14 May 2010

My 21st Birthday!

Hey everyone,

This is the post I was telling you guys about, all about my 21st birthday.

I wanted everything to be low-key - no clubbing or massive parties, I've just been working too hard lately with finishing off my uni work, I just wanted to chillax.

I had plans with my friends on my actual birthday, so the day before my family threw me a pink tea-party!
The table was full of my favourite nibble-y food, from sushi to pizza!
And everything was pink - the tablecloth, cups, balloons, flowers, and my Italian Catholic Mother even produced a lovely bottle of pink champagne!


LOVE the home-made messages on the balloons!

They surprised me with a proper birthday cake - a GIANT cupcake!
(Italian Catholic Mother originally had spelled 'Happy Birthday' as 'Happ Birtday' which made me laugh)

Just before blowing out the candles.
I wished for a year full of dresses marked down from their original retail price!
(Damn, now it won't come true?)

On my actual birthday, I got up at the crack of dawn to open my presents, and I've put together a little video so you can see everything I got.

My family and friends were so generous!

Then I went out with my friends Sam and Hattie (who got me the kawaii lunchbox stuffed with extras!) to Stateside Diner in Newcastle for alcoholic milkshakes.

And on the night-time I went out for tapas with my family and it was delicious.
It was their first time having Spanish food and I knew they'd love it!

This is what I wore to the restaurant:

DRESS: River Island sale, £10.
NECKLACE: Lady Luck Rules OK sale, £3.
EARRINGS: Can't remember.
FLOWER: New Look, £4.
CLUTCH: Vivienne Westwood, £Birthday Present.
TIGHTS: Asda, £3.
SHOES: Office, £40.
POINT OF FASHION: Mediterranean.
(I'm part-Italian, so I think this look really suits my dark features?)

Right, so now you're all up-to-date!
Except I am celebrating Carla's 21st: The Sequel with Silly Old Daniel next week, because he couldn't fit my birthday around his heaving social schedule. The diva!

Regular readers will recognise Daniel as he's one of my best friends.
But he also has a BRILLIANT blog which is a mix of celebrity, music, personal and general flamboyance.
Be sure to check it out, I think he's hysterical! :)

Muchos love,


  1. So glad you had a great birthday Carla <3

  2. Looks like you had a fun birthday! I absolutely adore your dress.

    The food... *drool* :p It's morning and I haven't eaten yet. Cept a granola bar.


  3. I love that dress! And the picture of your cake just made me ridiculously hungry! Glad you had a loevly time xx

  4. Oh my the VW clutch integrates so perfectly with your outfit. Super cute - may have to steal ideas from these buys! xxx

  5. wooo-hooo! happy belated birthday girl! ure giant cupcake is adorable! ure toooo cute! xoxo!

  6. Aw, looks like such a cute birthday :-)

  7. Happy birthday darling!
    You look fab. The cake looks amazing, so cool.


  8. Glad you had a nice birthday Carla! I have also been to Office and got some BEAUTIFUL heeled brogues in dark brown leather- they are just lovely!!! xxx

  9. Wow, how fabulous! Looks as if you are dearly loved, and rightfully so! Hope you have a marv time with darling Daniel.

  10. oh my word, that is one FABULOUS purse, you have amazing friends&fam! x

  11. I'm a new follower, I love your spirit and your fashion choices. Wishing you a happy birthday, Carla.

  12. You look so cute! It looks like you had a great day -- happy belated birthday!


  13. I hope you had a wonderful day, it sounds like you did :)
    Hooray for Lip Tars! I need Demure in my life. And thank you so much for the shout out, you're so so sweet! And i loveeee the shoes you got from office! And your watch is amazing.

