16 March 2020

LIFE: Yokoso!

Hey everyone,

What? Who's that girl?

It's been quite a while since I've updated here. I somewhat fell out of love with blogging. Many reasons, but mostly I felt I no longer really had much to offer the internet.

I turned 30 last May, which is crazy to think I was 20 when I started writing here.

In case you don't follow me elsewhere on the internet (well, Instagram) you may have missed a major change in my life - I've been living in Japan since August 2019!

While I'm never saying never about returning to this blog again - I'm currently enjoying writing about life in Japan over at The Geordie Gaijin.

(Geordie because I'm from Newcastle, gaijin/外人 is a slang term for a foreigner in Japanese)

After a hiatus, my love of fashion has returned over the past few years, so who knows.
Old school outfit posts again? Maybe one day.

This isn't a sayonara, it's a bye-for-now!

Muchos love (always)

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