14 August 2012

A Modern Beat

Hey everyone,

Hope you're good in your hoods and enjoying the surprisingly lovely weather if you're also in the UK.

So of course what's the best colour to wear in the summertime?
Black, duh!

DRESS: Urban Outfitters
BELT: Topshop
RINGS: Dorothy Perkins

LENSES: Geo Nudy Blue (reviewed here)
EYELASHES: eBay (this seller - recommended by Victoria)
FOUNDATION: Rimmel Match Perfection in 200/Soft Beige
POWDER: Illamasqua 115
EYELINER: Rimmel Glam Eyes Liner
EYEBROWS: Wet N Wild Palette
LIPSTICK: MAC Speak Louder

All nail polishes by Barry M

I wore this outfit last night for my friend Ben's birthday party (FUN FACT: We met on a zombie walk a few years ago. I forget sometimes that I'm technically banned from The Bridges mall in Sunderland as we didn't bother getting permission. Picture here.) - which also doubled as his going away party as he is moving to London to work for one of the country's leading men's magazines. 

It was such a good night - there was a copious amount of bootay shaking, which is always a good thing.

You may also notice I've had a few inches taken off my hair - but I had such a good experience at a different salon, I'll have to save that for another post. 
I love that you can see my dip dye more now that my layers have been put back in.

Back to the dress - yes, your eyes do not deceive you - I am indeed a fat girl wearing an Urban Outfitters dress. 
I was invited a few weeks ago to photograph the Newcastle store and some of their A/W collections for you guys, seeing as I missed the grand opening in December (I was on holiday at the time):

My favourite was the new 'A Modern Beat' women's collection which was the casual rock and roll look that Urban Outfitters is know for, mixed with parkas, collared shirts, print blocking and shiny dress shoes for a more mod boy-meets-girl feel. 

I was very kindly asked if I'd like to pick out something from the collection - and I half expected to end up with a t-shirt from the men's department I could customise or an oversized cardigan. 
But I chanced trying on this dress (size L) and it fit like a little glove! 
I've been after a cute lace dress ever since I saw Claire's, and combined with a sweetheart necklace it's just perfect. (It seems that everything I have in my wardrobe at the minute is high necked which I'm getting a little tired of - a few dresses are having to be customised before I go travelling!)

But I had a lovely time meeting the staff, who were all very sweet - and I love that they all looked different and were able to express their personalities at work! Ashley, who showed me around pointed to her colleague - a pretty girl with black hair and piercings working the desk - and said: "Look, we even have a goth!" which I thought was funny. 
When I couldn't decide in my dress in black or red the girl replied: "Black. Always black." She reminded me of Richmond from The IT Crowd!

But it just goes to show that you shouldn't be put off trying clothes on in stores that don't technically carry your size!

In other news it's now less than six weeks until I leave for the sunny shores of Sydney. 
I'm planning a post on everything I'll be taking in my scarily-too-small-for-me backpack so look out for that soon!

Muchos love,


  1. This looks amazing on you! I'll have to go nosing round Urban Outfitters myself :)



  2. You look adorable, I absolutely love this dress on you. I always use to shy away from Urban Outfitters myself but a few years ago I found two tank tops and they have become a staple in my wardrobe (I'm pretty sure they were suppose to be a somewhat baggy fit which is why I could wear them). Your hair looks super cute too.


  3. You're so teeny weeny and gorgeous! Love the dress xx

  4. you look lovely I love the fit of the dress on you to great put together look


  5. The dress looks amazing!! Hilarious that you were banned for a zombie walk, hardly like you ACTUALLY tried to eat flesh.

  6. what an amazing dress on you! and seriously, you look so good in those circle lenses. it looks natural from that photograph, you'd never know that they're circle lenses from afar x


  7. You are too cute for words. I adore this outfit on you!

  8. you look so amazing!!! i like that outfit so much!

  9. AH you look amazing, love your new hair and that lipstick!

    Maria xxx

  10. Bryden and I also got invited to look at the A/W stuff, I chose this dress too! I had the same problem choosing between the coral red and black too, I ended up going for black. It's such a nice dress, it looks lovely on you.


  11. You look smokin' hot in this outfit lady!
    I like to browse at UO, but as nothing fits me I always end up being the kitsch home-ware which is just as fun!

    Fliss @ The Offbeat Girl

  12. reading your blog ! Such great inspiration ! I am a new blogger and would love for you to check out my blog and follow back if you like it !

  13. That dress looks lush on you, pet :)