16 September 2013

OUTFIT POST: #StandForSomething

Hey everyone,

Dr Martens recently opened a store in Newcastle, and were kind enough to send me a pair of DMs to style and also wear to the opening.

I'll be writing about the opening a little later, but for now this is the outfit I paired with my new bright violet boots (ooh, shiny!):

DRESS: Mela Loves London
BELT: Dorothy Perkins
HAT: ASOS (This was my very first ASOS purchase back in 2008 when it was still 'As Seen On Screen')
BOOTS: Dr Martens*

I'm looking for some frilly socks as they'll look so much cuter than these.
They're not only for style though, as my boots are still in the 'teething' phase - because breaking them in is half the fun!

I now have three pairs of DMs and although they're timeless and suitable for any time of the year - they're especially great in Autumn/Winter for keeping your tootsies warm, and look amazing with a big cosy coat and scarves. 
(And honestly, once you break them in they're as comfortable as slippers! Patience and band aids are a must.)

They're also warriors in terms of battling the elements - which is a bit standard in the UK. 

I've put together a little Autumn wishlist along with the white 1460 boots I bought at the new store:


Dr Marten's latest campaign is #STANDFORSOMETHING.

I'll be posting my own take on this in my next post, however be sure to check out the Facebook app and upload your own for the chance to win a pair of docs.

Muchos love,

DISCLAIMER: Dr Martens boots were sent to style and feature, as well as wear to the opening party (separate post coming soon!). However all words and opinions are my own, and I wasn't paid to take part in the campaign. The Autumn Wishlist also serves as my competition entry for ao.com. 


  1. Ah yes! Band aids and socks are certainly a must, they are frustrating to break in, but SO worth it! I wore Dr Martens all throughout high school! I only wish I had that colour! SO amazing!

  2. I love your outfit! I have broad feet and unfortunately DMs don't seem to agree with them, i even bought some second hand ones to see if that would help but no! So instead im going to buy both of my little sisters a pair for Christmas xxx

  3. You look amazing here, I really love the colour of your shoes :)

    Maria xxx

  4. Love your doc martens :) I have patent ones too but with heels :D Yours are sooo bold :) Love it.


  5. Lovely boots... and ooh very shiny. Miss you loads! x