  14. your dress is so cute and so is that cake! glad you had a great birthday :)

  15. Hey Carla, seems like you had an amazing birthday! We got my sister that cupcake cake for her 21st and she loved it! Almost bought those pink and gold shoes from office, good choice! Your friends have got awesome taste as my whole family practically live in Paperchase, it's like our Mecca! We got my sis that cup for her new house to put her toothbrush in, so so cute! Nadia xx

  16. Happy birthday again! So many fab presents, that lip tar looks amazing on you!

  17. Awwwww...what an amazing birthday!! Love pink!

  18. I cant believe I have only JUST found your blog, you are so inspirational! i think i looove you! haha x

  19. Ooooh ps. cheers for the mention again I LOVES YOU I DOES xxx :)

  20. I actually audibly exhaled when you held up those shoes to the camera-- WHAT AN INCREDIBLE FIND!!!!!! Cant wait to take you out woman LOVE YOU LOTS glad you enjoyed your day :) xxx

  21. Bethamint: Thank you <333

    Gazel M: I did thank you, and I love that dress to - one of my favourites. I love foooood <33

    Helen: Hehe the cake really made me smile :) xxxx

    Fushball: I love it!

    BBM: Awww thank you, and I loved the cake too!

    Lucy: It was :DD Nice and chillaxed :) xxxx

    The Pale and Pallor Princess: Thank you xxxx

    Danni and Maria: Oh fabbb, I'll have to watch out for a pic. I LOVE brogues <333

    Deana: Awww thank you! I don't have a large circle of friends, but the ones I have are so dear to me :) Me and Daniel shall have lots of fun :DD

    Annabelle: Fabulous isn't it? I know, they're so wonderful! xxx

    Shell: That's so sweet of you, thank you so much xxxx

    Annissa: I did, thank you :DD xxxxxxxxxxx

    Lillian: You KNOW I'm your superfan ;DD It's so funny when I was first looking into lip tars I did my usual of looking for YouTube videos and surprise surprise there you were :DD I actually need some recommendations for some really good indie companies soon - so I'll be picking your brain for some brands :) Oh, and as for Demure, when I was putting it on I actually thought "Oh my God, this is SUCH a Lillian colour!" ;) xxxx

    Weesha: Thank you! xxxxx

    VintageGirl87: Oh yeah my friends know I'm a BIG stationary fiend - especially stationary with food on it, so they know me very well. Very thoughful and well picked out gifts are the BEST! I had a lovely day <333

    Laura: Thank you!! xxxxxx

    Monique: Pink's my favourite colour, so it was just wonderful :) xxx

    Jordie: Awwww you're so sweet, love! I'm so glad you like my blog xxxxxxxxxx

    SillyOldDaniel: Haha you WOULD! I'll wear them for you on Thursday :DD YOU KNOWS I LOVES YOU xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  22. So glad you had a good time and got properly spoilt. The pink tea party looks fantastic. Love your little present video. Nice to see all the lovely things you got and some history or reasons behind them! x

  23. You look absolutely utterly gorgeous ♥♥♥
    I love love love your outfits and that dinner outfit ♥♥♥♥

    It looks to me like you had a wonderful birthday ♥ Happy belate birthday ♥

  24. Happy Birthday Carla! I think all of the best people were born in May : ) My Daddy, my husband, my brother-in-law...oh wait, he is not one of the best people...oh well! : )
    I saw a post about you today and I just had to come and say hi. I thought your hair and 'look' was SO adorable. Super nice to meet you : ) Hope you have a great year with lots of marked down dresses.

  25. Happy belated I obviously am late but I hope you had a great one and continue to have a great weekend!


  26. Wow, that is one of the coolest cakes I've seen! And I guess I don't have to tell you that I like your pink theme ;)

  27. what a lovely spread. Happy Birthday (again) Carla!

  28. Ahh I believe I heard my name! lmao I feel ~famous ;D

    I'm glad you enjoyed your birthday bb, it sure looks and sounds fabulous and yes that look suits your dark features, you look amazing! :) I like how out of all the yummy food on that table my first thought was 'PARTY RINGS!'

  29. aww glad you had a brill birthday....I LOVE this blog, your outfit posts are beautiful!!

    Will defs be back to check out some more



  30. Aww Happy Late Birthday!! I turned 21 the day before your BDay :) I found your blog last week and I love it!! I'm usually just a jeans and a t-shirt kinda girl but you've inspired me to put a little more creative effort into what I wear lol!! Anyway...Happy Birthday, I'm glad you had a great one :)

  31. you're so adorable!!! love all of these

  32. Carla, happy belated birthday! Wishing you all the best.

  33. Happy Birthday, belated. Looks like a truly lovely day.

  34. You look stunning gorgeous! I love the dress it really fits you perfectly and the shoes they are fabulous.

    Candice Smith