  7. I adore your dress it's very cute


  8. Rainbow eyes = uhMAzing
    120 Pro Palette = WTF did I never know about this?!


  9. That makeup is AMAZING. Love this dress too, a very pretty print!

    Maria xxx

  10. Love your rings, so pretty!

  11. lovely outfit and i got my septum done at the same place! the two that work there are literally the most friendly people i've ever met!

    from helen at www.thelovecatsinc.com // @thelovecatsinc

  12. I have nominated you for a blog award!



  13. I love that eye make-up.
    I have been a fan of your blog for a very long time, your so genuine and lovely :)
    I've just started up my own, hopefully i can become an inspiration like you :D

    Much love x

  14. Love the hairband, and that skull ring is awesome!

    You're so brave to get your septum pierced, I'd be far too scared :-)

    Nat x

  15. great dress and cute jewellery...really gorgeous eye make-up too!!