16 October 2010

Outfit Post: Eccentric.

Hey everyone,

Another outfit I wore on a shopping trip:

DRESS: Primark.
CARDIGAN: Forever 21.
SCARF: Vintage.
EARRINGS: River Island.
BELT: New Look.
BAG: River Island. (See what's inside in this video!)
SHOES: Primark.
POINT OF FASHION: English Eccentric.

My fashion sense can be a little zany, but I've been pulling it back lately.
But the last Outfit Post was a little out-there (than usual) with the white tights, so I'm doing to do some more mix and matching.

It is a little all over the place, and next time I'll probably wear plain black tights.
But I think I look a little like an eccentric - and if it's one thing we English do well, it's eccentricity.

I think this school-of-thought carried on to my shopping trip.
It's mid-season sale time, which means the shops get full of old summer junk that nobody really wants. (PLEASE, no more cutesy floral dresses!)

So instead of finding stuff I'd usually go for, I thought I'd be adventurous and try some new things, including this rather hilarious get-up from Topshop:

I look like a potato! BAWWWW!
And LOL at my tights I didn't bother to take off...

I look about twice the size of myself - especially about the middle I look like I'm wearing a nappy. The dark tan leather jacket is lovely, though, but I didn't buy it.

I reckon it would look cute on someone slimmer and taller than myself? Hmm.

So it was a pretty unsuccessful shopping trip, but c'est la vie.
I can't wait for all the Autumn/Winter stock to all come in instead of having to rummage through rails of pastels and frills and chintz from summer.

Bring on the woolies and sparkles!

In other news, my tweetheart Miss Jessica wrote on her Twitter last night, my hero (and incidentally her brother) Craig Nicholls from The Vines joined The Smashing Pumpkins on stage to sing Get Free.
My mind is officially blown. I hope videos emerge on YouTube soon!

EDIT: A video has emerged! Eeiiiiiiii!

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Muchos love,

Just so there is no confusion - I didn't mean that only tall and slim people could wear the playsuit. I only meant that I don't think it suits me, personally. (Similar to how maxi dresses look amazing on some curvalicious and skinnyminnie girls alike, but I don't think they don't suit me). Just so nobody gets upset! :) xxxx


  1. I love your tights under that playsuit, you look like you're wearing a big baby grow awwwww :)
    And can I just say your hair is insanely perfect! x

  2. i actually think that floral number looks good. Would probably be more balanced on your body shape if you pulled the legs up and teamed it with a black jacket!?!
    i could be wrong but i don't think you need to be taller or slimmer to rock it.x

  3. I think Morgaine's right - the jumpsuit could totally work if you cropped the pants a little and wore something less bulky on top! No potato in sight!

  4. BooJenkinson: Awww thanks! It was just tied up here, but I've just had it cut again :) xxxxx

    Morgaine: I guess, but I don't like wearing anything cropped as I have very short legs and it makes me look stumpy. I didn't mean anyone curvalicious couldn't rock it, but it just doesn't suit me :)

    Elizabeth: Maybe, it's just not my style though :) xxx

  5. Aw you look so lovely in your outfit. Honestly love this so much on you!

  6. I love your tights and with the jumpsuit - try a size up...!

  7. Alison: Thank youuuu :) That's so sweet of you.

    Monkey: Me too. And can you believe that jumpsuit was only a SIZE 12 and it was really baggy on my bum and thighs! :/

  8. the tights are sweeet. have you had your hair snipped? it looks AMAZING in the first picture!!!x

  9. I also tried this overall on myself and I didn't like it..

  10. I love your first look the tights don't look out of place at all in fact they make the outfit!

    Playsuits don't suit me whatsoever, probably because I'm short and bottom heavy I end up looking like a giant baby in them LoL! I do love that floral pattern on you though it matches your fabulous hair perfectly xoxo

  11. That jacket is lovely! And I want the dress...
    Your hair still makes me jealous too haha xxx

  12. The belt is fantastic. The cardigan is wonderful, the scarf in combination is charming. I'm running out of adjectives. I'm not sure how it is that I hadn't come across your site before, but I'm so glad I discovered it.

    Last weekend, I was in a mid-range department store here in the U.S. and there was an $11 light gray silk pantsuit on the clearance rack in a US size 16 (my size). It's not often I find light gray silk pantsuits in my size, so of course I gamely tried it on. I think the women in the next dressing room were wondering what was wrong, because once I got the darn thing on, I couldn't stop convulsing. It was absolutely ridiculous, but I'm so glad I tried it. At least now I know!

  13. I once tried on a playsuit and I looked like an egg on legs because I am a size 18 and my middle is the widest part.



  14. I love your Forever21 cardigan. It's a lovely dusty rose colour (looks like it) and so whimsical and lovely! I wish I have the chance to layer extensively but in Singapore and a hefty 32 degrees celsius would mean I will bake in layers!

  15. i know what you mean about the playsuit thing.
    i can get away with one if it's a plain, dark colour and i wear extra-high heels. otherwise, i also feel that i look potato-ish.


  16. lois mae: Hehe, no I haven't - it's just tied up :) xxxx

    Fashionista- I am your fashion mannequin: Yeah, it just doesn't suit me :)

    ❤Cate❤: Aww I'm glad you like the tights! Yeah I'm kind of over girly florals, but it's quite a bold print so I was attracted to it :) xxxxx

    heymynameisemma: Awww thank you, but it's just tied up here :DD xxxxxxx

    Vanessa: Thank you, thanks so kind of you to say - I think I wear that belt with pretty much every outfit, since it's my favourite! ;) I'll have to give it a rest soon, methinks.

    Georgie Lowen: Awwww <33

    The Merry Traveller: Yeah it's a bit of a sandy peach colour and I love it - one of my favourite stores, I'm looking forward to it coming to the UK soon! Oooh the weather has really chilled here, so we're having to bundle up ;) xxxxxxxx

    Laura: Ooh that sounds cute :) xxxxxx

  17. i love eccentric fashion! so much more interesting than conformist fashion haha. i've had to tame some things down for work though.

  18. I love love LOVE you in your eccentric outfit! It makes me want to run up and hug you! which thankfully I'm no where near you so you won't be accosted. That being said, embrace your inner weirdie and go go go! <3

  19. Cute blog : ) Love the heart tights.

  20. Love this! Oh btw, I know this is sounds a bit weird. But I'm sure I seen you today at newlook and primark metro centre, didn't wanna say hi as I was to scared! haha <3


  21. Ahh I definately can't wait for the winter sales to start - I'm sick of summer clothes!!
    I also adore your tights but I've only ever found pairs that fit up to size 10 girls haha

  22. The tights and the cardigan are greaaat!!!! You look great, I love it!!


  23. You look gorgeous in that first outfit! your hair looks lovely.
    I can't pull off jumpsuits either, boo.

    kyrie x