28 November 2010

Dear Santa...love MessyCarla!

Hey everyone,

I'm glad you liked the novelties and nifty gifties in my last post.
It was requested in the comments that I do a version for the boy-folk, so I'll see what I can do with that.

I've finally got a decent list together for Santa myself, now!
Here's the letter I'll be flying up the chinmey within the next week or so...


Isn't the jumper FABULOUSSS? So glittery and perfect for the rotten weather we've been having lately.
What with Topshop's funny sizing I had to try this on, and the size 16 is VERY stretchy and generous, so if you like it and are bigger than a 16 do give it a try!

And can you BELIEVE those lovely kitschy shoes are just £10 in the sale down from £45?!
I've even found a matching kissy-lips clutch back on Ebay for £6, so I'll be matching. (AND NOT TACKY AT ALL...right?)

I also haven't tried Sugarpill yet but I've heard so many good things about them I'm trying their loose powders in Goldilux (shown) and also Stella, which is black with lots of sparkle.

Also, Santa is being very kind and delivering a present EARLY this year...

My favourite band in the world, The Vines are releasing their new single Gimme Love (I need to stop singing this in the style of 'Gimme More...') in a few weeks.

It's their first single in well over two years, so you can guess I'm REALLY excited.
I love the shaggy-haired Australian rockers so much!

Love love loveeee.

Finallement, I'm now an Ambassador for the lovely makeup brand Eyeko!
If you spend over £15/€18/$20 at http://www.eyeko.com/ you get a free gift.
Simply use my code E12760 to claim online!

Since Eyeko can be a little difficult to find instores, this would perhaps be a great opportunity to get some of their lovely unique items for gifts?

Somebody has already used my code (thank you, thank you!) and so I have some little gifties heading my way too - so it's win win, really!
(I'll of course show you what I get when it arrives - I'm excited!)

Oh, and before I forget - I'm very sorry for the lack of Outfit Posts at the minute!

Because of the afformentioned bad weather, my outfits have pretty much been the same, and you guys don't want to see the same thing over and over again right?

However, I'm going to be doing some more videos soon, now that my sister has found her camera charger.
I re-dyed my hair red over the weekend, and it's much more vibrant so I'll be doing a video about how I did it, including products - so consider it an updated version of this post.

Also, I'm going to be doing the 30 Days challenge that a lot of bloggers have been doing lately, where a different question is answered every day.
Since we're nearing the end of November I figured I'd so this as vlog-style beginning December 1st and finishing December 30th.

I'll be posting the videos on here too, but if you'd like to subscribe to my YouTube channel, please do - so you don't miss anything!
If there's anything else you'd like to see in a video, please let me know.
As always, I love hearing your suggestions.

Phew, sorry if this entry has been a bit word heavy!

Muchos love,


  1. Woah, those shoes are gorgey! Are they really that cheap too?! That jumper is rather funky too. You've certainly made some good choices. I hope Santa brings you everything you wish for and more! Ooh, I love your hair (: Loving the vlog idea too. Hope you have a lovely week sweet.

  2. I love that sweater! I also can't believe they're only 10 pounds... Sigh, this is why I miss UK high street shops.

  3. Yes the jumper and the shoes are wonderful! Especially the shoes. I like kitschy accessories. I used to have a lips bag but the leather fell apart and it died on me. Will be seeing you in your outfit posts decked in your lipsy finery!

  4. I have Goldilux from Sugarpill and it's absolutely fabulous! I hope you get it for Christmas :)

    x M.

  5. That sweater from Topshop is gorgeous! I've already gotten outfits in mind and I don't even own it! I also like The Vines so that's greattt news! PS, I like wordy blog posts!

  6. Those eye shadows are AMAZING
    I love your blog :)

  7. I hear sugarpill are really good; If I could wear makeup on a regular basis I would buy some but since I don't it doesn't really seem worth it c: x

  8. I adore the jumper - it's very glitzy and *perfect* for this arctic weather at the mo! x

  9. Right well those shoes are just....there are no words. I've got a lips necklace you can borrow if you're going for the out-and-out lips theme next time you go out wearing them?

    ALSO if you can think of anything you'd like for Christmas from me then do let me know cos Im shit with presents


  10. Whoa lots to read up on here! :) Just found your blog from a comment on mine (thanks darl) and I'm in love! Particularly those shoes... they're going to make a great present for my best friend, thanks for the heads up! :) jazzy ♥

  11. Love thoses shoes! I think I'm going to order a pair now :)

  12. I treated myself to a gorgeous sequined jumper this weekend. You just have to have one for the holidays.

    You have been tagged in a post scheduled to run tonight over at Magatha May. Have fun.

  13. I am practically stroking the screen with that jumper...YUM! I LOVE the colour! I love all the stuff you have picked, the shoes remind me of the Melissa x Vivienne Westwood ones which can be no pad thing right?! And I lurve your hair too :)

    Maria xxx

  14. bee.: Yep there's in the sale, but only have a few sizes left so hurry hurry! xxxx

    nicolette: You NEED to come back soon so we can do shopping! Always wanted to have a shopping trip with a New Yorker! ;) xxxxxx

    The Merry Traveller: Oooh fab - I know I'm such a sucker for borderline (not even borderline most of the time..) stuff! xxxxx

    Michelle: Oooh lovely! Apparently it looks sheer dry, and amazingly pigmented wet. Can't wait to see if Santa stops by to see Shrinkle...! xxxx

    thomessa: Haha awesome and I LOVE you love The Vines too...I interviewed Jessica, who is Craig Nicholls' sister a few months ago about 'fans' who bully her online: http://messycarla.blogspot.com/2010/05/its-nice-to-be-nice.html

    Edel McCreanor: Awww thanks! xxxx

    Rai: Yeah I don't wear a LOT of eye makeup, so I figured if I get some lovely stuff it would be an incentive to experiment with it more!

    Jules: Exactly my thoughts! :) xxxx

    Silly Old Daniel: Oooh definitely - if I have a theme I love really running with it! ;) And you are most definitely not rubbish with presents - that cameo necklace you got me is one of my favourites! xxxxxxxx

    claire (jazzpad.): Ahh I'm so glad - I've been a fan of your blog for ages now, I just love your style! Oooh I hope your friend likes them! xxxxxxxx

    daisychain: Me too! :) xxxx

    Rebecca Rose: Oooh ace, I bet they'll look fabulous on you! xxxx

    Magatha-May: Fab fab fab! :) xxxx

    Maria: Ahhh yes they do look a little like the Melissa shoes, I hadn't really thought about that before! I lurrrrve youuu! ;DD xxxxx