27 March 2011

OUTFIT POST: Clash of the Clashes!

Hey everyone,

Has it really been less than two weeks since I last blogged? It feel like a lot longer!
I'd just like to update you on everything that's happening since I'm still getting lots of lovely comments and tweets asking how the new job is going.

It's actually going really well.
The past week few weeks have been training, and the doors open to the public tomorrow - which is very exciting, but also nerve wracking.
But it's nice that everybody is in the same boat.

It looks like I'll be working a lot of hours, and I said to my new boss that's good as I like having lots of money for clothes.
"Oh good,"
He replied. "Then you'll be able to afford a decent outfit for once!"

Charming! Heehee.

Another great thing is that everyone seems really nice.
It helped that we all had drinks after three days, so everyone got laughing and chatting.

However it means that I'm having to give up co-presenting my radio show with Daniel, as I'll be working most weekends.
Today was my last show for the near future, and as I've been living in jeans and t-shirts all week I dressed up a little.

It was also a lovely day, and I've been looking for an opportunity to wear this gorgeous shrug from Primark (their stuff is SO good at the minute - I need to start going there more!).

I originally planned to wear it with a plain black dress to make the print pop, but as I was feeling quite summery I wore it with my favourite dress from Domino Dollhouse.

I've never really experimented with clashing prints before, and you know what?
I rather love it.

DRESS: Domino Dollhouse.
SHRUG: Primark.
New Look.
Dorothy Perkins.
Clashing prints.

I also recently bought a new pair of brogues from Primark.
They have a heel on them, which is a welcome change when I live in flats.
Which I love, but does anyone else get sore feet after a while?

1: Afformention drinks at work. The bar next door is serving cocktails, and as I may have a few shifts in there we learnt how to make them properly by a mixologist. Yummm.

We had a family date to Beamish last weekend. We're never usually one of those "OMG IT'S THE WEEKEND, LET'S DO A FAMILY ACTIVITY!" kind of family, so it was a nice change.

I broke my Lent pledge to give up chocolate yesterday at Marble Slab. Meh, if I'm going to cheat I might as well do it properly.

Anyhoo, I just wanted to update you all on how I've been.
I can't promise to blog as much as I usually do at the moment, but I've really missed you all!

I'm still doing my 365 Tumblr, and tweeting as much as I can.

Also, I'll try my best to answer your questions from the Q&A post sometime this week!
So if you have any other questions, please just leave a comment.

Muchos love,

PS: OH, and before I forget, this week's excitement is also brought to you by The Vines!

My all-time favourite band are releasing their new single Gimme Love tomorrow (although you can stream it for free here), have a new album in June, and released this promo for the music video a few days ago.
Epic fangirling happened, I tell thee.

I can't believe the original members are in their thirties now!
Time flies, innit?

16 March 2011


Hey everyone,

Just a heads up that it may get a little quiet around here for the next week or so.
If you follow me on Twitter, you'll know I started my new job today.
(Thank you to everyone who sent 'good luck' tweets - you guys are the best!!)

I'm working within a brand new company in the city, which officially opens it's doors in just under two weeks.
This means there is a lot of ground to cover as everyone is new, and we even have extra qualifications we need to study for outside work hours!

So just while I get into a new routine, I just wanted to let you all know why I won't be around for a little while.
(But not too long, I promise!)

Thank you so much for your questions in my last post - please keep them coming!
They're absolutely great, and I'll do my best to get them answered very soon.

I'm also going to be hosting a lovely giveaway soon, so be sure to keep an eye out for that, too.

And finally, just so this post isn't all word-y:

I know I'm something like six months late to the party, but I finally got some Barry M Instant Nail Effects polish.
I also bought two more Nail Paints this week (119 and 210) - taking my collection up to nineteen bottles!
One more and I can have a different colour for each of my fingers and toes...

Muchos love,

13 March 2011

Ask Me Anything/Q & A?

Hey everyone,

Recently I've seen a few of those 15 things about me/30 questions memes and tags floating about the interwebs, and I'd really like to take part.

