5 December 2017

LIFESTYLE: A Cosy Night In with Simply Be

Hey everyone,

Sorry for the radio silence here lately. 

I don't want to currently discuss too much, but I've been in fairly poor health since the summer. 
However I'm definitely on the mend now. 

(Although I was in Krakow a few weeks ago, fell over on the cobbles and sprained my knee so on top of that I'm now hobbling and limping about.)

Simply Be reached out and offered to treat me to a pamper night in which really is my cuppa cocoa. 

Oh and welcome to the Pink Palace! 
Yes it looks like a Barbie bedroom. That's the goal!

I was so impressed by the quality of these jammies for only £10! 
I like my pyjamas baggy, so ordered the size up - these are the 20/22.
As I expected, they're pretty huge on me, but very comfortable - I reckon they'd easily fit someone several sizes above!

As well as two cute sets of pyjamas, it wouldn't be a pamper nights without some smellies, and it's the perfect time of year for gorgeous gift sets, non?

I was delighted to receive a basket of Simple goodies, who have been my favourite skincare brand since I was a teenager. (Which is now longer ago than I remember...)
I have dry/sensitive skin and I've never had a problem with any of their products. My favourites are the toner, which I apply every night after moisturising with a cotton pad.

I then apply a light layer of the eye balm, which feels light and fresh - perfect after a full day of sitting staring at a computer screen. 

I was also sent the Pamper Hamper from Bomb Cosmetics, as is it really a pamper night without looooong bath, with plinky-plonky new age music wailing from your phone? 

I say not. 

I mean come on, the tiny little bath creamer is called Harajuku Girl.
How perfect?!

Oh yes, I do GIFs now. Welcome to 2002!

Every single Christmas Eve, Italian Catholic Mother buys me a pair of snuggly pyjamas like this - so they really got me in the Christmas mood. Again I went for the 20/22 but they fit more true to size. 

And after all the pampering is done, what's my favourite thing to do on a cosy night in?

Of course - eat all the snacks and play video games!
I finally bit the bullet and bought myself a Nintendo Switch, with the excuse that it's a 'get well soon' present to myself because I can. 

What are your favourite things to do on a chill night? Holler a girl. 
Being lazy and doing hardly anything is my favourite thing.

Muchos love

DISCLOSURE: Pyjamas and beauty products provided for feature, however I have not received any monetary compensation for this post. All opinions are - as always - my own!

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