8 March 2011

Outfit Post: Daisy Dares You.

Hey everyone,

Goodness me, where did Spring go?
Yes it's still nice and sunny, but I found myself rummaging around in my scarves drawer for a winter wooly!

However, I am British.
Therefore if I see the sun - I assume it's spring SUMMER already.
Which is affecting my wardrobe choices and making me leave the house without a coat like a typical Geordie girl.

DRESS: Topshop.
CARDIGAN: Forever 21.
BELT: Miss Selfridge.
NECKLACE: Present from Daniel.
SHOES: New Look.
POINT OF FASHION: Daisies = spring. Ergo, spring is here...right?

Since my last few outfits have been quite loud and bright, I wanted to slightly tone things down today. I love the nude colour of the cardigan, and the pattern is stunning (They're regency ladies - scroll down near the bottom of this entry for a closer look!).

The daisy dress is also my favourite at the moment!
I did play slightly more than what I usually do for a day dress (about £30), but Primark currently have a very similar design for about half that price. Hmmm.

1: It was St David's Day last week, and I made some yummy Welsh cakes for elevenses. Thanks to Beth for the heads up - I hadn't even heard of them before!

2: I keep being inspired by blogs on Tumblr with stunning nail art. However, I am incredibly inpatient so end up giving up halfway through and scrubbing everything off.

3: Today is Shrove Tuesday, better known as "Pancake Day" in the UK. I usually favour the bigger, fluffier American-style pancake, but Italian Catholic Mother has always made delicious crepes which we had with Nutella. Nom nom nom.

I have one week of freedom left before I begin my new job next Wednesday.
I'm really looking forward to starting, and everyone so far seems friendly. Plus, it's nice that it's a completely new place, so I don't have to go in as "the new girl" as we'll all be in the same boat!

See ya'll tomorrow for Girl Crush Wednesday!

Muchos love,


  1. The dress looks beautiful on you. Can I have your hair please? Can I can I xxx

  2. I love this outfit- the cardigan and dress look amazing!
    I know exactly what you mean about the weather- I'm currently really really behind on my wool wash so I need to get sorted soon else I'll freeze!
    Welsh cakes are amazing, I'm a little sad I'm at uni today so aren't having pancakes with my family. I am however going home this weekend so may force them to have a pancake day no 2!

  3. i looovee this dress i have a similar one from matalan but you couldn't really call mine a dress you can see my bum without me even bending over! haha

    also i know how you feel about leaving theh ouse without a coat i thought the same this morning and regretted it almost instantly!

    aroselikethis.blogspot.com xx

  4. That dress is absolutely beautiful! And your cardigan was such a great find, it looks lovely (: LOVE that photo of your Mum in pancake-flipping action aha! xxx

  5. I adore that cardigan! The pattern is so cute and you've styled it beautifully with that dress :)

    Happy Pancake Day! Your mum is clearly a pro at pancake flipping, ahaha :D

  6. wahey! great pancake action shot!!

  7. Mmm... crepes, yummy. Happy Pancake Day to you!

    I really like the cardigan you're wearing.

  8. Cute outfit, and I love your cardi! x

  9. Dear,i'm not british and in this past days if i see a ray of sun i think i can wear dresses and flats,wronggg,as i go out it's either cold or starting to rain.

    Creped and nutella,best thing ever!!

    I think that all of us using Tumblr want to make the most delicious looking nails ever,but i always end up ruining them or loosing my patience!


  10. LOVE the dress, Welsh cakes are yum aren't they? It's been a long time since I made any but I'll have to dig out my old welsh recipes xoxo

  11. That dress looks gorgeous on you! A friend tried on the Primark version a couple of days ago and the cut was awful, so I think you made the right choice. I haven't had a chance to make pancakes yet, but I might cheat a little and have them as a midnight snack :)

    Good luck at your new job xoxo

    ps - I have a case of British summer dressing too, and I've been freezing for days - when will I learn? :)

  12. Hahahah LOVE the flipping pancake picture, good job! I cheated and used a flipper fish slice thing - meh! Don't like mess! Love the outfit - That dress is quite similar to a primark playsuit!


  13. Those squashed teacakes look so good! As I can see the sun shining, I'm surprised you even have a cardigan on. You're letting the Geordies down ;)

    On a nicer note, I love your dress/outfit/life! & I may have to buy that Claire's nail polish...

  14. Love the dress! I'm on a mission to find it now!

    Also, in my opinion, the only way to eat pancakes is with nutella. Completely nomable :)

  15. Such a cute dress! =) Very pretty!

    Awesome pancake shot! I didn't get chance to make pancakes last night =( *boo!*


  16. I love your dress!

    And I totally agree with the nail art thing - I just put on a red colour and go! :)

    good luck with the new job!


  17. I am too lazy for nail art now too! I'm almost too lazy/busy to even paint my nails now. I love that topshop dress too.

  18. I love that dress on you! Wow yum... I'm so hungry! xo

  19. Carla you look lovely as always, I'm the same when it comes to the sun - break out the sunglasses and flip flops! In fact, I bought an ice cream t'other day just to make a point!

    Also, the pancake photo is INSPIRED. x

  20. I love love the dress, its lovely! I much prefer this version to the Primark one.
    Your nail polish set looks so cute too - I love glitter polish.
    Good luck on starting your new job!

  21. That is a very cute dress! I really like it!!! I love the fact we've had (2) sunny days recently! It makes me feel happier!

  22. I looove that dress! Hope your new job starts well if I don't talk to you beforehand :)

  23. I love your dress, it is so beautiful! The pancake picture is great and nutella is awesome on pancakes :)