5 March 2011

Outfit Post: Fun and Fashion at the Museum.

Hey everyone,

As I've mentioned in a few posts, when me and my friend Sam are a bit low on funds we like nothing better than having what we call 'cheap days' in Newcastle.
This usually involves us going to a museum and acting like excited children.

I do really love museums - I have ever since I was a child.
On school trips, when other kids would drag their feet and only perk up when it came to the gift shop, I was fascinated by old greek pots, Roman weaponary and the stuffed animals (although the model of a bird caught in an aeroplane wheel would always give me the creeps!).

So yesterday we went to the Discovery museum.
I hadn't been there since I was a kid, and my dad would take me around on some weekends.

I always found the local history a bit of a yawn-fest (the area is rich in Roman history and my home town was even invaded by Vikings - which sounds exciting to learn about, but it's all we heard at school), but I liked the fashion displays featuring regency frocks and tuxedos.

My favourite bit was of course the science floor, which had all sorts of exciting interactive things to do. It was also there that I used my first PC!

We found a new part recently added, which was a 'dress up' room in the fashion section especially for kids. There was a big wardrobe with play clothes like we used to have in nursery school (kindergarten).

Sam put on a spacesuit and chose the moment a group of textiles students were passing through to yell: "Carla, look! I've always wanted to be in NASA!"

Anyhoo, I had to get a picture in my regular clothes now didn't I?

DRESS: Vintage.
NECKLACE: Dorothy Perkins.
BELT: New Look.
SHOES: New Look.
POINT OF FASHION: Granny chic.

And here's some more pictures from our adventures:

1: In a maid's costume - I think I'm missing my vocation! Of course I loved the Peter Pan collar.

2: Sam meeting her clones in the kaleidoscope mirror.

3: I loved these hats painted on the wall - the little fez is so cute!

We also found the most amazing little café tucked away, but I'm saving that for another post where I'm going to write about my favourite hidden gems in Newcastle.
So stayed tuned for that!

Muchos love,


  1. I adore your dress Carla! And it looks absolutely gorgeous on you. Everybody loves a cheap day out now and then ;o)

    Penny x

  2. I love that dress on you! You look super cute, while very on trend. Playing dress up has always been a favourite game of mine, too :)

  3. Carla that dress is absoloutely stunning, i love the colours with your hair :)

    I was never really a musuem buff, although the science museums with interactive stuff always fascinated me. I remember a fab one in cardiff...aaah memories!xxx

  4. Museum days are the best and they're free! I love museums. You look so lovely and colourful too! Nice apron :P

  5. Beautiful hun! The dress is lovely, I like museums too, would love to go to TATE modern xx

  6. Aw I absolutely love this outfit!!

  7. really really love that dress! So cute :)
    You have great style x

  8. You look stunning. I love your dress - it really suits you. Oooh, I love museums more than life. They're so much fun.

  9. OMG obviously love this post! Brilliant pics! Haha I'm starting to think I could incorporate outfits into my posts


  10. You look so amazingly gorgeous,darling!
    Oh,your shoes,i'm in love!

  11. What a beautiful dress! I instantly thought it matched the quaint interior of that room ahaha! If im ever in 'castle any time soon im definitely hitting this place up, im such a museum geek. (:

  12. Can't wait for the Newcastle post, would love to find more places to visit! x

  13. Granny Chic! I luuuurrrvvvve it!

  14. I love all the colours in your dress.
    There aren't many museums in Cardiff :( There is a good museum where you can go down a coal mine though in Blaenavon x


  16. aww I love going to museums, I still have a huge list I need to revisit (it's so bloody cold don't want to leave the house). I love the vintage dress, and those painted hats on the wall are super cute :)

  17. I love museums. In my country there are so many wonderful and fascinating museums, that reminds me I need to find some time to visit one of them.
    Great outfit! love your dress! :)

  18. Your outfit is so beautiful :)
    I live in Manchester and there are so many museums here! The Science and Technology museum here is probably my favourite though, Ive been so many times and I still love it :D

  19. You are rocking that dress. I love the way you modernize vintage pieces. The other day I was out thrifting and saw a dress similar to that (sadly, not in my size) and thought, "that looks just like something Messy Carla would wear!"!


  20. love the outfits! I too love museums and it is such a good day out for something cheap to do haha
    Looks like you had alot of fun xx :o)


  21. i'm gutted the dress is vintage, i love it :( haha. looks awesome on you. excited to read your hidden gems in newcastle! since i've moved back here i haven't been very adventurous! xo


  22. You look adorable! I love going to museums as well.The pic of your friend is funny and I love that you commented on the peter pan collar of the maid's outfit. Fun post!

  23. That dress is awesome carla! Also love your little maids outfit heheh.

  24. I love museums too, I go to the natural history museum a lot and say hello to the stuffed dodo :) Love your dress, Claire would be all over your brogues :P

  25. Such a gorgeous dress! All museums should have dress up rooms :)

  26. Everytime I see that dress, I think what bright brilliant colours they are!

  27. Oh I just love your dress!