30 May 2012

Chain Reaction

Hey everyone,

So the beautiful weather we've been having has slowly turned to overcast and muggy.

However, my tan remains - it's half real, and half fake-bake after I sat out in the sun for an hour too long and ended up resembling a lobster.

DRESS: c/o AX Paris.
CARDIGAN: M&S via eBay.
BELT: Dorothy Perkins.
NECKLACE: Punky Pins.
EARRINGS: Dorothy Perkins.
SHOES: Office.
POINT OF FASHION: Green, gold chains and red.

This dress was very kindly send to me from AX Paris and it is from their new Curve line which runs from size 16 to 26. 

I'd heard mixed reviews from bloggers on whether the line is true to size, so I ordered an 18 and it fits me perfectly with no clinging.
I'm only 5'4 however, and will probably take this up to just above my knee - I just feel more comfortable with dresses that length. But it's utterly gorgeous, with lovely lightweight material! 

The thing about having a bit of a tan means I have to break out my 'summer foundation' so I mix the darkest one with a bit of the others. I'm so used to being pale blue, it's a bit of an experiment to get the right mix.

So what else have I been up to in the past week?

1: On Friday night I went to see Avenue Q with my friends Lauren and David. I'd seen it in the West End, David had seen it on Broadway but it was Lauren's first time which was fun. 

We were in the front row, and Trekkie Monster kept pointing at David during The Internet is for P*rn so I ended up crying my eyeliner down my face, it was just hysterical! 
Afterwards we went for cocktails, and the above is the result of what happens when you arrive at 2 4 1 happy hour with five minutes to spare...classy lassies!

2: Tonight I went to my first Clandestine Cake Club meeting in Newcastle (I wanted to start last month but it was fully booked).  The CCC was founded with the sole reason to get people together to eat cake and have some drinks. Now it's turned into a national - and international - movement, with literally hundreds of clubs!

Every month there is a theme with a related venue announced to members only just a week before the event (for example, tonight's theme was "An English Country Garden" so it took place at Garden Kitchen). It is not cliquey, and there is no competitive element. Plus, any leftovers are welcome to be taken home!
I had a wonderful night (I made a sticky toffee date cake) and can't wait for the next one - be sure to check the clubs page of the website to see if there is one in your area. And if there's not - start one!

3: Finally, in rather exciting news one of my outfits I uploaded to Look What I'm Wearing (more information in this post) made it into Look Magazine this week! I was especially stoked as it's the special Jubilee issue, which is sparkly and full of uber-British fashion and kitsch. 
(The 'Jubillee Bingo' page made me laugh - it reminded me of something you might find in the Girl Talk Bumper Summer Issue I would get religiously every year!)

And that's all, folks!

I'm going shopping tomorrow for the first time in ages with Daniel (which funnily enough in ten years of friendship we've never really done - except when we have to cut through Eldon Square to get to a pub or a Nando's...classy!) for some more summer bits as I have two summers to buy for this year, one here and one in Australia! Eeep. 

Bring on the tropical florals, even if the weather is not so tropical anymore...

Muchos love,

DISCLAIMER: AX Paris dress sent for review. I was invited by Look Magazine to come and check out the launch of the Look What I'm Wearing segment of their website and to be one of the first uploaders, however all participation was completely voluntary. I have not received any money from either company. All opinions are - as always - my own!

23 May 2012

Unprepared For Summer

Hey everyone,

So along with my fellow Brits, this mini heatwave has knocked me for six.

And as someone who dresses like it's constantly spring/autumn with my tea dresses, cardigans and tights - my summer wardrobe usually consists of stuff I've worn previously.
Although I love bright colours and prints, I never seem to buy a lot of new things during this time of year.

I also think with my silly hat, bright blazer (I call it my 'Graham Norton' jacket!) and hi-tops I do sort of look like an oversized child.
At the pub tonight an adorable baby boy kept pointing and waving at me. Kindred spirits, and all that.

DRESS: H! by Henry Holland.
BLAZER: River Island.
BELT: Dorothy Perkins.
BAG: River Island.
HAT: Primark.
NECKLACE: Present from Daniel, via Topshop.
BRACLETS: Various.
EARRINGS: River Island (two earrings worn in one ear).
SHOES: Nike.
POINT OF FASHION: Heatwave/Hot Mess.

I really need to wear this blazer more - I'm always put off as it's a size too big (but was on sale for only £17 down from around £40), plus it's so bright and brashy the only other time I wore it was to Pride a few years ago
(Claire also owns it and looks waaaay more chic than I do!)

But now I think it's going to be one of those things I'll end up taking with me to Sydney for chillier evenings.

I kept my face quite neutral with only using Beijing shadestick by MAC (I seriously can't recommend these enough - they've been a staple of mine for years!) for some highlighting, along with  my usual black cat eye flick (Barry M) and shaded eyebrows (Wet N Wild)
I've really fallen in love with the Wake Me Up Foundation by Rimmel in True Ivory I've mentioned previously - it's the perfect coverage for summer!

Also included is some messy 'nail art' - although I hasten to use that term as I was unfortunately not born with the mad skillzzz gene. 
However all the polishes I used are by Barry M, except the gold tip which is by Love Label from our Plus London goodie bags this year. 

The bold pattern of the blazer drowns out how pretty the dress underneath it - and it's absolutely gorgeous, one of my new favourites. I especially love the 1980s-esque shoulders!

(Hola, changing room pic!)

So I hope you've all been enjoying the sunshine, if it's had it's hat on in your area!
It won't last of course, so best to break out the barbecues ASAP!

Finally, I will leave you with this ad I saw on TV the other day and made me smile so much! 
Awww Harvey is so cute:

Muchos love,

19 May 2012

Tropical Florals

Hey everyone,

Wow, two outfit posts in a row - I'm on a bit of a roll!

