25 November 2010

Christmas Presents: The Best of the NOVELTIES!

Hey everyone,

It's November 25th...officially one month until Christmas is here!
I've been feeling very festive this year, surprisingly!

I'm usually a bit of a bah humbug - especially as my S.A.D gets me a bit gloomy.
But funnily enough it hasn't seemed to effect me very much this year, so hoorah!

I've also been super-organised this year. Annoyingly so, you could say.
I have most of my presents in (I've also had three birthdays to buy for as well!), as well as the wrapping and my cards.

And while I love buying Christmas presents, as for me it's an excuse to go shopping - there's always that ONE person in your life who it's difficult to buy for as they seem to have everything!
They have plenty of clothes, jewellery, makeup etc.

And when you ask them to give you a ballpark on what to buy, they just reply: "Anything!" Hmmph!

So for these special people you move on to something very special that comes but once a year...the novelty present!
And it doesn't all have to be cheap tat - you can definitely get something quite cute if you do some looking.

Here's my top novelty picks:

*EDIT: The itsKitch toast press is actually only £3! WHOOPS!

I have SUCH a soft spot for silly things like these - but I like that you can put most of them to regular use!

There is one thing I've neglected this Christmas however...my own presents!
I've spent November fussing about what I'm going to get other people, when Italian Catholic Mother asked what I wanted, I struck a blank!

We went Christmas shopping yesterday evening however, and picked out lots of lovely stuff - but I'll save that for my next post!

I love this picture of my sister (notice her new lip peircing?) and I.C.M laden with shopping bags full of goodies.

Nadia picked out a fabulous scarf from River Island, a cosy dressing gown from Dorothy Perkins and a Cath Kidson bag.
I think she's getting a lot of books this year too.

How about you guys?
Do you think you're easy to buy for, or have your friends got to drag you late night shopping and make you point out what you want?
As always, I love hearing from you - so do let me know!

I hope all you Americano-types had a wonderful Thanksgiving - I've always wanted to be in the USA during Thanksgiving as I've already been there for 4th July.
Hmm...one year one of you will have to invite me around for some turkey and pumpkin pie, yes? Heehee.

It's always nice to say something we're thankful for.
I'm thankful for my lovely family, and my best friends Daniel and Sam.

Also for everyone who reads this blog, and your constant support.
You lot are the best cheerleading squad in the world!
*knuckle-bumps you all*

Muchos love,

UK folk - bloody stupid snow, am I right? Bah!
PPS: I am not sponsored by any of the companies featured.


  1. Ooh, you're very organised this year. I've only bought one prezzie so far :/ Ooh yes, I know difficult people like that!!I'm glad you had fun shopping. Corr, you all share the same lovely smile (: I think I'm relatively easy to buy for :/ However, that's easy for me to say! Have a lovely weekend to add to your good week!

  2. I love the selection you put together, any chance you could do a number 2 follow up for the guy that has everything too ?

  3. I love novelty/silly/gag gifts. I prefer them to "stuff" - they often have more meaning (inside jokes) and result in a lot of laughs!

    I think I'm relatively easy to buy for. Though my best friend recently asked me what I wanted for my birthday and Christmas. Which is hilarious considering she and I have the same taste in clothing/jewelery, etc.! It should be easy! When I buy her a gift I know I'm successful if I realllly want to keep it, haha.

  4. I've found a lot of people are insanely organised this year!! I'm glad though, I'd feel so stressed if I was only just starting out.
    The toaster stamp is so cute - they have a really lovely one in poundland actually!!
    I never have to ask my friends for anything but my mum always wants a list haha

  5. Wow, I haven't even THOUGHT about Christmas presents yet, I admire your organisation :O I think I am fairly easy to but for, normally friends get me 'something shiny' because I'm a bit of a magpie :P Generally though, it's nice that people think about you and get you a present :)

    P.S. I *need* those ice cubes too! :)

    Maria xxx

  6. I need to think about christmas presents, too... But I think I am really easy to to buy for... I can easily be excited about little things, if they hmm are some kind of eyecandy, or just like the things you picked out, I think I would like every of them. I love this little sensless stuff :D

  7. That mug is adorable! Its what I would consider a perfect gift :)
    I think Im super easy to shop for, I love getting quirky gifts like unique scarves or hats and bath stuff. I just tell someone to go to LUSH or the Body Shop for my gifts if they are really stumped.

    As for shopping Ive got done... I have stuff for a few children in my family. Thats all. Aaah sucha slacker this year!!

  8. aaah this is such a super post. I just love those cupcake lip balms and the river island knickers are awesome :) xx

  9. Those knickers! I can't believe I can get Brandon Flowers that close..I love them. I'm getting myself organised this year too. I've got a list as long as my arm of presents to buy and I've also been very organised and written a list of presents for people to buy me. I love this time of year and I'm glad you're feeling festive, there's nothing better.

  10. I actually almost bought those lipbalms the other day!

    Well, I have started thinking about present but haven't really bought anything yet. It's easy with my parents though - my dad's mobile phone is acting up and he can't actually call anyone anymore, so he's getting a new one.

    Well. Yeah - and that's about as far as I've come ;)

  11. I really like that toast thing - very funky! Also love the mugs (very useful, too!).
    I'm quite easy to buy for - however what I want is normally music and clothes, so if I give my elders' the product code, the price and the store then I normally get the gift!

    Jules x.

    p.s. I've nearly finished my shopping too! YAY! However, i've trouble finding something for my uncle and my grandfather, they're the hardest to get!!!
    p.p.s. No snow in Southern England yet.... *sob*