21 October 2010

No Post This Week!

Hey everyone,

I'm feeling a bit under the weather, so unfortunately there'll (probably) be no posts this week.

(Picture credit)
I have been drinking copious amounts of hot chocolate to cheer myself up.
Damn, winter blues!

I did however make a silly video in response to this one by my favourite YouTuber at the moment, Crabstickz with my appauling CD collection:

Over the past few years I've pretty much bought all my music over itunes, so what I'm left with is the relics of my childhood and teenage years. That's my excuse anyway.

If you'd like to know what I really listen to, you can check out my Spotify playlists and/or Last.fm profile:

I'm going to try and vlog a little when I'm in Newcastle tomorrow, so be sure to subscribe to my YouTube account for direct updates.

Hope you're all good and I promise to catch up with you all soon!

Muchos love,


  1. Feel better. I want a hot chocolate now.

  2. Hehe my best friend lent my the Swan Princess movies recently. =)
    Hmm my CD collection is slightly cringey and I don't even have any downloads to improve things!
    Got all the S Club 7 ones I haven't the heart to throw away- anyway I may make my students dance to them sometime! They still know the most popular songs. "Reach for the stars...." That's my excuse.
    What I do have is quite a lot of musicals! =D

    Florrie x

  3. I added you on last.fm! I'm tufftuffghost haha. Also, I hope you get better soon :)

  4. hope your feeling better soon!
    & i always indulge myself with hot chocolate when i'm not well :)

  5. I hope you get well soon! I've been using my archive pictures to keep my blog running because I too feel awful this week! Might have to take a load of pictures over the weekend to build up supplies again!

  6. Hope you feel better soon! xxx

  7. uh...winter blues...if you'd like to talk openly to a starnger (which sometimes is amazing and theurapetic because you can really BE yourself) feel free to write me!!!!
    we can talk and support each other!!!
    c'MON GIRL!
    (we share teh same size!!!!)


  8. that hot choc looks so good! and i will definitely be trying out those cookies this season!
    love your blog header too!

  9. I kind of like Placebo and Blondie. I still buy CDs, I've never bought an I-tune (I don't have an I-pod or mp3player, weird! I know)

    You look cute, by the way!