23 May 2012

Unprepared For Summer

Hey everyone,

So along with my fellow Brits, this mini heatwave has knocked me for six.

And as someone who dresses like it's constantly spring/autumn with my tea dresses, cardigans and tights - my summer wardrobe usually consists of stuff I've worn previously.
Although I love bright colours and prints, I never seem to buy a lot of new things during this time of year.

I also think with my silly hat, bright blazer (I call it my 'Graham Norton' jacket!) and hi-tops I do sort of look like an oversized child.
At the pub tonight an adorable baby boy kept pointing and waving at me. Kindred spirits, and all that.

DRESS: H! by Henry Holland.
BLAZER: River Island.
BELT: Dorothy Perkins.
BAG: River Island.
HAT: Primark.
NECKLACE: Present from Daniel, via Topshop.
BRACLETS: Various.
EARRINGS: River Island (two earrings worn in one ear).
SHOES: Nike.
POINT OF FASHION: Heatwave/Hot Mess.

I really need to wear this blazer more - I'm always put off as it's a size too big (but was on sale for only £17 down from around £40), plus it's so bright and brashy the only other time I wore it was to Pride a few years ago
(Claire also owns it and looks waaaay more chic than I do!)

But now I think it's going to be one of those things I'll end up taking with me to Sydney for chillier evenings.

I kept my face quite neutral with only using Beijing shadestick by MAC (I seriously can't recommend these enough - they've been a staple of mine for years!) for some highlighting, along with  my usual black cat eye flick (Barry M) and shaded eyebrows (Wet N Wild)
I've really fallen in love with the Wake Me Up Foundation by Rimmel in True Ivory I've mentioned previously - it's the perfect coverage for summer!

Also included is some messy 'nail art' - although I hasten to use that term as I was unfortunately not born with the mad skillzzz gene. 
However all the polishes I used are by Barry M, except the gold tip which is by Love Label from our Plus London goodie bags this year. 

The bold pattern of the blazer drowns out how pretty the dress underneath it - and it's absolutely gorgeous, one of my new favourites. I especially love the 1980s-esque shoulders!

(Hola, changing room pic!)

So I hope you've all been enjoying the sunshine, if it's had it's hat on in your area!
It won't last of course, so best to break out the barbecues ASAP!

Finally, I will leave you with this ad I saw on TV the other day and made me smile so much! 
Awww Harvey is so cute:

Muchos love,


  1. Ms B - the hint of cleavage in that last pic has sent me all a wobble - :P! I'm the same - I looked at my wardrobe this morn and was like "what am I gonna wear?!". I love it though - if it stays in 20s thats ideal for me, I can cope with that!

  2. I always LOVE how you team print together, you just go for it. It always pays off too, as I love this outfit, also your nails are too cute. Mine need some love they look well trampy at the mo x

  3. I love how colorful your outfit is! You did an amazing job mixing patterns; it gives it such a playful vibe. That floral blazer is to die for!


  4. Ahh this outfit is totally fab! I got caught out wearing jeans and a top today, wish Id worn a dress and bare legs :( xox

  5. Love this outfit. The print on your blazer is perfection!


  6. Love the colours in this outfit, the blazer is too cute, love the print!

  7. That blazer is to die for! Loving the mix of prints in this post as well!

  8. You look gorgeous! I get smiles and waves from children too, they definitely recognise a kindred spirit! I love that blazer and dress and that advert is my favourite!

    Maria xxx

  9. Hello amazing outfit! I want your shoes!
    How do you think you'll go with the Aussie weather? I think it will be quite a change for you!

  10. You look lovely! I love the 80s shoulders of that dress. Also fab nails. And I LOVE Harvey, he breaks my little heart.