3 November 2011

Dear Santa...love MessyCarla! (2011)

Hey everyone,

Now it's November, I think it's perfectly alright to compile a Christmas list, yes?

Especially as I'm going to be away from 9th-20th December, I need to get my letter to the big dude in the red suit nice and early this year:

I can't believe it's almost been a year since I sent off my last letter - 2011 really has flown hasn't it?

One of my favourite things about this season is the music.

Yes, I do mean the cheesy songs that are played year in year out.

I was in Swing Band at school, and I loved playing the Christmas concerts - I still have the peice of tinsel I wrapped around my saxophone's bell on my last show at a Methodist club.
Rock and roll.

One of the best one-liners I've ever heard was when Nick who played sax like me kept screwing up the melody of Frosty the Snowman.
So our teacher said: "Nick, if you do that on the night everybody will notice because everyone knows the tune to Frosty. Except you, apparently." Haha! Pwned.

However, here are some of my favourite alternative Christmas songs:

It's Christmas (And I Hate You) by Paloma Faith and Josh Weller.

Christmas is Cancelled by The Long Blondes

Maybe This Christmas by Rex Sexsmith

Baby, It's Cold Outside by Selma Blair and Rainn Wilson

Muchos love,


  1. I love the alternative Christmas songs!


  2. Such nice picks, that dress is stunning!!


  3. That dress is to die for. As is that lipstick colour. Lovely.


  4. Ah this makes miss jazz band so badly! I'm also a sax player, but in jazz band I played bass and the Christmas show was always my favorite. We had so much fun...ugh I'm going to get emotional :P

    Anyways I LOVE your wishlist and your music :D

  5. oh yeah im loving the domino doll house collection! loving i say! also i love paloma faith! didnt know about the xmas song! its great thanks for sharing! :D


  6. weeeehhhh I want that dress so bad, it's been on my bookmarks toolbar since it came out. Damn me being broke x

  7. Have you heard the hives & cyndi lauper christmas song? I think you would appreciate it :D The little bear hat is so cute too.

  8. I love making (and looking at) Christmas wishlists. The cat slippers are so cute xx

  9. ahhh alternative xmas songs rock my red woolly socks! And gosh I want everything on your list, I hope I've been good this year D: Em & Sprout do THE cutest slippers don't they? :D I've got unicorn sleep mask from them too! (I'm normal...)

    I have the ASOS bear hat too! It's SO warm and snuggly, though I'm not sure I can wear it when it snows.. I don't want me ears getting wet!

    beautiful blog by the way xxx


  10. Great little wishlist! I love the cardi and bear hat :D I never get bored of Christmas songs, no matter how many times I hear them.

  11. Love how everyone is writing a xmas list! I need to write mine soon!!!
    xoxo Jess

  12. I LOVE that dress, it would look amazing on you! My most embarrassing Xmas memory came courtesy of when I dropped my chimebar in the silent part of our Christmas play and then promptly burst into tears...talk about subtle! :P

    Maria xxx