29 November 2011

Pink Leopard

Hey everyone,

Another quickie today (ooh-err) as it's Italian Catholic Mother's birthday today and we're off out for lunch and drinks!

Of course one of has to be on I.C.M WATCH at all times - as she still attempts to rush around after everyone ever, even on her birthday. Eyes on her at all times!

Since my new haircut makes me look about eighteen (I've been I.D'd everytime I've gone out for a fizzy pop since getting it done!) you'd think I'd try to dress a little more mature to make up for it?


DRESS: Primark.
CARDIGAN: Hoi Polloi.
NECKLACES: Sunday Girl Accessories and vintage.
SHOES: Office.
POINT OF FASHION: Pink, gold and black.

Gold eyeshadow: Goldilux by Sugarpill (again!)

My sister came home from school and I noticed that her folder matches my cardigan.
I'm a chameleon!

I swear, there's nothing better to cure winter blues like wearing bright colours.
I do feel rather like an extra from Jem in this get up!

Anyhoo I'm offskies for birthday luncheon.

This week, I have another Etsy Treats post coming up - and I've also been finalising the guest posts over December.
There are some AMAZING, creative posts coming up - I'm so excited.
I have a feeling you'll not miss me too much, haha!

Muchos love,


  1. I love your cardigan! I haven't heard of Hoi Polloi before, will have to check it out :) xx

  2. LOVE the cardi, its actually amazing! xx :o)

  3. That cardigan is amazing. :)

  4. oooh I love your eyemake up! I never do anything fun like that, I look like a clown when I try and put make up on. I used to love Jem but I loved my Barbie and the rockstars video the most x

  5. Love your hair - although I might be a bit biased! ;) I always get ID'd too, it must be something about fringes! What you've done with the gold eyeshadow is lovely, I think I'm gonna try it out. Hope your lunch was good! xx

  6. Love the cardi, the shoes, the hair, the eyemakeup, EVERYTHING! You look fab!
    Stiletto Siren

  7. Love EVERYTHING about this, love love love. Hair is well fit x

  8. Absolutely love the fringe. I am stupidly growing mine out and regret it every time I see a good thick/full fringe hehe :) xxx


  9. I love your outfit, but your eyes look amazing! Wish I could do liquid liner!! xxx

  10. that cardigan is amazing!! xx

  11. OMG that cardi is amazeballs with a side order of awesome sauce! x

  12. I love this look, I love all the pink, the cardigan and shoes could not be more fabulous. You look gorgeous and I love the hair.

    The makeup is fab as well, I think I said this in my last comment but your eye color is just stunning! My eyes are just blue, no mix of colors, I love how yours have the orangy yellow rings to it.

    JEM! The music is contagious. I really want to go as Jem for Halloween one year.


  13. You look amazing, I love your new hair!

    Maria xxx

  14. Okay, I think i'd marry that cardi if I could, it's amazing!

  15. Did you get a haircut? you look SO beautiful!!

  16. Love this! You look amazing. The cardigan and shoes are wonderful - the bright pink works so well with black and gold.

    Your makeup is fantastic too! I absolutely fail at eyeliner, so I'm a little jealous. ;)

  17. Oh gosh I love everything about this, your hair and your outfit is just perfect you're just the cutest thing ever xoxo

  18. The cardigan is wonderful! I need one too ;(

  19. Love the cardigan!
    and the gold eyeshadow is amazing :)


  20. by the way I 'heart' your hairstyle. cute!! i wanna cut my hair like yours :)

  21. Love the cardigan and your necklace :D