29 November 2011

Pink Leopard

Hey everyone,

Another quickie today (ooh-err) as it's Italian Catholic Mother's birthday today and we're off out for lunch and drinks!

Of course one of has to be on I.C.M WATCH at all times - as she still attempts to rush around after everyone ever, even on her birthday. Eyes on her at all times!

Since my new haircut makes me look about eighteen (I've been I.D'd everytime I've gone out for a fizzy pop since getting it done!) you'd think I'd try to dress a little more mature to make up for it?


DRESS: Primark.
CARDIGAN: Hoi Polloi.
NECKLACES: Sunday Girl Accessories and vintage.
SHOES: Office.
POINT OF FASHION: Pink, gold and black.

Gold eyeshadow: Goldilux by Sugarpill (again!)

My sister came home from school and I noticed that her folder matches my cardigan.
I'm a chameleon!

I swear, there's nothing better to cure winter blues like wearing bright colours.
I do feel rather like an extra from Jem in this get up!

Anyhoo I'm offskies for birthday luncheon.

This week, I have another Etsy Treats post coming up - and I've also been finalising the guest posts over December.
There are some AMAZING, creative posts coming up - I'm so excited.
I have a feeling you'll not miss me too much, haha!

Muchos love,

22 November 2011

Etsy Treats 002

Hey everyone,Link
Ready for round 2 of Etsy Treats? I thought so.
I'm loving...

Gold glitter headband: £13.66

Virginia necklace: £11.71
(All the other states are available too!)

Julian Casablancas t-shirt: £12.00

Owl brooch: £6.50

Cup cozy: £6.83

If any items are sold out by the time this posts, I suggest getting in touch with the seller - most are happy to make peices again for you and reserve them so you don't miss out!

Muchos love,

19 November 2011

Florals and Pentacles

Hey everyone,

Usually with outfit posts, I try not to re-use items over and over again unless there are long hiatuses inbetween.
That, and I have too many dresses anyway.

However, once in a while there is a dress that is so easy to style in many different ways - and this is one of them.
It's the perfect fit on me, suits pretty much all my accessories to create a completely new look.

DRESS: New Look.
CARDIGAN: H&M via Ebay.
NECKLACE: Urban Outfitters.
BELT: Next.
TIGHTS: Dorothy Perkins.
BOOTS: Bearpaw.
POINT OF FASHION: Florals and pentacles.

Apologies for the phone picture - I was rushing out the door and didn't have time to go and grab my camera.
But as you can see, the dress although simple is styled completely different than in this post.

1. If you follow me on Twitter you may have already seen this picture, but I decided on impulse to change my side fringe to a centre/block one. I absolutely love it - however I think it takes a few years off my age (I'm 22), so I'll have to remember to carry I.D. with me whenever I go out for some fizzy pop!

2. A close up of my belt - I loved the stud detail, and I'm actually wearing it back to front to get the full effect! You could never tell, could you? Also I'm wearing the pentacle necklace I bought in Urban Outfitters a few month ago - I've been watching copious amounts of Buffy this week, so I must have been inspired by the wonderful Willow Rosenberg!

Link3. My eye makeup. I haven't done colourful makeup in a while, and was in the mood for being creative. The eyeshadows came from Urban Decay's Fun Palette - the individual colours if you're interested are Psychedelic Sister (purple) and Baked (gold).

I'm coming to the end of my Christmas shopping now - how about you all?
I've also had three birthdays to buy for, and it's exciting that they're all coming up: for Italian Catholic Mother's birthday we're having a lovely meal and drinks, for my best-friend Sam's birthday we're going dancing in town, then for my sister's 18th we're going for another meal and then seeing Boulevard's Christmas show!

Then of course I'm off to America soon.
I've had an AMAZING response to the guest writers post and there's some wonderful creative posts coming up in December.

Muchos love,

14 November 2011

Etsy Treats 001

Hey everyone,

As it's coming up to the season-of-giving, I've found myself looking through Etsy for some beautiful, unique peices that would be perfect for gifts.

So I thought it would be a good idea to post some of my favourite things.
Since I'm from the UK, I'm giving all prices in GBP.
However conversions are easily made via the website or by using XE.com.

