19 November 2010

MessyCarla and the Deathly Hallows.

Hey everyone,

Well, Potterweek is finally here!
Co-inciding with the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows me and my friend Natalie went to a Harry Potter quiz at the Tyneside Cinema earlier on in the week, and this is what I wore:

DRESS: Vintage.
CARDIGAN: Dorothy Perkins.
SCARF: Handmade.
NECKLACE: Dorothy Perkins.
BELT: New Look.
TIGHTS: Dorothy Perkins.
BOOTS: Fenwicks.

This isn't the best picture of me in the whole wide world, because it was dark, drizzly, windy and I was in a hurry to meet Natalie. But I've just got to show off my lovely Hufflepuff scarf.

My mam (aka: Italian Catholic Mother) knitted it for me a few years ago, but it's so soft and cosy it's perfect for the winter. And great for showing Badger Pride!

The quiz was so much fun - I loved the geeky team names everybody had chosen: The Quidditch Queens, The Weasleys, S.P.E.W, God Hates Hufflepuffs (I booed them!), The Chudley Cannons...yeah, Harry Potter fans really are a different breed of people aren't we?

Themed cocktails were also served.
I had Infusion of Gurdyroot, which was vodka, Midori, Blue Curacao and cranberry juice:


Natalie had a Felix Felicis (vodka, butterscotch liquer and lemonade), and a Gillywater (vodka, creme de menthe, creme de cacao, butterscotch and milk) but neither of us were brave enough to try Firewhisky (bourbon and tabasco sauce).
Completely alcohol-free versions were available too, which was a nice touch.

We came sixth out of fifteen teams, which I don't think was too bad seeing as neither of us has read the books in about a year, and there was only the two of us!

I'm actually not long back from seeing the new film.
I've already tweeted a few of my thoughts, but if you'd like to read my two cents, just highlight the white text below.
(Yes, there are spoilers - and apologies if my thoughts are a bit scrabbled, I've only been back from the screening a few hours and wanted to get everything down before I forget.)

I solomnly swear I am up to no good...

Visually, it’s a gorgeous film – the cinematography of lonely beaches and abandoned forests are bleak, but stunning and reflect the mood of the characters.

The Ministry of Magic scenes are fantastic – and are the crux (or should that be HORcrux? Oh shut up, Carla.) of the action scenes which unlike the others films are far between.

You can tell most of the action scenes were originally prepared for 3D, notably the chase scene with ‘the seven Potters’, and with Nagini the snake, so I found these do fall a little flat – especially in comparison to the rollercoaster-esque opening scenes of The Half Blood Prince.

I also adored the animated scene, with the Tale of the Three Brothers being told shadow puppet style.

Out of all the films, for me it’s one which follows the book pretty much gospel.
But as such, lots of characters are introduced at once, which could be pretty difficult to follow if you haven’t read the books. For example, the characters of Gregorovitch and Grindleward are not explained very well, nor why Bathilda Bagshot turns into a snake.

Unlike the other films, I like that they keep the little scenes in – such as in the ambush in the Muggle cafĂ©, which I suppose is one of the perks of the story being sliced in half.
As in the books, it’s a constant reminder than nowhere is safe – even the Muggle world is well and truly infiltrated.

All being said, I am glad there are two parts, as the cliff-hanger at the end is a brilliant choice (rumours were it was originally going to end when the trio are captured by the Snatchers), and it does pull you in for Part Two.
It just makes me wonder if people who aren’t completely entranced by the Potterworld will be able to remember all the little pointers that link to the bigger story.

The film does try to pick up repeatedly in the middle – but it doesn’t quite live up to the excitement at the start.
Rupert Grint does supply some comic timing, which is well received after long drawn out shots of Harry looking pensive into the distance.

Deathly Hallows was always going to be a difficult one to make into a movie, as it’s very character driven, and there are large portions of the book where nothing much happens.
This is pretty difficult to transfer to screen, and I could definitely hear fidgeting from kids (I went to the 5pm showing) all the way through.

I mentioned on Twitter that I thought the whole thing was a bit of an anti-climax, and this quote from the Guardian pretty much sums up my thoughts: “Deathly Hallows looks great, in the way that a show home looks great.”
...Mischief managed!

I would like to point out as well, that I was sat beside two utter cretins who ate massive packets of popcorn and chewed so loud I felt like I was sharing an aisle with Mr Ed.
So I’d like to dedicate my surly mood while watching the film, to them. Hmmph!

So how many of you guys here are Potternuts?
Have you stayed with Harry until the very end...or is it well and truly time for Hogwarts to close the doors to their hallowed halls?

Muchos love,

PS: Oh, and for you local lovelies - there's another quiz on at the Tyneside Cinema tomorrow at 2pm especially for children and families. Check the website for more details.


  1. HAH! Loved that you posted that section in white text. I just saw it a couple of hours ago, and I really loved the film. The girls' dresses at the wedding were so gorgeous. But, I'm a Potter geek, so I've read all of the books multiple times. My aunt saw it without reading any of the books, and did say some parts were confusing, but she enjoyed it overall. I think after the last movie, I'll just sit in my seat at the movie theater sobbing that the whole thing is over.

  2. Haha, very clever secret film review!

  3. I adore your hufflepuff scarf! I would sooo be ravenclaw c: xx

  4. I love Potter :)
    Saw the film late Thursday night (joy of working at the cinema) and thought it was really good, with the following the book etc.
    Love the outfit as well
    Belle x

  5. I love Harry Potter! I love that you wore a scarf too. So cute! I can't wait to see the movie. We are considering dressing up but it is really hot here so not sure if we will be able to cope with the coats and scarves.

  6. Oh Carla this post is amazing!
    White writing = genius....i didn't read as I haven't seen it yet, but did want to say how lovely you looked for the quiz! That dress is gorgeous, and the scarf knitted by mama Carla is awesome :P I'm not even a hardcore Potter fan, but bring those cocktails into the equation and I sure as hell could be!!


  7. I adore the scarf - I wore my Gryffindor one to see the film! I've definitely stuck with Harry to the very end.
    Love your blog, Flo x

  8. can Italian Catholic Mother make me a scarf like that too? :D

    and what theres text in white? ithought it was just a blank space hahahaha. x

  9. Aww I love your coordinates, as always! I use to keep a tab on your blog all the time <3 I can't wait to watch harry potter!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I enjoyed the movie a lot, and that's saying a lot honestly because I got fed up with Harry's attitude more than halfway through the series and didn't much care what happened to him, so the last three or four books were not that enjoyable to me.

    That quiz looks like it was a lot of fun. Wish we had that sort of thing here.

    Go Hufflepuff! Woo!

  11. Love the scarf! I'd so want to be in Ravenclaw.


  12. I'm going to see Harry Potter tomorrow but to be honest I'm not really that into them. I am sure I would be either a ravenclaw or hufflepuff though, I just love to say hufflepuff :D

  13. Love your scarf. That quiz night sounds like a right laugh. You did very well too (: Yummy cocktails! I agree with your review. I think it some parts they didn't introduce new characters well for non-book readers. Yet, it was extremely good. Hope you've had a lovely weekend.

  14. I just found your blg, and I've been reading it all day, so no, I didn't JUST found it, but today :), and I saw the pictures of your hair through the years and you looked really pretty with shorter hair too, I really like your style

  15. That quiz night sounds amazing! Love the scarf too :) I wish I could knit, then I'd make myself a proper blue and bronze Ravenclaw scarf, not this blue and silver nonsense they do in the films! xx