29 June 2014

WISHLIST: Holiday Wishlist

Hey everyone,

Although I'm not going on holiday until Autumn, I'm already starting my shopping!
Hopefully come October, Tokyo will still be cardigan/light-jacket weather:

1: KiteDesign (Etsy) Typewriter Brooch/Pendant - £9.00

2: OASAP Dotted Mouth Short Sleeve Tee - £8.26 

3: MAC Pink Nouveau lipsick - £15.00

4: ShopJeen - currently sold out, similar here and here

5: New Look White Floral Tube Skirt - £9.99

6: Rock N Rose Alexis Arrow Earrings - £17.00

7: River Island Multi Buckle Heeled Sandals - £38.00

8: Converse All Star Lavender Hi Shoes - aprox £40.00 - £50.00

9: Too Faced Sweethearts Blush - £14.50

10: Lonely Planet Japanese Phrasebook and Dictionary - £3.99

I've already bought the little phrase book along with my Lonely Planet guide and they've been really helpful.

Yes, I know the internet is full of resources but I like having a hard copy of something when I'm going travelling - especially as free wifi is scarce in Japan.

Although the owner of the apartment I'm renting via AirBnB provides a free pocket wifi device - just in case it's on the fritz and I'm in the middle of an unfamiliar city - I thought it would be best to bring along, as it's chock full of maps. 
(Saying that, when I was backpacking I left my Lonely Planet Australia guide behind in my Sydney hostel my very first week…)

So I've been whipping my phrase book out on my commute, and it's actually really useful.
I have absolutely no natural skill with languages, but it's great for learning a few key phrases here and there as well as handy cultural hints (no pointing with chopsticks, gift giving etiquette, no tipping etc.) for various situations. It's under a fiver too, so well worth the money!

Have any of you guys ever been to Japan?

I'm around for just under two-weeks, staying in the Koenji area (thank you Hayley for the tip!) - I'm already planning on having a few days in Kyoto, as well as having specific days visiting the Akihabara area (maid cafes, cat cafes and the Capcom Bar!), Jigokudani (monkeys!) and Mt. Koya (temples!).

But any specific tips would be wonderful!

Muchos love,


  1. Mount koya (koya-san) is great to stay a couple of nights. Be warned you'll be expected to be up with the monks but I found it magical. Especially as the 1st hints of Autumn & magnificent Acer will be turning red. My favourite place in the whole wide world is kiyamizu in Kyoto,it's a massive wooden temple built into the hillside. Spectacular. Tokyo - a must do is the floating garden of hams ryku & ghibili museum. Enjoy it!! I'm massively envious. I really want to go back next year to mark the 10 years I've been gone.

  2. I love that typewriter brooch!! And those pastel purple converse are just amazing! I love the mint green ones that are out as well. Hope you have a great time in Japan! I would love to visit someday :)

  3. A very charming list, but the best is japanese book. Never been in Japan, but two friends of mine have gone there this year for their honeymoons.
    Love your dresses...and I think you have nice legs!

  4. So many lovely items! Very kawaii indeed :)) You're going to have a blast in Japan!!! Sayonara!