Hat with deer antlers knitting pattern: £3.54

Peanut butter and banana sandwich necklace: £9.00

Monarch Butterfly clips: £6.00

Marauders t-shirt: £12.83
(I love the Death Eater one too!)

Macaroon necklace: £7.72 (each)

I'm going to keep these posts quite short and sporadic, but I hope these have given you some inspiration for gifts - it can get quite difficult and stress-y, sometimes!

Muchos love,

10 November 2011

Grey, Green and Hazelnuts.

Hey everyone,

Just a quickie post today - I wore this whilst out Christmas shopping!
I bought the t-shirt and necklace from Forever 21 when I was in London last month, but hadn't worn the top yet, and the necklace only once.

And yes - the bottle green cardigan is back!

TOP: Forever 21.
SKIRT: New Look.
NECKLACE: Forever 21.
BOOTS: Bearpaw via NatureShop.co.uk.
POINT OF FASHION: Cool Autumn colours.

My boots were very kindly sent to review from NatureShop.co.uk who sell premium "nature inspired" brands and products that are kind to your body and to the environment.
They are committed to making a positive difference to the world, with a specific focus on preservation of the world’s natural environments. 10 % of all profits are donated to the World Wildlife Fund and children's charities: Heart Children (New Zealand) and Canteen (Australia).

The website recommends sizing up, so I went up from a 5 to a 6 and they fit me perfectly.
They are suede with sheepskin inside from the top to toes to keep my feet all snug - I really can't recommend them enough!

They're gorgeous as they are, but I can't wait to add some cute boot cuffs - Next have some great ones in at the minute!

In other news: it's a Princess Brie special today!
Basically, in this week's Graze box one of the punnets had a few Hazelnuts which I hate eating by themselves. So, I thought I'd donate them to Brie as they're fantastic for hamsters' teeth.

Prior to HAZELNUTFEST 2011.
Brie's quite slight for a hamster as she's got lots of toys and is very active.

However the Brie way is to stuff all six hazelnuts into her pouches at once.


The next challenge was getting into her little house, which she suddenly found herself too big for.
Her response was not to drop the hazelnuts, but to glare around at me as if it was all my fault.

And that friends, is the story of the hamster and the hazelnuts!

Muchos love,

DISCLAIMER: The boots were sent to me to review from NatureShop.co.uk. I did not recieve any money for writing this post. As always - all opinions are my own!

8 November 2011

Guest Bloggers Wanted!

Hey everyone,

As I've mentioned a few times I'm going on holiday for most of December so am looking for lovely content to put here while I'm away.

If you think a peice would look good on this blog, just email me a sample including a photo or two you will use.
LinkAnything fashion, makeup, DIY, baking or holidays will be greatly appreciated!

It will be a great opportunity to promote your blog or website if you have one (of course this is not a necessity!) as well as any other channels such as YouTube etc.

If you're an online store, unfortunately I won't be accepting submissions for blog posts that are pure advertisement. However, you may like to consider being a sponsor instead!

I'll be looking for posts to go out around 9th-20th December.
So get submitting if you're interested - I'm looking forward to reading your stuff!

Muchos love,

3 November 2011

Dear Santa...love MessyCarla! (2011)

Hey everyone,

Now it's November, I think it's perfectly alright to compile a Christmas list, yes?

Especially as I'm going to be away from 9th-20th December, I need to get my letter to the big dude in the red suit nice and early this year:

I can't believe it's almost been a year since I sent off my last letter - 2011 really has flown hasn't it?

One of my favourite things about this season is the music.

Yes, I do mean the cheesy songs that are played year in year out.

I was in Swing Band at school, and I loved playing the Christmas concerts - I still have the peice of tinsel I wrapped around my saxophone's bell on my last show at a Methodist club.
Rock and roll.

One of the best one-liners I've ever heard was when Nick who played sax like me kept screwing up the melody of Frosty the Snowman.
So our teacher said: "Nick, if you do that on the night everybody will notice because everyone knows the tune to Frosty. Except you, apparently." Haha! Pwned.

However, here are some of my favourite alternative Christmas songs:

It's Christmas (And I Hate You) by Paloma Faith and Josh Weller.

Christmas is Cancelled by The Long Blondes

Maybe This Christmas by Rex Sexsmith

Baby, It's Cold Outside by Selma Blair and Rainn Wilson

Muchos love,