However, I was thinking it would be fun to make a an Ask Me Anything - so I'm really killing two birds with one stone! (Poor birdies...)

Your questions don't have to be fashion related at all - anything and everything you'd like to be nosy about, I'll try my best to answer!
(Nothing rude though, minds out of the gutter please! ;))

So feel free to comment below with any questions you'd like me to answer - and when I've got enough, I'll compile them into either a written post, or a vlog.

Muchos love,

10 March 2011

Style Icon: Minnie Mouse.

Hey everyone,

Ever since I found my Minnie Mouse ears, I've been on a Disney kick - re-watching old favourites and swotting up on lots of trivia. Because I'm just that cool.

Anyway, today's outfit is based around someone who never goes out of style:

It dawned on me when I'd finished making this, that I should have includes some pretty white lace gloves. Gahhhh!

Because Minnie has always had massive eyes, I'd go with heavy eyeliner with a flick, and some extravagant falsh eyelashes.

Putting this look together has made me miss wearing red so much - I can hardly wear it anymore as it clashes with my hair and makes me look like a big tomato! *le sob*

I've always been a massive Disney fan, ever since I can remember. Especially when I was about five, my room was covered in anything vaguely Minnie Mouse related.

I especially remember a print I had of her in a neon pink bow, long beads, trainers and a cropped stonewashed denim jacket. Ahhhh, the 90s...

I love that even a cartoon character's wardrobe can be ever evolving.
When Minnie first made her appearance in the 1920s, she had a style inspired by the flapper girls - wearing a bowler hat, gloves, and a mini-dress.

She went more conservative in the 1940s, when her hat was replaced by a bow and the hem on her dress was lengthened.

I like that her bloomers, however, have always been on show!

Circa 1992 at the opening of The Disney Store in the Metro Centre.

So like I said earlier, I've always been a massive Disney fan - and serious dvd watching has been happening.
Me and my friends were discussing our favourites the other day - and I think my shortlist is:

1: Aladdin.
2: Basil The Great Mouse Detective.
3: Pocahontas.
4: The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
5: Beauty and the Beast.

Which are your favourites?

I'm so jealous I never got to study the Animated Cinema module whilst at university. I didn't have any credits free in second year - boo!

Oh and before I forget, I'm sorry for the lack of Girl Crush Wednesday this week!

I planned on having a free day tomorrow which would including writing the post up, but my friend Sam came round and we just chilled, listened to music and baked cupcakes.
So apologies - it will be back next week, promise!

Muchos love,

8 March 2011

Outfit Post: Daisy Dares You.

Hey everyone,

Goodness me, where did Spring go?
Yes it's still nice and sunny, but I found myself rummaging around in my scarves drawer for a winter wooly!

However, I am British.
Therefore if I see the sun - I assume it's spring SUMMER already.
Which is affecting my wardrobe choices and making me leave the house without a coat like a typical Geordie girl.

DRESS: Topshop.
CARDIGAN: Forever 21.
BELT: Miss Selfridge.
NECKLACE: Present from Daniel.
SHOES: New Look.
POINT OF FASHION: Daisies = spring. Ergo, spring is here...right?

Since my last few outfits have been quite loud and bright, I wanted to slightly tone things down today. I love the nude colour of the cardigan, and the pattern is stunning (They're regency ladies - scroll down near the bottom of this entry for a closer look!).

The daisy dress is also my favourite at the moment!
I did play slightly more than what I usually do for a day dress (about £30), but Primark currently have a very similar design for about half that price. Hmmm.

1: It was St David's Day last week, and I made some yummy Welsh cakes for elevenses. Thanks to Beth for the heads up - I hadn't even heard of them before!

2: I keep being inspired by blogs on Tumblr with stunning nail art. However, I am incredibly inpatient so end up giving up halfway through and scrubbing everything off.

3: Today is Shrove Tuesday, better known as "Pancake Day" in the UK. I usually favour the bigger, fluffier American-style pancake, but Italian Catholic Mother has always made delicious crepes which we had with Nutella. Nom nom nom.