Nail polish is Shade 2 by Accessorize - my ring fingers also have a coat of Blue Glitter by Barry M.

DRESS: Primark.
BAG: Primark.
BROOCH: c/o Callooh and Callay (more here)
BELT: eBay.
NECKLACE: Cinsational Baubles.
BOOTS: Dr Martens.
POINT OF FASHION: Tropical, punky florals.

Apologies for the 'coy blogger pose' on the last photo - I'm just getting over a cold which has left lots of dry skin on my nose and my lips are ridiculously chapped. 

However I wanted to show a close up of my awesome new hairband which was only around a fiver from New Look and reminds me of my goth days when I'd be covered in spiky silver accessories!

My friend Daniel is back in the UK from his year abroad in France and is a bit down in the dumps as his lovely boyfriend Nik has returned home to America so I'm doing my best to cheer him up.

On Thursday night we went out for some drinks, then when they called last orders he came back to mine and we ended up drinking huge mugs of tea and chatting until 4.30am.

We haven't had a lunch date in a while, so today we went for to Zizzi's and I had calamari and a pizza - with of course yet more wine. 
Hey, it's the weekend - and we're Geordies, remember!

After we'd finished we had a wander along the quayside to work off our lunch (that weird thing behind Daniel that looks like a silver slug is The Sage building) where I haven't been for ages. 
It definitely did my poor asthmatic lungs the world of good. 

So yeah, it's been a really fun few days - and don't forget to give Daniel's blog a clicky if you haven't already!

In other news - you may remember last month I went to London for a secret project?

Well, I am one of the initial contributors to Look What I'm Wearing - a new section of Look Magazine's website where anyone can upload their outfits for a chance to be in the magazine itself!

Looks are also categorised by Hottest Looks (looks with a lot of 'likes' and links) and Latest Looks (most recently uploaded).

The website is moderated by the (incredibly lovely) online team (mostly to keep out unsuitable photos and trolls), although nobody is discriminated against - everyone of any size is welcome to upload their look! (This was my first question, haha!) 

This coincides with the new look of Look which had a bit of a makeover this week and is just £1 during the re-launch. So be sure to check it out - it's awesome!

(I was cheeky and lifted the title of this post from this page - shhhh!)

So I hope to see lots of you getting involved with Look What I'm Wearing - remember, anyone can upload - it's not just for bloggers!

Muchos love,

DISCLAIMER: I was invited by Look Magazine to come and check out the launch of the Look What I'm Wearing segment of their website and to be one of the first uploaders, however all participation was completely voluntary. I was also sent a free copy of the latest issue of the magazine, with the option to blog about it if I wish. I have not received any money from Look Magazine. All opinions are - as always - my own!

13 May 2012

"Nobody Likes You When You're Twenty-Three..."

Hey everyone,

It was my birthday yesterday, and I turned twenty-three. Hoorah!

Although I didn't plan on buying a new outfit as I'm trying so hard to curb my spending for Australia, I just couldn't resist this gorgeous prom style dress from Red Herring for only £45!
(Though I also fell in love with this dress too with a cool chilli pepper design - but I behaved myself.)

I think it looks and feels a lot more expensive, especially as it has pretty petticoats and tulle underneath.

It's one of those dresses which feels like it's been made especially for me - it fits my waist perfectly, is low-cut without being too revealing and the hemline hits my knees in just the right spot.

I was planning on wearing heels, but since we had standing tickets for Boulevard I didn't want to be worrying that my feel would hurt after 3 hours of solid standing.

DRESS: Red Herring.
BELT: Dorothy Perkins.
NECKLACE: Birthday present from my sister via Topshop.
SHOES: Office.
POINT OF FASHION: Grown up girly.

To go with the 1950s feel of the dress, I kept my makeup quite minimal for a party look with my usual cat eye (001 by Barry M) and false eyelashes (eBay), a strong brow (Wet N' Wild brow palette) and bright pink lips (Touch of Magic by Barry M).

I also tried a new foundation, as it's always good to try new things - Wake Me Up Foundation by Rimmel in True Ivory which I believe is the second lightest shade. 
It looks a little too orange for my skin tone in the bottle, but I really love the consistency, and it goes on my face much paler. I think it also gives me a bit of a more dewy look than usual - when sometimes I worry I look a little too matt!

To celebrate my birthday, I had a cat themed night out with my friends (as you do...)
We went to Twist for a few cheeky drinks, then saw Boulevard's late show which was awesome as ever. 

Like myself, most of my friends aren't into proper 'clubbing' anymore (not that I've ever been the world's biggest fan in the first place) and it was lovely to have a night out with lots of singing and dancing, but without the blaring house music, dance floors so crowded you can hardly move and hour-long queues for the bar and bathroom. 

It was such a laugh, so I thought I'd share a few of my favourite photos:

I loved my bestie Sam's fluffy ears, as well as her new outfit from Miss Selfridge.

Marie and I demonstrating 'the Autumn Shade dance' from our school days.

During a PE lesson in Year 9 the class was asked to pair up and come up with a dance to a song inspired by the artist and lyrics.
While the other girls came up with sexy moves from various Top 40 tunes, we chose the slowest song we knew - Autumn Shade by The Vines - and sort of just swayed about like Craig Nicholls

I'm so glad my darling Daniel is home from his year abroad in France - I've missed him so much!

I love this picture so much!
Natalie (I LOVE her 'Soft Kitty' t-shirt), Sam, Lorna, Marie, Libby and Sarah.

Thank you again to my friends for such a wonderful night - you're the best!
And also to everyone who sent me such lovely tweets yesterday, they were really appreciated - thank you thank you! 

Muchos love,