19 May 2012

Tropical Florals

Hey everyone,

Wow, two outfit posts in a row - I'm on a bit of a roll!

Nail polish is Shade 2 by Accessorize - my ring fingers also have a coat of Blue Glitter by Barry M.

DRESS: Primark.
BAG: Primark.
BROOCH: c/o Callooh and Callay (more here)
BELT: eBay.
NECKLACE: Cinsational Baubles.
BOOTS: Dr Martens.
POINT OF FASHION: Tropical, punky florals.

Apologies for the 'coy blogger pose' on the last photo - I'm just getting over a cold which has left lots of dry skin on my nose and my lips are ridiculously chapped. 

However I wanted to show a close up of my awesome new hairband which was only around a fiver from New Look and reminds me of my goth days when I'd be covered in spiky silver accessories!

My friend Daniel is back in the UK from his year abroad in France and is a bit down in the dumps as his lovely boyfriend Nik has returned home to America so I'm doing my best to cheer him up.

On Thursday night we went out for some drinks, then when they called last orders he came back to mine and we ended up drinking huge mugs of tea and chatting until 4.30am.

We haven't had a lunch date in a while, so today we went for to Zizzi's and I had calamari and a pizza - with of course yet more wine. 
Hey, it's the weekend - and we're Geordies, remember!

After we'd finished we had a wander along the quayside to work off our lunch (that weird thing behind Daniel that looks like a silver slug is The Sage building) where I haven't been for ages. 
It definitely did my poor asthmatic lungs the world of good. 

So yeah, it's been a really fun few days - and don't forget to give Daniel's blog a clicky if you haven't already!

In other news - you may remember last month I went to London for a secret project?

Well, I am one of the initial contributors to Look What I'm Wearing - a new section of Look Magazine's website where anyone can upload their outfits for a chance to be in the magazine itself!

Looks are also categorised by Hottest Looks (looks with a lot of 'likes' and links) and Latest Looks (most recently uploaded).

The website is moderated by the (incredibly lovely) online team (mostly to keep out unsuitable photos and trolls), although nobody is discriminated against - everyone of any size is welcome to upload their look! (This was my first question, haha!) 

This coincides with the new look of Look which had a bit of a makeover this week and is just £1 during the re-launch. So be sure to check it out - it's awesome!

(I was cheeky and lifted the title of this post from this page - shhhh!)

So I hope to see lots of you getting involved with Look What I'm Wearing - remember, anyone can upload - it's not just for bloggers!

Muchos love,

DISCLAIMER: I was invited by Look Magazine to come and check out the launch of the Look What I'm Wearing segment of their website and to be one of the first uploaders, however all participation was completely voluntary. I was also sent a free copy of the latest issue of the magazine, with the option to blog about it if I wish. I have not received any money from Look Magazine. All opinions are - as always - my own!


  1. Love the dr martens! You look so cute :) x


  2. I love your dress, cardigan, and necklace. The whole outfit is so pretty!

    And congratualtions for appearing in Look Magazine; it's one of my faves :)

  3. you look stunning!


  4. Very interesting Look Mag site! Kind of like Lookbook.nu really. Also fab studs :D xo

  5. Love the dress! I didn't realise Look was having a re-vamp. Will have to pick up a copy this week :) x

  6. I love the dress :-) And congrats on the contribution to Look Magazine!

    Nat x

  7. LOVE your outfit and those DMs are AMAZING!

    Maria xxx

  8. Love this outfit, your dress is beautiful.

  9. if you ever want to sell that blazer, sell it to me pretty please. i thinks it is soo friggin awesome