I have one week of freedom left before I begin my new job next Wednesday.
I'm really looking forward to starting, and everyone so far seems friendly. Plus, it's nice that it's a completely new place, so I don't have to go in as "the new girl" as we'll all be in the same boat!

See ya'll tomorrow for Girl Crush Wednesday!

Muchos love,

5 March 2011

Outfit Post: Fun and Fashion at the Museum.

Hey everyone,

As I've mentioned in a few posts, when me and my friend Sam are a bit low on funds we like nothing better than having what we call 'cheap days' in Newcastle.
This usually involves us going to a museum and acting like excited children.

I do really love museums - I have ever since I was a child.
On school trips, when other kids would drag their feet and only perk up when it came to the gift shop, I was fascinated by old greek pots, Roman weaponary and the stuffed animals (although the model of a bird caught in an aeroplane wheel would always give me the creeps!).

So yesterday we went to the Discovery museum.
I hadn't been there since I was a kid, and my dad would take me around on some weekends.

I always found the local history a bit of a yawn-fest (the area is rich in Roman history and my home town was even invaded by Vikings - which sounds exciting to learn about, but it's all we heard at school), but I liked the fashion displays featuring regency frocks and tuxedos.

My favourite bit was of course the science floor, which had all sorts of exciting interactive things to do. It was also there that I used my first PC!

We found a new part recently added, which was a 'dress up' room in the fashion section especially for kids. There was a big wardrobe with play clothes like we used to have in nursery school (kindergarten).

Sam put on a spacesuit and chose the moment a group of textiles students were passing through to yell: "Carla, look! I've always wanted to be in NASA!"

Anyhoo, I had to get a picture in my regular clothes now didn't I?

DRESS: Vintage.
NECKLACE: Dorothy Perkins.
BELT: New Look.
SHOES: New Look.
POINT OF FASHION: Granny chic.

And here's some more pictures from our adventures:

1: In a maid's costume - I think I'm missing my vocation! Of course I loved the Peter Pan collar.

2: Sam meeting her clones in the kaleidoscope mirror.

3: I loved these hats painted on the wall - the little fez is so cute!

We also found the most amazing little café tucked away, but I'm saving that for another post where I'm going to write about my favourite hidden gems in Newcastle.
So stayed tuned for that!

Muchos love,

2 March 2011

Girl Crush Wednesday: #3.

Hey everyone,

Everyone get ready to hop into a cold shower. It's Wednesday, so of course it's:

So Carla, who is up this week?
Well I'm glad you asked...

Kaelah of Little Chief Honeybee.

I know there's quite a few Kaelah fangirls out there, and rightly so. Her blog is a mix of outfit posts, photography, music and more.
She also hosts some of the most generous giveaways I've ever seen, which have featured peices from indie designers to cameras.

She sometimes posts vlogs and her Southern accent makes me melttttt and miss all my American friends very much!


I know what you're all thinking. WHUT A HOT MESS! And yes, she is - that's why I love her.
I've already written a post professing my adoration of all things Ke-dollar-sign-ha, but she had to make an appearance for Girl Crush Wednesday as well.

What I really love about her, is she doesn't take herself too seriously. Her new video for Blow features unicorns and an altercation with "James Van Der DOUCHE", acts like a small child at the zoo and her Disney princess spoof is the funniest thing I've seen in ages!

If you're still not convinced, at least promise me you'll check out The Harold Song. It may surprise you!

Laura from That's So Yesterday.

One of my favourite blogs at the moment is That's So Yesterday, which is a fabulous mash up of fashion and makeup. It's run by the gorgeous Laura (who could get a part time job as Juliet Landau's stunt double...?) whose dress sense I just love - mixing bold prints and block colour.

She also has a YouTube channel (everybody go "awwwww" at her bambino in the background!), so be sure to check that out as well.

And that's your lot for this week.
Get clicking and show your support for some fabulous ladies! (Yes, even Ke$ha!)

Also before I forget, I've been on a bit of a Spotify kick this week, and have created a playlist with a bunch of songs I'm really loving at the minute. So feel free to give it a clicky-clicky!

Muchos love,